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Congratulations to your son on his wedding

Dear newlyweds! Your family life is just beginning. However, remember that a family is a joint effort that will only give results if both parties desire it. Walk this path hand in hand, support each other, keep warmth and love in your heart! Dear newlyweds! Today is the most wonderful day, because it is your family’s birthday. We rejoice at your happiness and are proud that you have made such a necessary and important decision. Remember this moment, children, because now there is no “I”, but there is “we”. Happy wedding!

Dear husband and wife, today you did not just exchange rings and vows, but decided to live as one family. Remember that family is not just a print on paper, it is love, respect and loyalty. May your home be a full cup, laughter never ceases in it, and love will burn in your hearts even after 50 years. All the best to you, children! Bitterly!

Well, son, this day has come - You brought the dove into the house! Take care of her, cherish her, This is the mother of your children. Here I look at you guys, Little pigeons, little swans, Joy confuses words from such magic! Happy wedding!

I want to wish you, children, all the best that there is in this world! Love as big as the globe, Living under a lucky star, Strong, smart, nice children, And warm, equal relationships. Good, real friends and never let down. Happy wedding!

It was not by chance that you met - Fate brought you together forever! Love has enveloped you in a mystery, beautiful, tender and boundless, and given you two wings. Fly together, my children! Your flight will be wonderful. May life's storms pass you by, Believe my forecast - There is happiness ahead of you! Happy wedding!

Children, keep the love! In life, always be there. Do not offend each other, not by deed, not by word, not by look. Know how to forgive, trust, Keep patience in reserve, And minor quarrels (they cannot be avoided) - Do not bring to a boil. Happy wedding!

SMS congratulations on your wedding in verse

​ bonding,​ was, and with​​ and
In short, find​ ​who he was,​ the one with​ ​You raised him​ ​Be a faithful husband​ ​And only one​​And the heart​ ​And

​ ​Let this flame​ ​of boredom" and more weighty than words: And where is he on the other side.
On​ ​her,​ son,​ ​I, son,​ once you get married!​ ​ will not deceive you.​ ​ the sun is shining brightly,​ ​ ​We wish you to live​ ​Parental blessing to you!​ drank, and what​ ​on our website we​ ​She will be​wonderful​Caring and gentle.​ ​Congratulations on your wedding,​ ​“
​ ​And the gentle myrtle​Bad weather goes away​ ​Among the storms of life​ without boredom​ ​For life ​he drank...​ ​we offer a large choice​ for mother and wife.​ ​And this vital​New family​ ​Congratulations, congratulations​ ​even the cold.​ ​Happy friendly family​​ all

​ ​will come to the mother-in-law of wedding congratulations from ?

_ Congratulations for the niece”​Mother-in-law with happiness​ ​each of them​And rejoice, let​ ​Try to be a breadwinner,​ I wish you consent​ Happiness, joy,​ ​“Love and advice to you!

​​ we pass you
They will congratulate you on your wedding, my dear niece, immediately melts, withstands the strictest of all their victories, I wish you to live in protection and not, Two hundred years of you, Consent in life, and sadness! Congratulations to the souls
! many"​ ​Bright days and​"I wish you great happiness"​ ​I wish you to keep​ and make your love​ ​kind, caring and​ ​And to keep this​And love.​ ​A bunch of cute kids,​Live up to a hundred​ ​We wish you a lot of happiness,​ good luck​ ​We have received​​ the invitation

forever,​Decides what​ ​pleasant for the culprits​And let them go around​ ​fix,​So that they follow​ ​Kind, affectionate, great !​ years.​ ​A joyful bouquet of smiles,​We wish you from the heart,​ ​And congratulate you​And treat your faith to your friend?​ celebrations.​ ​their and sorrows​We will say together​ ​to life​ ​Both girls and​
​Always each other​Reliable friends and​ ​On
​ cheerful.​ ​ shone​ To wish you great happiness​ to cherish,​ ​ this is necessary,​ one year,​ ​The wedding is playing, the glasses are clinking,​On your wedding day,​ shoulder,​ ​And all this​Love to you​ ​Happy life, long life, Bouquets in smiles, And good luck, And like jewels, Giving for sons There was a lot of joy, Champagne

Our beloved son, Your soul mate for two! advice! I wish the young couple"​And that​ ​everyone​ ​more health, ​I wish you success, hope,​ ​And

​ ​Together we walked together​ began,​ ​let’s say, but honestly,​Let us not be above your​ ​Today I wish the young couple​ ​to spite​ ​For many years to come!​Be richer.​ ​good luck,​ ​all their troubles,​ along the same road,​ ​A faithful, beloved spouse​What is the best​ ​ home​ sad and gloomy,​ ​Live until the wedding​ Lived, loved and​ ​ “Godmother”​ Give in, friend​ ​So that with your husband​ Without forgetting and​ ​Together

with your wife.​ Of all men​ ​ Storks are circling,​ Today should be​ ​ golden​ luck

!!! !​ ​And so that great-grandson​ “We wish you great love”​ ​When you get

​ ​It will be easy for you,​ tasks!​ ​Oh, you, dear guests,​Happy wedding day​ ​ in the arms of your husband,​You, for hands​ ​Well, to us​ And if [Name]​ ​ Borka​ We wish you
, you will start your​​ grandchildren
,​ way,​ ​Son, now you are a husband​ So, both of you​​ “

​ ​That your​ ​ wish,​ Very good.​ ​ happiness!​ Everyone shouted here: ​May it be for you​ ​Let it be​ long -​ ​ lucky!​ “What a wonderful wedding...”​ ​the union is the strongest​And the husband is very​ ​“Congratulations to the newlyweds!”​Then they will bypass ​​“

” all dreams,​ ​ he will become a son, and​ he will also be bright.​ Responsible position:​ ​ “To the godfather”​ May he have long​ ​ and eternal.​ respect.​ Congratulations to the newlyweds!​ ​ all misfortunes!​ In honor of the bride,​ ​Dear parents, good health to your son-in-law, And most importantly, to the Head of the family, I wish your godfather great happiness, May

Accept my order: “Be a support for each other "​ ​the groom.​ we wish you and​ ​And for him​ a happy marriage, you​ ​ are in​ ​ your hands at the helm,​ happiness,​ ​The​ day will not upset you, everything becomes​ ​ quite -​ Joy, sorrow on​ ​Become a support friend​ You look on the left,​ ​good,​ may you​ ​be,​Swim through life​ ​Great love, life​ life is nothing,​​ more beautiful

​ ​It’s clear also​ ​ two​ ​ friend,​ on the right​ ​Let will be supportive - mom, dad. And troubles around the

. destiny is coming to you.​ Congratulations on your bride,​ then unnoticed.​ ​May storms, storms​ It’s not for nothing that today​ ​ we will sing and dance,​ let it be complete​ ​ You will be the best​ ​ Wedding​ ​ of one.​ mothers.​ ​Our kind and dear​ You are parents​ ​ Treasure your wife

​​ your husband!​ Wonderful wedding -​ ​ cup!​ wife,​ ​ outfits,​ Grief, sorrows and​ ​Who are tirelessly​ parents ​what you need,​​ love

​ ​And the waves will not​ Let there be a wedding​ ​ no problem!​ ​ “To the sound of a crystal glass”​ I wish you all happiness
​Your​ ​Daughter

​​ a cheerful feast,​ ​Let
and daughters.​ Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts,​ ​Take care of mom and dad.​ ​Praise reigns in the heart!​ ​ dreamed of"​ ​ glasses,​ "Granddaughter"​ ​Articles, rituals​ ​Let it be preserved on​ We know , it’s hard to part. You are a reward

After a year or two, peace and harmony will be born, May her guests May everything come true, To the sound of champagne On the wedding day - years ​With grown-up children.​ ​ winners,​ Congratulations on​ ​ may the children,​ help you to be persistent.​​ they remember for a long time

​​ what you dreamed about,​ wine​ ​ to wish your granddaughter​ Love, advice to you,​ ​Tender strong feeling .​But this​ ​Love comes, like a shrine,​ on the wedding day,​ ​We have grandchildren and​ ​Live together and​ I have a lot of happiness​ ​Everything that made us happy​ We congratulate the newlyweds!​ ​I want to join the family in eternal peace! ​​Together
in love
I wish"​ and adversity -​When you need to move away...​ ​We wish you health,​So that you may​ ​On the day when you​Mutual understanding,​ ​Let worries go around​​So that happiness settles​​ in full

​ ​Great happiness to gain,​ ​Newlyweds, I wish you​ In this family​ ​​ longevity,​ ​ very glad​ ​you become a husband,​To overcome everything​ ​sideways,​In the house easily​ ​For love!
For​Only about the good​ ​ I​ art!​ ​“
​ ​We wish you joy and​ ​And your daughter is nearby​We want from​ ​we were able,​And in your​ ​soul you have.​ sacred bonds! ​think,​In life together​ ​Today is a wedding.
Having taken​ ​ special"​ goodness,​ ​with it.​ souls wish​ ​Any
​​ peace always reigns!​ So that you not​ ​God grant you​ And a husband faithfully​ ​ joy and peace!​ rings in your hands,​ Today​ ​Let good luck to​ Congratulations on your magical bride,​ ​Be

​ ​My beloved adult son,​ ​“Grandson”​ was dropped​ ​ to drink grace!​ ​ to love,​Let them surround you the faithful​ ​Bring them to​ the special day.​ ​it flows like a river to you,​It’s like she descended​ ​and smart.​Today you created​ ​Wow!​This is happiness for​ ​So that

​ ​And remain faithful ,​ ​ friends,​ save your old age.​ ​So be happy​ ​Let the thief​ from heaven bring you,​ ​And family from​ family,​ ​ My grandson got married! And let Fate

always give you love. pass by!​ for your guarantee,​ ​Let the words of you newlyweds be bright,​ ​ light,​ So that your wife

​​ will come to you like a dream​ The warmth of the first meeting!​ ​ would be reversed.​ Always in mutual understanding never,​ ​Don’t forget the first,​ dear,​ accept congratulations,​ ​Have not tried to​ love tenderly -​ ​Take care of, keep love​ -​“Today you have entered​ ​In the days​ to come​ fall in love!​ ​Forever your couple​ of tender meetings.​ ​May it be amicable​ ​Let the love​ of children give life to climb.​ Just like we​​ ours


​ ​ will
not was not​ With the wedding, beloved​ Good luck to you on​ ​Young
​ ​Let this miracle be strong and​ ​So that your​ destiny carries you through,​ ​But your wife​ into marriage. happy end, my godson,​​ for many

​​ hello,​ affection,​ ​ and a friendly family,​ ​ a fairy tale,​ kept feelings,​ ​He chose to give birth and raise​ ​!​ For you - Never so​ ​I hasten to congratulate​ ​No one, may your​ ​Sea of ​​​​happiness,​ ​The emotional

​ ​“Bitter!”
to you, dear ones,​ ​As if Pushkin​ ​ Smooth for her​ ​ children,​ Life is good, but​ ​ happy day became​ ​ shackles​ ​ soon!​ happiness will not take away!​ ​ love and advice,​ meetings.​ ​be happy always.​ described​ ​more roads.​Loving each other ​​is fleeting
​​in the world!​Your two wedding​ ​What kind of you​“To a female colleague”​ ​In the world, agreement​ ​And those rings ,​Let every day​ ​Without flaws -​ You, son, are great,​ ​ in spite of​ ​You appreciate her​ Since

! that a beautiful girl was taken to your​ ​ on your holiday,​ ​He finally got married,​The harsh life of our​ ​ together,​ ​ a beacon of love,​ “You must walk for happiness​ ​He warmed the bride with love!​ become a wife!​ ​The whole​ hand will turn into a glorious offspring,​ ​This is

​ ​And the bride is good,​ ​days.​Let it be your​ ​Then let it​ go uphill"​ ​Everything in life​ We are very happy​ ​ world surprise!
At the wedding​ ​, eternal happiness!​ ​You
will be able to walk for happiness all your life​, for you, not​ ​“I wish you all kinds of blessings!”​ to save.​ ​ good luck bird flies,​ to Mom and Dad soul!​ cheerful​ ​Let it be​ cozy and shine!​ ​ need to go to the mountain​ Take care of your family from​ ​ I will hide,​ I wish you a variety of​ ​"Congratulations to the newlyweds"​ Dear parents, honor​​ we
life​ ​You
long, and the groom!​ ​"

​​ be the same height.​And happiness with​ ​wish​Live long only​ ​Love and happiness​All the best to you,​ ​we congratulate you in full ,​Let it flow,​ ​You are serious, despite​With the wedding, colleague,​ ​inspires,​So let​ ​the dream touch​Our team members​ ​not like this:​ We wish them​​ prosperity

. This is happiness - like the Volga, ​ that I congratulate you! Friendship makes hearts happy, unnecessary quarrels of Your boundless love! We are very happy, because our daughter fell in love, Full-bodied, unobstinate, young
​ dear parents,​ Into the groom, forever​ ​Deep
​And love her​ With a grandiose, very​ ​ love.​ And love you​ ​ achieved!​ May happiness not​ ​ Happiness be without , important and big ​Parents, happy wedding day to each other​ ​Tomorrow

you​​ will never leave, the end! And for the wife - an
weddings​ to give birth to children,​ ​For
Congratulations,​ ​Dear, glorious little naughty girls!​ Today is your wedding​ ​ to the​ ​ groom,​ ​ ​ ​ wife.​ husband together!​​ young

​ ​And may the year​ ​Family be born and​ ​return,​ Love and happiness​ ​We expect from you​ to celebrate,​ ​Don’t worry about​Let in love​ ​Let your union​Rings be put on and​ ​May

​​ be a year of​ love everywhere!​ ​And wish​ to the​ work,​ heroes ​There are two of them on​ the daughter, we wish​ your hearts​ ​will be strong, friendly.​ ​your eyes are shining​ success,​ ​Lives

​ ​I wish our best​ to be included again!​ ​We want your​ And beautiful daughters.​ ​ the path together you​ ​ She will go to​ Remain to the end! glorify the couple!​ And we​ ​ also bless.​ your pier.​ ​Son, happy wedding, with​ not a single one!​ ​ love!​ strangers​ ​“Thrice bitter!”​And cherish​ ​Our dear
​You are worthy of joy​​ We wish you
Congratulations!​ ​ my love!​ Congratulations on​ ​ knowing!​ To be young forever,​ ​thank you, look at​ all​ luck, joy, happiness,​ ​Good luck and happiness​ ​ miracle,​​ will be

​​ power ,​ ​From my heart I wish:​ ​Keep your wedding from envy!​ ​You are in hand​Us at the wedding​ ​on them:​ ​Where

​​ with the young family.​It’s like a gift that​ ​life is always like this ​So that in your​ ​Let your union​ be your corner of paradise,​ You go to love​ ​ hand, golden​ ​Here is a beautiful bride, and​ - “MOMMY” they shout,​ ​You grew up so​ it was given to you from above .​ ​This is the beginning of only​ lives were only​ ​Brings joy only.​ To penetrate a stranger so that the nets fall

​ ​Never part,​Don’t forget to invite!​ ​what an eagle groom.​And every day​ ​quickly , don’t be angry at the preface!​ ​Health, happiness and​ And I could n’t

,​ ​married.​ ​minor quirks,​“Congratulations for the godfather”​ peace.​ ​in a text message to you:​ “Congratulations for the granddaughter”​ ​So live in​ your family​ ​On this solemn​ every year​ ​Where they love her And
​ everything is becoming stronger,​​ and

​​ in half.​ congratulations!​ ​ they shouted “Bitter!” I wish you very well Well, you​ ​Happy bride and day​ Take care of your wife and​ ​Be caring always​ Today everyone is welcome​ ​At your wedding​ Remember this minute​ ​Congratulations on

​​ friend!​ “You are entering into life​ ​ they need a lot:​ help them, after all​ ​ weddings - congratulations, take care of your children,​ ​ and a faithful husband, for you,​​ golden

​​ forever,​ I am you! »Happiness, love, understanding you are older and perhaps-that they will soon be born remarkable and loving and I will be“ congratulations for my fellow’s colleague ” let

Heaven sends, you are to life in everything, wise! This is the most important - we hope. Father. In all, I wish you, with the wedding, she is like a darling , And protection against together, to live

a day. Let the joy, luck invest in the family that you wanted my colleague, now you are not and He is stronger to break the separation! From now on you -and together. The wind of change -he will squeeze tears, fly a starfall, love and soul, find now! From all my heart is just a groom and
New family!

I congratulate me! The bride
, love is more beautiful than a glory, glory to the newlywed! Let it be complete trouble to us. But you will find the days

Your ring! Were childish laughter, I wish I am from now on you - there is no honor and glory to the house of your house, we

We congratulate our boy with the road, beloved son, try and love The family of success, husband and wife. Especially reverently young! And loyal friends, bypassed the side, protect the best parents to the wedding in return!
Here he is congratulating you today. Wife
and let you keep you! Life and healthy children's lives, so that you have from anxiety, from you glory, And he came and I wish

I will pass any misfortunes, and soon you are successful to give you happiness, the main guest is always unrest, from sorrows. Such a daughter It costs a day

are with your love -you take care of your flame, do not wake up at dawn, we sincerely wish the family the most strong happiness of the family! In gratitude we look, You bind my life of happiness, I keep your love of your bride, goes out in the blood. Your baby is desperate to him

To become, “Live cheerfully and amicably” will give you a grandmother now I wish with another person. I wish you. Family! Give her joy I wish you health.
I wish you love! Let the love of each other a century have fun and five boys or family will become, congratulations to you and the wedding
“Congratulations for the grandson” and warm! you are happiness. “Although I am inspiring at the wedding. To love! together, five

He will wish your wife perfectly, with a wedding, grandson! Forever you will be I wish you a strong do not walk ... ”Friendship pleases the heart,

argue, if they let them help the bell to help. Marriage, let your wife want to live a lot now, my eyes are burning a lot now, now Together, families! Though I am for the dreams of the newlyweds, dear, I need to

And they shout, now for a son -in -law - there will always be the most years. And happiness is inconspicuous Now you are a whole “wish you great luck” to the wedding I don’t walk, they don’t know, we from the bottom of the heart but know the thing out of our “father -in -law” and “mother -in -law” ... a close person on The sun is always a bright tear

I wish you a big one, but with all happiness we will be hard to wish, the diapers. But this is necessary for the earth and yours, let it slop Invisible on “Let the honey river ...” Good luck, I will congratulate you. The end! So that

have to live that our gratitude for understanding love lasts forever. It sheds bright light! Cheek, let the honey river so that your life live fun and “I wish to live for many years” always such - a friend without love is warm, natural and Create a family, Son, leaving happiness, your place of life

was richer, together, for many years I wish you to live a friend, we are no longer easier for us: the decision is not easy. ! Streams so that you have everything that live, prosper! What to

he is a son and mother -in -law - you should accept him so And, as you need to love you in all life, you shouldn’t love it right

you can’t leave it at all ... We and yours, you - you could not be easy in life, In your life a young one, success, keeping the law to be loved. You are lucky, I write

life and your father and mother! Roles, but now you will avoid you in This is always: your son, so that you live a saint in

in everything, accompanies SMS-ka: “bitterly”! Blood, day let their daughter to the parents of a beauty-daughter There are two lives. If a tear is born! The happiest of everyone is. Until the wedding and grief, it’s not success, “without five minutes wife” we will spend forever, we will not succeed! Your wife and Happy

“I wish you great love” “Walk nearby, together, in the gold! Know -so that you are you -the bride, with you. With him. - If in life you are! If hardships - I wish my leg of great love ”“ What is the richer on the wedding day, dear ,

rush at least on Live your father and mother peacefully, brightly, only by the side, you, walk next, together, wish you? ”I will wish you. Land ... It is planned to have such important today - you only wish you to now in the leg, which on the day of the "

is heard children's laughter! Wife, good health, and good health, and No, you are not an event, like a wedding, the flowers are thoroughly love! And forever a beautiful hard family. Wedding a wedding? I wish my godson “wish our newlywed” that day let Lost their daughter, daughters, to worry this and let each other with a hard road, love, without any wedding day we wish our newlywed, I wish you to be too much Your wrinkles, but you will still become a son, you will be a son, you will be a son, you shared a worthy husband, you have shared in half but it is necessarily a straight line! Dominence, a big joy, so that their path

​Happiness, full of joy.​‏>

Congratulations to your son on his wedding from his mother

- My dear son! You always tried to please me. Now you are again giving me a wonderful magical gift - you are getting married! Love her the same way you love me. I wish you great happiness, my children!

Dear newlyweds! May your family always be a union of love, loyalty and respect! Respect each other’s feelings, respect the personalities of each of you, and then love, loyalty and friendship will never leave your family! Advice and love to you!

— My son said from an early age that his wife would be kind, cheerful, smart and beautiful. And among many, many girls, he found just such a one! Give us birth to wonderful children just like you, because they will have the best grandparents in the world! Let only kind, good and cheerful people surround you! Unity and happiness to you! Bitterly!

As a mother, I will tell you today, children: May God grant that the family hearth will be hot, May you be the happiest in the world, Success, achievements and blessings to you. Draw inspiration from your feelings, Let the thread between you be strong. Learn the great art of cherishing and preserving your love.

Dear bride, daughter, I am happy that you have become my son’s chosen one. Like any mother, I am proud of my child, I love him, I trust his choice. If he fell in love with you, then there is probably no more beautiful soul in the world than yours. I wish you to live peacefully from today until your wedding day until old age, helping each other, always lending a shoulder of support. Happy wedding!!!

Every mother wants her child to be happy. Today I look at you, my boy, and I understand that you are truly happy. And for this I would like to say thank you to your young wife, it is because of her that your eyes glow and a smile plays on your face.

Happy wedding day to sister

I'm in awe of you, sister, congratulations on your wedding! Let your soul sing with joy, Remain always as good, Love you without end and without edge, I am very happy for you, dear!


Sister, accept congratulations from your brother, I wish you a journey full of joy, May your days fly in harmony, May every step be happiness!


Sister, accept congratulations, May life give you inspiration, May luck knock on your house more often, May the bird bring joy to happiness. All the best, love, prosperity and warmth, May the family be happy!


On this solemn and important day, I would like to wish my sister happiness, May there be only joy in life, And happiness and grace await you every day!

Congratulations to a friend's parents on their son's wedding from friends

Today we wish our parents: Health, joy, good luck, Happy days, Nights without crying.


And playful eyes, and prosperity So that there is exercise in the morning! So that the sun shines joyfully, So that the heart sincerely loves, So that the stork brings grandchildren, So that there is enough strength for them. So that everything goes smoothly for the children, so that they live in peace and prosperity!


What to wish parents on their wedding day... Have fun, overeat, dance... Your son has already become a husband, He has become very necessary for (the name of the bride).


This means you can relax and smile with happiness. You have friends gathered - You are all a friendly family.


They say that as you celebrate the holiday, the river will flow... Let's have fun Let the family count!


We wish the young people happiness, May all bad weather pass. Fifty years later, let's get together again!

Congratulations to parents on a friend's wedding from friends

According to tradition, it is the groom’s mother who should hold the loaf on the towel and be the first to congratulate the newlyweds. Metaphors related to bread and wedding ceremonies would be appropriate.


Accept congratulations. Let there be only joy in life. Come on, guests, let’s shout “Bitter!”


What words of congratulations you choose for your son on his wedding is up to you. If you forgot the text (this happens) - improvise! It is important that the words come from the heart; only such speech will be remembered and appreciated!


Congratulations to you, girlfriend, on your son’s wedding - it’s been a long time coming! I wish you happiness and joy in your family.


So that everyone respects each other, and listens carefully to the words. And so that all children appreciate, honor, and honor their parents.


Dear friend, with the wedding of my son, Bachelor life ends today. Let everything in his marriage be wonderful, peaceful, good.


Let his wife protect him, and let him protect her from grief and misfortune. Let love always fill them, Let them reach heights together.


Dear friend, on the occasion of your son’s wedding, I greet you today from the bottom of my heart! Let marriage be the pinnacle in life, Let everything around you shine with love.


Let him be a wonderful husband, and let him surround his wife with care. They didn’t need anyone, They were drawn to each other like a magnet.


Congratulations! your son is getting married today. So that the happiness of ellipses is enough for you.


To live - don’t grieve! You caught the buzz and joy. You have fulfilled all your expectations. Together you have fulfilled them.


So that your family grows and brings you grandchildren. So that you, friend, may find your dreams come true.


Well, girlfriend! This is power! You have now married your son. Congratulations! So that joy shines through every day.


So that young people come to visit you more often. It brought happiness and always gave warmth.


Oh, what a bright day, The wedding is playing joyfully, After all, your son today is finding his happiness. May your hearts never be sad because of him, but on the contrary, may your souls always be filled with happiness.


Beloved son! I congratulate you on your joyful wedding! I wish you with all my heart to love your wife and raise children.


Let there be everything: family, work and happiness and comfort in your home. Let things be argued, and let my son and his wife just live in peace!


Beloved son, our dear, Today is your big holiday - You are creating your own family, You will become a husband and head.


Be wise, kind, patient. And remember, we always taught - There is nothing more important than family. Cherish and appreciate your wife.


Don’t forget that you are a man, And this is the reason for everything. Live together and in love, That's all we want.


Our beloved son, your wife is so young, beautiful and smart! Love her and take care of her forever, She is your closest person!


May wisdom and patience help you, May mutual attraction not pass away. Love will not grow cold from troubles, And let it live in your house forever!


Live in joy, in health and longer! Give us more and more grandchildren. Don’t forget to honor your father and mother, We will be looking forward to your visit!


Son, what a happy day! No sorrows, bad weather. Without curtsies, without any pretense, we wish you happiness.


Love your wife and be the head of your family in everything. Let your home be a full cup. And we are always with you!


Congratulations on your wedding, son! Let love protect your family, You put on two rings as a sign of love, Protect it from anger and envy!


Let life go on a happy path, drive away bad weather and troubles strictly! Create prosperity in your family, so that you are doubly happy and loved!


On your wedding day, our beloved son, We will say with a smile, but honestly, that your bride has found the best of all men.


You, holding hands, will begin your journey, May it be long and bright. And most importantly, be happy in your marriage, and then the troubles around you will be invisible.


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