Detailed analysis: how much does a manicurist earn?
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The most fashionable manicure and pedicure: the latest trends for summer 2021
In summer, every girl wants to look well-groomed and bright. It doesn't matter whether you
laser heel file
How to use a pedicure grater
There is an opinion that only in a cosmetology salon can a woman’s legs be brought to perfection. Really,
How much does a Scholl heel file cost?
Electric nail file "Scholl" - instructions for use
What is a Scholl file for the skin of the feet? A roller file is an electric device with
fish peeling
Foot peeling with fish: features and benefits of the procedure
Volunteer to feed the fish? Why not, if we are talking about relaxation in the SPA.
Men's pedicure
How to do a men's pedicure at home
What is a “men's pedicure”? A men's pedicure is practically no different from a women's pedicure. For
Pedicure files
Replacement heads for Oral-B toothbrushes
Advantages of disposable instruments Disposable instruments are replacing reusable ones. The use of disposable pedicure files ensures: Safe
3 ways to do a quilted manicure
Quilted bag made of delicate calfskin on metal chains, which was presented in 1955
New Year's pedicure 2021: stylish, original and bright ideas (+43 photos)
Modern New Year's pedicure is a whole work of art. In the modern world, a lady should always look
How to use nail foil
How to stick foil on your nails
Types of foil Before you learn how to use nail foil, you should consider the types of it.