12 Longest Lasting Nail Polishes

How to choose a varnish

How to choose a varnish

Most gel polishes are produced by well-known brands - you can hardly find “nameless” gel polishes on the shelves. The situation with varnishes is different - dozens of “no names” are presented in stores, among which it is quite difficult to find “the one.”

To ensure that a bottle opened at home does not become a disappointment:

  • ask the seller for a color scheme . In the cosmetics department at home around the corner, you will most likely be refused - such things are not practiced there. In professional stores, as well as in large cosmetic chains, swatches are made so that the buyer can see the color not only through the glass of the bottle. Be sure to find out how many layers were applied when painting - the more pigment, the fewer layers you will have to apply;
  • inspect the brush . Again, not everyone allows you to open nail polishes, but try to see what the brush looks like. It should be of medium length - not touching the bottom of the bottle, but also not rubbing against the neck. Also check for any protruding hairs, as they will interfere with application and stain the skin. Brushes that are too thick are bad for picking up product, and brushes that are sparsely filled are also bad;
  • check the consistency . It should also be medium - not water, but not like gel polish. Liquid ones lie in stripes and leave bald spots, thick ones are difficult to distribute, leaving unevenness and bumps;
  • look at the composition . Brands that value their reputation have long abandoned the most harmful components and are constantly changing their composition for the better, trying to replace dangerous components with less dangerous ones. Refuse to purchase if you see in the composition toluene - a solvent with a high degree of allergenicity, formaldehyde - a dangerous component that accumulates in the body and causes at least an allergy, and at a maximum - diseases of the internal organs. If possible, buy products in the “free” category - these are products made without the use of dangerous components. Almost all manufacturers indicate their belonging to the “free” category on the label. Also check out the products we've reviewed below - they're all safe.

Choosing the best nail polish

How do we usually choose the best nail polish to always look attractive? If you like the shade, take it. We don’t even look at the bottle with the brush. And a lot, if not everything, depends on them.


A brush that is too stiff bends poorly and is uncomfortable to paint nails with. And excessively soft ones quickly wear out, losing their shape.

To check the brush, place it on the surface of the nail. Are the villi distributed evenly? Does the tip resemble a half-opened fan? That's how it should be! It is great if, after applying it to the nail, the brush does not divide into tufts and the fibers do not stick out in different directions without touching the surface of the plate.


Now let's move on to the bottle. Branded varnishes are a pleasant purchase. And the creative shape of the bottle warms the soul: others don’t have such a product. But sharp bends cause varnish particles to get stuck. It is better to choose a bottle of a more convenient shape. And the best lid with a brush is a cylinder.


So, the signs of high-quality varnish are:

  • smooth application and even distribution over the nail
  • same shine
  • quick drying
  • durability: good varnish lasts at least five days
  • does not chip, does not break off
  • waterproof.

Such qualities of varnish are given by the components of its composition. It necessarily contains plasticizers and softeners, for example, castor oil, to give the coating elasticity.



For viscosity, varnish needs thinners. Usually their role is performed by ethyl or butyl alcohol. Resins are responsible for adhesion to the surface of the nail. And the rich color comes from aniline dyes. Mother of pearl is added to the varnish so that the nails always look attractive. Often this is not natural material from shells, fish scales and pearl shells, but synthetic substitutes.


The main component is an alcohol or acetone based solvent. And to make the structure of the best nail polish uniform, acids, bentonites or silicon are added to it. There are enough varieties of varnish, but the essence is the same for all: perfect coverage, looks impressive, and its quality is high. And for high-quality height, not only the required components in the composition are important, but also all proportions must be observed.


And if the varnish is also original, for example, chameleon varnish, perfumed, then this is a big plus. Before purchasing, carefully read the ingredients of the product. It is important for us that all the necessary components are on the list. Don't forget about the expiration date.



Of course, we don’t impose strict criteria on the color, effects that the coating gives and the texture of even the best nail polish: we select it to your taste in order to always look attractive. But before buying, be sure to check how the varnish will adhere. We pass the brush over the nail. And the depth of tone is immediately noticeable, and it is clear how many layers will have to be applied, and the consistency is visible. It is better to apply two layers: stains and unevenness will be immediately noticeable. High-quality varnish does not stretch, but falls from the brush in a uniform droplet in three to four seconds.


Modern nail polish gives more than just color. High-quality varnish will strengthen your nails and improve their appearance. The problem is that it is advisable to choose a long-lasting varnish: there is no time to recreate a manicure every day.

We check the selected varnish on a tester. The number of the varnish indicated on the label will make it easier to choose a lipstick from the same company as the nail coating. And you won’t have to take the old bottle to the store or choose again if you know the number of the varnish.


Tips for use

Some tips for minimizing damage and increasing the durability of the varnish

  • Dry all layers well . Even if the label says “dries in 60 seconds,” at least 10 minutes must pass for complete hardening. Try not to touch anything during this time and not to do important things - it will take longer to redo your manicure;
  • use a varnish base . There are two compelling arguments in favor of the base. The first is that it evens out the nail and allows you to apply a perfectly even layer of coating. The second one protects the plate from the effects of dyes. The pigments are absorbed into the nail and even after removing the polish with the product, a tint remains on the nails. This often happens with highly pigmented colors - rich blue, red, dark green;
  • Before applying the coating, degrease the plate using a special product . The degreaser removes small particles of dust, grease and water.

Layers of coating in manicure - what are they, how to apply them correctly

Let's start reviewing the best nail polishes. We have selected 7 manufacturers of different price categories, and we will evaluate them according to the following criteria:

  • safety category – does the manufacturer classify its products as “free”, has it excluded formaldehyde, toluene, parabens;
  • palette – number of colors;
  • varnish density and pigment saturation;
  • brush;
  • durability - based on customer reviews;
  • cost for 1 bottle.

At the end, we will conduct a comparative analysis and understand which varnish is better.

Doing a manicure at home

Technique for proper varnish application

how to apply nail polish

Buying a quality nail polish is the key to a great manicure. But the practical side of the issue is also important. You must know how to paint your nails properly, so we will tell you what the nail polish technique is.

  1. First of all, you must prepare your nails for decoration. To do this, you can do a European or classic manicure, information about which you will find on the pages of our website. Once your nail plates are ready, you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Remember a very important rule: any manicure must begin with applying a base ! Even if you bought the most expensive nail polish, you still need a base coat. The colorless base will protect your nail plate from harmful pigment, and will also hide all its irregularities, which will make it easier to apply decorative varnish.
  3. Once the protective base is completely dry, you can apply the first coat of color. When applying varnish, try not to touch the cuticle area and side ridges. If you do touch the skin, remove the excess using a special corrector or a regular cotton swab.
  4. When the coating is dry, you should paint your nails with a second layer of colored polish. What is it for? Firstly, so that the coating is easily even and neat, and secondly, so that the color is more saturated. The technique of properly painting nails in most cases involves exactly two layers of decorative varnish.
  5. How does a beautiful monochromatic manicure end? Of course, by applying a top coat. To ensure that your nails are protected from external influences and your nail art has an extra glossy shine, be sure to use a top coat. It should be noted that many manufacturers produce a universal 2 in 1 product that combines base and top coat. It is very convenient and economical, and many girls prefer this option.

Today, every representative of the fair sex has the opportunity to get a great manicure. All you need is to buy a set of good polishes that you will be happy to paint your nails with. You can get ideas from anywhere. Look at the photos in a glossy magazine, choose the pictures you like on our website and act boldly! There are an endless variety of stylish nail designs that you can incorporate into your manicure. In conclusion, we bring to your attention a video lesson, the author of which will show you how to carefully and quickly paint your nails. The technique can be very different, the main thing is an excellent result that will delight you and those around you!


Brand Zoya

The Zoya brand is the creator of long-lasting and at the same time safe nail products. segment.

Lucky. This means that the composition does not contain components of natural origin, they are not tested on animals, and also do not include: toluode, camphor, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate - a plasticizer, formaldehyde resins.

The palette is huge and constantly updated. At the time of writing, more than 700 shades were presented on the official website of Zoya in Russia. There are classic plain coatings, as well as with the addition of glitter, mother-of-pearl, and matte. In accordance with fashion trends, limited collections are produced.

Zoya brand collections

The varnishes are well pigmented - an even color is obtained when applied in one layer. Light shades, especially those with mother-of-pearl, will need to be applied twice - streaks will remain here and there. A medium-thick brush with even, non-stray hairs. It opens up well like a fan.

But the durability, judging by customer reviews, leaves much to be desired - the ends rub off within 3-5 days, and the coating has to be renewed.

The price of 1 bottle is from 660 rubles, depending on the popularity of the shade and the collection. There are often promotions and discounts on the brand’s official website, and your favorite options can be purchased for 500-530 rubles.

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Sophin brand

Safe nail polishes are offered by the Sophin brand, whose production is located in France and Germany. In its work, the company is guided by international safety standards and does not contain dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, or parabens. Products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients.

The palette is less extensive than Zoya's, but trendy shades are always presented. The manufacturer's official website offers about 150 different colors and textures - matte, glitter, classic glossy. The “gellak” series is presented separately – these are nail polishes with a gel effect.

Palette Sophin

The varnish applies perfectly in two layers, leaving no streaks or streaks. The brush is comfortable, without stray hairs and has an even cut. Initially it seems too thin, but no problems arise during application.

Durability based on reviews - from 3 to 6 days depending on lifestyle. Sophin customers advise using a fixative when coating - this extends the wear period.

Cost - from 280 to 400 rubles per bottle.

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What types of nail polishes does the modern beauty market offer?

Today on the market you can find thousands of offers of nail coatings. These are different textures, all kinds of shades, in general, everything your heart desires. In addition to the usual, familiar varnishes from the series - matte and glossy varnish, these types of nail plate coatings have recently begun to be widely used in the art of manicure.

  1. “Therma” is perfect for our climate. Ask what? What other varnish can change color depending on the external temperature? Do not know? “Therma” is the answer. When using it, your nails will change color throughout the day, depending on whether you are outdoors or indoors. You just can't get tired of this polish.
  2. “Chameleon”, you’ve probably heard about him. It changes its shade not from temperature, but from exposure to light. In other words, depending on the lighting, you get a new unique color, even though you paint your nails with the same coating.
  3. “Crackle”, it can be called simpler compared to the above, but it is not without its own zest. This coating will give your nails a ceramic effect, which looks very original.

How to choose a varnish?
So which nail polish is best? As you can see, there is a variety of choice and it is quite possible to satisfy every taste. But let’s try to figure it out which one is better to choose.


Brand OPI

A well-known foreign company that specializes in nail products also produces varnishes. The composition is safe - no formaldehyde, no toluene.

The palette includes more than 300 shades. It is regularly updated with new collections, in accordance with the latest fashion trends. There are semi-matte varnishes, with sparkles, mother-of-pearl and plain glossy ones.

OPI brand collection

The brush is moderately long, but not very thick. At the same time, the girls note that it is convenient to apply the product to the nails with a brush. The cut is even - if you suddenly come across a strange brush, make sure that it is the original OPI, because this is one of the most frequently counterfeited brands.

For an even color, you will need to apply the dye in 2 layers - then the layer will be uniform, without streaks. The durability, according to customers, does not correspond to the price - only 2-3 days. However, in all the reviews, the girls did not use the base and fixer, which increase the durability and wear life of the coating.

The cost of a bottle varies from 400 to 1000 rubles. The final price is affected by the popularity of the shade and the place of purchase.

Making a bright manicure with OPI polishes

Important rules when choosing nail polish

how to choose nail polish

When buying any cosmetics, you should be especially careful. Manicure materials are no exception here because they come into direct contact with your nail plates. And this is becoming not only a matter of beauty, but also of health!

  1. The first thing you should pay attention to is the composition of the nail polish. This is especially true for budget products from dubious and little-known manufacturers, if for some reason you use such products. If you read the ingredients and find toluene, methacrylate, dibutyl phthalate or formaldehyde in nail polish, avoid purchasing it. You must understand that these are frankly harmful chemical components that are unsafe for your health ! Be careful and do not ignore this advice.
  2. Try to purchase varnishes of medium or high price category. The cost of decorative coatings for manicure can vary from 30 to 1000 rubles per bottle. As a rule, the more expensive the varnish, the higher the likelihood that it does not contain harmful chemicals. But do not forget that the maximum price does not always guarantee maximum quality. No one has canceled the overpayment for a brand, and many manufacturers successfully use this. You don’t want to spend your entire family budget buying a set of your favorite nail polishes? If you are looking for the best option, stick to the middle ground.
  3. The next rule concerns places where cosmetic products are purchased. Try to buy nail polish in trusted and preferably specialized stores. Why is it important? Firstly, you will largely protect yourself from counterfeits (especially if you are interested in expensive branded products), and secondly, you will be able to be adequately advised and helped with your choice. It’s worth mentioning separately about ordering varnishes in online stores. Be careful, do not fall for beautiful pictures and banners screaming about huge discounts. Trust only large online stores with a good reputation, otherwise there is a high risk that they will simply sell you counterfeit or expired products.

These three simple rules will help you choose really high-quality materials for nail art, which will not only please you with a great final result, but will also be completely safe for your health. Next, we'll talk about how to apply nail polish to make your manicure look flawless.


Brand ORLY

Orly varnishes are allowed to be used by allergy sufferers, pregnant and lactating women. The composition is natural, without dangerous ingredients. In fact, the products of foreign companies - American or German - rarely contain formaldehyde, since it is prohibited there. ORLY varnishes also contain no toluene, camphor, xylene or animal products.

ORLY colors

The palette is impressive - more than 200 shades. The range is regularly replenished with trendy tones. The brush is comfortable, although quite long. The manufacturer claims that each brush has 600 hairs.

For an even color, apply varnish in 2 layers - then there will be no streaks or streaks. Longevity is not the most outstanding - 3-4 days.

Cost – from 700 to 1000 rubles.


Logona is a manufacturer of organic cosmetics. The brand's assortment includes, among other things, a collection of safe nail polishes.

Logona were the first in the world to receive a certificate confirming the natural origin of varnish products. The composition is impressive - bio alcohol, resin, water, ethyl lactate, talc, silicon dioxide, vegetable glycerin, mica, tin oxide, natural dyes.

But the palette is modest - only 5 shades. This is the price to pay for a completely safe, organic composition. Another drawback is that the brand is not represented in Russia, and it is almost impossible to find varnishes. An option is to order from Germany through the official website of the manufacturer.

You need to apply 2 layers, only then the color will be uniform. Durability – 2-3 days.

Palette Logona

The cost of a bottle is about 15 euros or 1200 rubles.

Health hazards of gel polish and its components

Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York brand

All the brands presented above are professional, which affects the final price of the product. To balance the chances of the “mass market” and “premium” segments, let’s consider the Maybelline New York “Colorama” polish collection.

There is a lot of controversy around the brand, since the manufacturer has been using formaldehyde in production for a long time. Recently, the composition has undergone changes - the three most dangerous components have been excluded - formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. The manufacturer does not classify itself as free, since the composition still includes even the least harmful components.

Maybelline New York Palette

Of course, it’s impossible to compare the safety of Maybelline with, say, OPI or Zoya, but the Colorama collection has other advantages, for example, durability. The varnish stays on the nails for 5 days if you follow all the rules - apply the base and fixer, use gloves when in contact with water, try to protect your nails from mechanical impact.

I’m pleased with the density of the colors – even “problem” colors – red, black, white – are evenly applied in just one layer. The palette includes about 100 popular shades and is constantly updated, as fashion dictates.

Maybeline's main advantage is the price. The cost of one bottle ranges from 150 to 250 rubles.

Top 7 polishes

The ranking of the best nail polishes includes the top 7 products that won recognition among consumers in 2018-2019. They have become popular due to their non-toxic composition, ease of application, durability and a large palette of rich shades. The presented varnishes have different manufacturing countries and prices. There are also budget ones among them.

To help you make your choice, the main advantages and disadvantages of coatings are presented. Thanks to this, everyone will choose the right product for themselves, which will suit the shades, brush width, coverage density and durability.

Interesting! Small particles of mollusk shells are added to mother-of-pearl varnish. The metallized effect is achieved due to the elements of real aluminum and zinc.

7 – Essence The gel Nail Polish

The youth cosmetics brand pleases with nail products. The permanent line of varnishes is popular. Wide choice of shades. The types of coating are as follows: glossy, shimmer and pearlescent. High pigmentation. Dense coating, so applied in one layer. Lasts up to a week.

Essence The gel Nail Polish

The brush is wide. Convenient packaging. The lid closes until it clicks.

Volume: 8 ml.

Manufacture: Germany.

Cost: from 130 to 150 rubles.

Thick in one layer.Small selection of coatings.
Convenient brush.Chips.

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6 – Brigitte Bottier Gel Formula

The gel effect gives a strong shine, but can be dried without a UV lamp. It applies well, for some shades one coat is enough. The brush is short and wide, covering the entire surface of the nail at once.

Brigitte Bottier Gel Formula

Various shades and effects are presented.

Durability is average - 3 days.

Volume: 12 ml.

Production: Russia.

Cost: from 150 to 250 rubles.

Professional brush.Bubble when applied in 2 layers.
Thick in one layer.It chips.
Gel effect.Thickens.
Low price.

5 – Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

One of the most popular brands specializing in nail beauty. Pleases girls with rich shades and easy application. The wide brush applies the varnish easily. Lasts up to a week.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Now a salon manicure is possible at home.

Volume: 14.7 ml.

Production: USA.

Cost: from 300 to 450 rubles.

Easy to apply.Liquid consistency.
Convenient brush.High price.
Quick drying.
No chips.

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4 – Orly

Professional varnishes. Includes many shades and textures. They have a dense coating even in one layer. The consistency is moderately liquid.

There is a thin brush that gently paints the nails, even near the cuticle.


Available in large volumes, but there is a mini version of 5.3 ml. The coating lasts 5-6 days.

Volume: 18 ml.

Production: USA.

Cost: from 350 to 500 rubles.

Rich color palette.High price.
Large volume.
Convenient brush.

3 – OPI Nail Lacquer

Often used in salons. Bright and rich shades. A wide brush made of dense bristles transfers the polish well to the nails. It is short, so it is difficult to use the product completely. It doesn't cause cavities, but it takes 2 coats to cover the nail plate.

OPI Nail Lacquer

Dries quickly. Bright colors do not turn the nail plate yellow.

It lasts up to a week without chipping, then it starts to wear off a little at the edge.

Volume: 15 ml.

Production: USA.

Cost: from 500 to 700 rubles.

Large selection of shades.Several layers are needed.
Convenient application.Short tassel.
Medium consistency.High price.

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2 – Golden Rose Rich Color

In addition to decorative products for the face, this brand of cosmetics produces nail products. They became popular back in the early 2000s. The varnish has a medium thick consistency. A wide brush paints the surface in a matter of seconds.

Golden Rose Rich Color

To avoid unevenness, you need 2 layers.

Volume: 10.5 ml.

Production: Türkiye.

Cost: from 100 to 200 rubles.

Many shades.2 layers are required.
Smells neutral.Unstable.
Convenient brush.
Low price.
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