85 beautiful wedding day greetings for newlyweds

Our dear, dear and beloved newlyweds! I cordially congratulate you on your Wedding Day! I wish that your eyes look at each other with the same love in fifty years! Let that feeling that has taken up all the space in your hearts not fade, not go away, but only grow stronger over the years, become wise, sincere and very warm! Be a support to each other in all the vicissitudes of everyday life, forgive each other, love passionately and devotedly! May God bless your marriage for many, many years to come! May your feelings not lose their tenderness, care, affection and understanding through the many years you have lived together, may the love in your hearts live forever, and may trust and respect only grow stronger and stronger every year! Let there be no disagreements and omissions between you, live openly, joyfully and be a support for each other until your very old age!

The most beautiful congratulations on your wedding day

Beautiful congratulations on your wedding day

Let this day, like a bright holiday, flow with joy into your home. And your life will be decorated forever with Hope, Faith and Love!!! And may Love in the spring dawn not go out for many years. Let it only be “Bitter” at the wedding, but never in your life!!! Live cheerfully and in harmony, Have everything you need in life, Keeping the fire of holy love Until your golden wedding!!!

Congratulations on your wedding day! The most important day in life. Let love not fade away And your eyes burn with fire.

Always live in joy, you are now one family! And take care of each other Gently, reverently, lovingly.

Don't lose your feelings over little things. Remember, more important than happiness There are no more things in the world!

May God send you patience and save you from betrayal. And he will lovingly bless you for a happy, long marriage.

In honor of your wedding - congratulations and toasts, For you - a banquet and beautiful rose petals, A motorcade of cars and dressed-up guests, And traces of happy tears shine in your eyes. Let there be joy and fun in your life, May the worries of everyday life not overshadow love. Let amazing, bright moments give you tenderness and excite your heart again. Let adversity dissolve in kisses, Let the cold go away from the embrace of warm hands. We wish you to carry your feelings through the years, and may you never be apart!

Our dear bride and groom, We heartily congratulate you! Today we send you hundreds of the sweetest, kindest wishes! Let your life with each other be tender, like in a fairy tale, bright and beautiful, and even in more than forty years, you will be a happy couple! May this day, like a bright holiday, flow into your home with joy, and may your life be forever decorated with Hope, Happiness and Love. I also want to wish you to raise good kids - A bunch of girls and boys - Well, in a word, a whole kindergarten.

Happy Birthday to your family! Let her moments of bad weather! Let trouble pass you by! Peace, love, harmony, friendship, happiness Let them settle in it forever! There are many loyal friends and welcome guests. Let everyone enjoy jokes, dancing, singing, laughter in the house! So that there is the brightest light in a friendly family. We wish you only happiness, love and advice!

I wish you great happiness! May your life be successful! Love never left you. So that no one sees you in a quarrel And there is no end to friendship Just like there are no knots and no kinks in a wedding ring! So that any time could not burn and break Love! And so that in due time you will become father and mother! And there are so many great things ahead of you! They will say bitter things for you at your wedding! May your life be sweeter!

Wedding congratulations in your own words, short, original

My dears, I wish that every day of your life together is associated with orange, sweet juice, and every night with milk chocolate

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