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With the onset of warm spring days, many girls are thinking about changing their image. In spring and summer, you want to feel a little reckless, relaxed and mysterious. To achieve such goals, every girl has a serious arsenal consisting of outfits, fashion accessories, various makeup and manicure options. It's no secret that the finishing touch to a successful look is a properly chosen manicure. Today it is fashionable to apply green shellac to your nails. The color creates a spring mood, and the gel polish allows you to wear a beautiful manicure for more than two weeks.

Manicure with green shellac

Manicure with green shellac

Manicure with green shellac

General information

This coating has a number of advantages; it combines the advantages of a gel, such as durability and resistance to damage, with relative harmlessness to the own plates of simple manicure varnish. Initially, cnd shellac was characterized by a rather narrow palette, and therefore not everyone could choose the right shade for themselves. But at the moment this defect has been eliminated. The shellac palette now includes more than a hundred different shades, from delicate and creamy to bright, dark or creative.

The coating is available in small bottles of 7.2 ml. This allows you to use it quickly enough before it starts to thicken. Although shellac has a fairly long shelf life, it can nevertheless dry out in several months or a year if storage conditions are not maintained. Therefore, if you are going to use varnishes only for yourself, then you should not buy many shades at once.

The entire palette of shellac cnd colors are coatings of equal durability that can last on nails from two to four weeks. The individual wear time of such a manicure depends on the characteristics of the nails, compliance or violation of application technology, as well as the correct wear of the coating. In general, this varnish is resistant to rubbing and chipping, helps strengthen your own nails and prevents them from breaking.

Manicure with shellac designs spring summer 2021

As for current images, the first place in the spring-summer 2018 trends is occupied by mosaics and geometric designs. They can be made in different colors. At the same time, the image on one nail does not have to duplicate the design of other nail plates - it is enough to stick to one color scheme, and the designs themselves may be different. The use of decorative elements is encouraged - beads, rhinestones, foil, ribbons - making geometric manicure more vibrant and imaginative. However, the number of decorations should be small: it is best to highlight one or two nails brightly and leave the rest without decoration.

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Basic shades

This is the widest palette of cnd shellacs. It existed from the very beginning, from the moment the product went on sale. At the moment, it remains as popular as before. It is on the basis of its shades that new colors have been developed, included in the latest and most modern series.

It includes 59 shades, 12 of which are transparent or translucent. They are ideal for use in French manicure, since among them you can choose shades that are closest to the natural tone of your hands - tanned, pink, bluish, olive, peach or others. Some of these shades have various inclusions in the form of glitter or confetti. One of them is characterized by silver, and the other by gold, with shimmer, and there is also mother-of-pearl.

In addition, the main color scheme (palette) of shellac includes several creative shades - purple, turquoise, dark cherry, black, blue, light blue. There are several brilliant shades - black, dark blue, muddy lime and cool pink-lilac. The palette also has a range of gray shades, from graphite and silver to light gray pearl.

In a wide variety, the main palette of cnd shellac, shown in the photo, also includes classic colors. Three shades of classic red, from coral to almost raspberry, are also complemented by three shades of classic hot pink. For fans of less flashy classics, the palette includes several shades of soft pink, pearl and coral finishes.

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French nail design, geometry, animation prints

Classic black and white French shellac is distinguished by an amazing contrast of black and white, which is convincingly shown in the photo. It is performed using the technology of applying a French manicure, only the smile line is first highlighted with black shellac in the form of a narrow strip, and then the nail area is painted over with white to the edge, wrapping the brush under the nail. You can arrange the colors the other way around, using delicate pink shellac as the main tone.

An attractive design for French manicure can be achieved using the following decorative elements:

  • Bows with rhinestones located along the smile line.
  • French zebra style - apply black stripes to the white painted edge.
  • Decorate the double jacket with a delicate flower and add rhinestones.
  • Perform an artistic design on top of the French manicure.
  • Add silver or gold stripes to your design.

There are a lot of options to diversify a classic manicure; you just need to show imagination and patience.

Geometric patterns, as in the photo, in black and white are also relevant. This is due to fashion trends in clothing - famous couturiers did not skimp on stylish clothing models with geometric lines. In relation to a white shellac manicure, you can apply a large black checkered pattern on the main white background, separate stripes along the length and width of the nail plate, or combine a lunar black and white manicure with strict geometric lines.

Nails look interesting, based on white shellac, decorated with asymmetrical wide stripes of pink (closer to the base of the nail) and black (on one side of the nail plate). The manicure does not need to be further decorated - the geometry itself looks attractive and strict.

Animated prints in modern manicure decorate white shellac on nails. Black spots on a white main background look nice. Stylists use stickers with images of animals. Many master classes on applying shellac feature a zebra pattern - it is both simple and unusual. Some stylists use images of birds. The main feature of white shellac is the ability to combine it with all colors, decorations, and designs.

Additional uses of white

White shellac does not have to be used as the main background. It is well suited for decorative nail designs. White shellac design can be done:

  • Specks or dots on a plain base of any color.
  • As a winter option - large snowflakes all over the nail.
  • Geometric stripes, lines.
  • Simple and complex flower designs.
  • For gradient nail art - applied under colored varnishes.

Don't forget about black and white lace in shellac manicure - it is popular in any season. And to perform a pedicure on the feet, they very often use a white jacket or cover the entire nail plate with varnish.

Using white shellac as a base and for design, you can create a unique, chic manicure even on your own. Watch the video on how to apply shellac at home.

Summer Splash

This palette features just four really, really summery colors, as the name suggests. This is a bright blue color reminiscent of a pool or beach, a cool fuchsia color that has a name translated into Russian as “Pink Bikini”, a bright purple shade of “Grape Bubblegum” and a rich coral-reddish color of “Lobster Roll”.

This cnd shellac palette looks very bright and catchy on nails. The colors are dense and rich. The target audience for which this palette was developed can be called young girls who are prone to creativity and love bright and flashy colors in everything.

Fashion trends in shellac nail design 2021 photos

A long and pointed manicure, fashionable some time ago, is now out of fashion, so stylists recommend that women who want to always stay on trend for 2021 abandon such a manicure.

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Long nails certainly look very attractive, but having such a manicure is not always convenient to perform many basic manipulations, for example, fastening buttons, picking up small objects, writing, in the end. The main trend of 2018 will also remain maximum naturalness, so short and ultra-short nails will be in trend. The recommended free edge length is 2-3 mm. For lovers of long manicures who find it difficult to immediately switch from long stilettos to ultra short nails, stylists made an exception by allowing them to wear nails 5 mm long. Even if you are not yet ready to go with natural nails, acrylic or gel nails should also be made as natural as possible and not long.


This collection also includes only four shades. All of them are light and transparent, and can be suitable for a classic French manicure or a nude manicure. One of the shades is cool pink, the other is plum brown, which is perfect for both tanned hands and olive skin. Two more shades are quite close in tone, these are peachy shades, one of which is slightly more pinkish, while the other leans more towards orange.

Matte shellac manicure spring summer 2021

The popularity of matte coatings is growing from year to year. In the spring-summer 2021 season, dark matte varnishes are popular - purple, blue, burgundy, black, etc. The darker the coating, the more interesting the designs with glossy varnishes and shiny decor will look on it. “Velvet” nails look elegant and stylish. Particularly impressive is a colored French manicure, made using matte and glossy varnishes in bright, rich shades.

Open Road

As conceived by the creators of the cnd shellac brand, this palette of nail colors includes five quite creative, but nevertheless muted and dim shades. The most popular of them is the color of pink coral, as well as a creamy shade that has no analogues in any other line. There is also an interesting powdery color and a dark satin shade.

The most interesting colors of the line can be called a cloudy mint shade and a muted blue-green. They bear little resemblance to the classical idea of ​​these colors. Both shades seem to be diluted with gray. Due to this, they look appropriate and not too flashy even in the office, nevertheless attracting everyone's attention.

Mirror shellac manicure spring summer 2021

In the spring-summer 2021 season, mirror manicure is still popular. Mirror manicure, also known as Hollywood manicure, is an imitation of a metallic nail coating. The plates look smooth and shiny, they attract admiring glances to their owner and make a strict look extraordinary. In everyday life and at special occasions, mirror polish for nails looks appropriate and makes your hands well-groomed. You can apply it in different ways, and you don’t have to go to the salon. Modern fashionistas have gotten used to decorating their nails at home, and mirror coating is no exception. Mastering the science of applying it is very simple if you follow our recommendations. A mirror manicure can also be achieved using shiny gel polish or rubbing onto gel polish. This manicure looks good with various designs.


Relatively recently, cnd shellac introduced a new line, the palette of these colors on nails looks bright and catchy. It is aimed mainly at young girls who are not afraid to experiment with their appearance. It includes 6 colors. They are all very bright and local. Gives dense coverage.

The following shades of this series especially attract attention - yellow, orange and light green. They are rich and opaque, and when applied in one tone they give a dense color. The bright blue shade is very popular among young people. Pure tones of bright lilac and purple complement this rainbow.

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Manicure with rhinestones shellac spring summer 2021

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Despite the fashionable naturalness declared for the next season, rhinestones will not lose their relevance in the spring-summer 2021 season. However, the number of them used in creating fashionable nail designs should decrease significantly. The combination of rhinestones and shellac is especially relevant for holiday manicure options. In addition, rhinestones attached to a freshly applied coating are securely fixed to the nail plate. To create a manicure with rhinestones, it is best to purchase special tools, finishing coat and glue. In this case, the original design of your nails can last as long as possible.

Modern Folklore

For those shellac SND fans who have already celebrated their fortieth birthday, a palette of trendy colors suitable for respectable and self-confident women has recently been released. Like the previous lines, this one includes seven interesting shades, each of which seems to be diluted with crimson color to one degree or another. One of the shades is actually pure crimson color.

Even the black and blue shades included in this series have some warm reddish notes in their color. Cherry and orange-coral shades contain tiny shimmering particles of the same color. The grayish-creamy warm color also has the same.

Manicure with glitter shellac spring summer 2021

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The modern range of cosmetics is extensive; you can find many different types of glitter in it. This allows you to create, experiment, create a huge number of types of manicure, guided by personal taste and outfit style. This is exactly the type of manicure that is widely used in the spring-summer 2021 season. These products come in dry and liquid. Dry glitter is called glitter. They are poured or placed with tweezers on the wet varnish. The method of application depends on the size of the elements. They can be small, like dust, or large in the form of various figures. Such tools, for example, are often used in creating drawings. To do this, small dry glitter is applied using a stencil. You can make an original French manicure this way, create stripes, flowers, patterns, and ornaments.


The latest innovation that cnd shellac gel polish introduces to consumers is a palette of natural natural shades. It traditionally includes six shades. Among them there is a shimmering gray, reminiscent of coastal pebbles, a clear light blue tint of water. The cool and shimmering light pink shade is called “Fragrant Freesia” and really echoes the shade of this flower. Three light and translucent natural shades are ideal for creating a classic French jacket. One of them is satin-brown, the other is coral-pink and the third is naturally beige.

Lunar shellac manicure spring summer 2021

In addition to everything, lunar manicure continues to lead the spring-summer 2021 season, which is only becoming more interesting every year. This season, lunar manicures with designs are at the peak of popularity. Among other things, unusual designs in the form of elemental elements - flame, rain, wind, sun - will be in fashion. Watch this video about quick drawing, it's very interesting!

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