Nail and cuticle oil: tips for choosing the best product
Place Name Characteristics in the rating Oils for strengthening the nail plate 1 OPI PRO SPA
effect after the session
How to do a manicure at home - 19 interesting ideas, dry manicure at home
Dry manicure at home: the essence of the process This type differs from the traditional one in that
Why you can't cut your nails in the hospital
Folk sign “Cut your nails” Signs by season and month People often write about superstitions: why
Strengthening nails with acrylic powder for gel polish. Photos, videos, reviews
Composition of acrylic Initially, methyl methacrylate served as the basis for strengthening natural nails with acrylic. This material turned out to be
Manicure and pedicure with biogel
Rating of the best biogels for nails for 2021
Manicure is one of the most popular personal care procedures. In modern
Paraffin therapy for feet
Paraffin hand baths at home
What is paraffin therapy and its features? This is one of the areas of physiotherapy, in which
Aggressive mechanical impact on nails worsens their condition
Rules for sealing nails at home
Reasons for “poor health” of nails Reasons why the nail plate can become fragile, thinned and
Lamp for drying varnish
How long and how to properly dry gel polish in a UV lamp and LED lamp: type of device, criteria for choosing a lamp, required drying time, common mistakes. Is it possible and how to dry gel polish without a lamp?
Design and principle of operation of the lamp Even a novice master can use the lamp for drying gel polish
Hard nail polish: removable manicure impress (Impress)
Hard nail polish Kiss “imPress manicure”
I don’t like extended nails because of the need to sit for hours on correction, but to create an original design
long nails
Do you want long nails? 5 nail masks will help you grow them
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