The manicure that conquered the world: French designs that are now in trend

French currently remains the most popular and versatile coating throughout the world.

French manicure has become a true classic that has not lost its relevance over the years. This design is feminine and easy to DIY. It has earned worldwide love thanks to its versatility - because it suits any type of appearance and blends seamlessly with any style and wardrobe.

Currently, people are increasingly experimenting with this coating, adding avant-garde decor or combining contrasting shades, which gives it new life. Let's talk about how to do a French manicure at home, who invented it and why it is called that.

French coating is suitable for nails of any length and shape

Who is the author of French design

Why is French manicure called that? Some people mistakenly assume that the person who invented this coating is a native of France. In fact, the technology was developed by the American Jeff Pink, the founder of a company that produces nail polishes under the Orly brand.

What is the name of the new coating? The author - Jeff Pink (pictured) spoke after a fashion show in Paris

The idea itself arose after he was given a task by one of the Hollywood directors, who often took close-up photographs of the hands of the actresses involved in the film: their manicures had to be redone for each new scene and new image.

Jeff Pink was asked to develop a universal coating that would suit both young and older actresses, regardless of the chosen wardrobe.

French manicure became the embodiment of naturalness and beauty when Jeff Pink gave preference to natural colors and a simple technique of applying varnish, highlighting the free edge of the plate. Thus the problem was solved.

Nowadays French is interpreted differently

This coating was presented at one of the fashion shows in Paris in 1976 on the nails of models, after which it won the hearts of the whole world and was called “French”. The border separating the free edge of the white plate from the rest of the length is called the “smile line”.

Classic white jacket

The most discreet and at the same time the most stylish and gentle option. For all its simplicity, it is quite sexy, because well-groomed female hands are a fetish for many guys.

The design of the classic French jacket is quite simple, but despite this, it looks beautiful. When creating it, the nail plate is covered with a transparent, pale pink or flesh-colored varnish. This is what gives him restraint and accuracy. The edge of the nail is painted white. The classic look of French manicure is relevant everywhere: on a date, at university, in the office. This is the nail design that most brides prefer on their wedding day.

Another advantage of the classic is that it is suitable for both short and long nails. To dilute an overly strict image, you can decorate a few fingers with a non-provocative, modest design, Swarovski stones, and stickers. This will add some zest and emphasize individuality.

A classic French jacket looks great with discreet casual wear. Most often, ambitious and neat girls prefer it. This is the choice of idealists and perfectionists.

Modern versions of French nail art

Modern French manicure has changed somewhat; more and more bold and extravagant solutions on nails can be seen more and more often.

If you also have a desire to experiment with nail art, I suggest you study the ideas of French manicure in accordance with the latest fashion trends:


Idea 1. Contrasting free edge
Perhaps the most significant change to the classic version of the coating, which caused a wave of experiments among nail artists.

French manicure has now ceased to be an invariable attribute of conservative people, but has attracted representatives of youth subcultures and creative professions.

Idea 2. Brilliant design
ABOUTA great way to make a French manicure more modern and stylish, and also suitable for the holiday period.

The free edge is easy to decorate:

  • Varnishes with a silver or golden finish;
  • Foil;
  • Transfer stickers - sliders.

Idea 3. Smile line
It has also undergone changes: instead of the usual crescent, French manicure is now increasingly decorated with geometric or beveled corners along the free edge of the plate, giving the coating a special chic

Idea 4. Experiments with textures
This is something that the French manicure has not bypassed.

They complement the coating with a matte varnish or top coat, and also combine it with gloss running along the edge of the plate or on its base.

Idea 5. Contrasting shades
Combined in a single design, they make French manicure a more complex and interesting finish.

You can use any, even the most incredible combinations of two shades, focusing on the color wheel, personal preferences and wardrobe.

Idea 6. Drawings on the plate
French manicure was first complemented with elegant patterns in neutral shades, and now it is boldly decorated with voluminous and bright decor.

For those who do not know how to draw patterns, the following are provided:

  • Transfer drawings - sliders;
  • Stamping;
  • Special stickers and thermal films.

Idea 7. Combination of several designs
Now French manicure serves as an ideal substrate for many decorative coatings, such as:
  • Gradient;
  • Lunar design;
  • Frame;
  • Lactic;
  • Graphite;
  • Knitted, etc.

French manicure requires the presence of a medium and long plate, but if it is absent, you can always use false nails or extensions.

Preparing nails for French

How to prepare nails for French? His philosophy implies naturalness and naturalness, therefore, most often in a salon, a French manicure is performed after an untrimmed care procedure.

Preferred methods for removing cuticles without the use of cutting objects and aggressive agents.

How to do a trimless manicure at home:


Step 1
Apply remover to the cuticle and wait 3-5 minutes.

Step 2
Gently push the softened skin to the base of the nail with your hands using an orange stick or pusher.

Step 3
Clean your fingers from any remaining dirt with a cotton pad soaked in degreaser or nail polish remover.

Step 4
Soften the skin around the nail by applying moisturizer or oil.

If you still need to remove a large amount of the stratum corneum or burrs that have appeared, you can use nippers, a scraper or straight scissors.

French in 7 steps

How to make a French coating yourself? To do this, you will need a special set (price on average 500–1000 rubles, depending on content) or accessories purchased separately:

  • Transparent base and top;
  • White varnish;
  • Milky varnish (or camouflage varnish);
  • Stencils for drawing;
  • Orange stick.

How to make a French coating correctly:


Step 1
Apply the base coat in 1 layer and dry.

Step 2
Glue the stencils along the smile line.

Try to do this as evenly as possible.

Step 3
Paint the free part of the nails with white polish.

We wait for it to dry and peel off the stencils.

Step 4
Apply a camouflage coating over the entire length of the plate.

Step 5
We fix the design with a top coat and finally dry the manicure.

Before applying French gel polish, you need to degrease the plate and dry each layer in a lamp for 30–60 seconds.

French manicure: video tutorials

Nail service professionals and representatives of cosmetics brands will tell you how to do a French manicure correctly and beautifully:

French in different ways in red

French manicure with tape

French manicure with stencils of different shapes

French manicure with gel polish

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Now you know how French manicure appeared and what changes have occurred in its design. Try to bring your favorite idea to life yourself by first preparing the nail bed, as shown in the instructions above.

You can find more visual information in the video in this article on this topic. Leave questions or thoughts on the topic in the comments.

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