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Well-groomed hands adorn a woman, and an interesting manicure emphasizes individuality. Since the advent of gel polishes, keeping your nails in excellent condition has become much easier. But only if you choose high-quality shellac and apply the coating correctly. Bluesky or Kodi gel polishes are now considered popular brands. Let’s figure out which one is better, because reviews about them are mixed. Our experts found out the features, advantages and disadvantages of these gel polishes and found out why the coating may not adhere well and crack on the nails. We share our discoveries and advice with you.

Features of Bluesky gel polishes

Bluesky gel polishes

Bluesky is a brand of a Chinese cosmetics company that has been producing gel polishes and auxiliary products for working with them for more than 10 years. During this time, the products have gained the trust and recognition of millions of manicurists and women around the world. The fact that it is used in many beauty salons indicates good quality and ease of use.

Bluesky gel polish contains shellac resin from tropical trees - this was evidenced by the inscription on the name of the tube until 2014 (later it was replaced by Gel Polish). The composition also contains the usual components for gel polishes:

  1. photoinitiator for polymerization in a UV or LED lamp;
  2. acrylic monomer, which promotes the formation of a hard layer on the nail;
  3. methacrelates, which give the varnish the desired density and consistency;
  4. pigment for color saturation.

Depending on the shades (with pearlescent, neon, holographic effects), additional components are added to the composition.

Bluesky shellacs are produced in several series - any woman can choose the right color and effect for her manicure:

  1. cream shades;
  2. bright colors;
  3. dark rich colors;
  4. glow in the dark;
  5. mirrored;
  6. with glitter;
  7. with cat eye effect, etc.

The Bluesky line of nail care products includes both two- and three-phase gel polishes, as well as single-phase ones for quick or home manicures. There is also a base coat, a primer (bonder) and a sealer (top). In terms of cost, the products of the Chinese brand belong to the budget segment - 80-170 rubles per 10 ml bottle.


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We will introduce you to different series of Bluesky gel polishes; blogger Vera will tell us in detail about each series:

gel polish Bluesky 116.jpg
Hi all)

I really like long-lasting manicures with gel polishes, for their durable mirror coating, for durability, and for the fact that you don’t have to worry about your manicure for a long time! And I am happy to discover new brands of durable coating. Today I want to show seven gel polishes from seven different series. This is just a preview, I will show each shade in a separate post. In the meantime, I’ll introduce you to the new brand “BLUESKY” SHELLAC.

gel polishes Bluesky 117.jpg
Series A “Bluesky” contains gel polishes with a creamy texture and gel polishes with the addition of shimmer.

The color palette is very large! The presented shade is “Bluesky” Shellac series A shade A22.

gel polish Bluesky 119.jpg

The Shellac “Bluesky” series contains gel polishes with a creamy texture, gel polishes with the addition of shimmer and mica. The presented shade is “Bluesky” Shellac series Shellac shade 40504.

gel polish Bluesky 125.jpg

The Nude “Bluesky” series contains gel polishes with a translucent creamy texture. The presented shade is “Bluesky” Shellac series Nude shade ND 19.

gel polish Bluesky 123.jpg

The Neon “Bluesky” series contains gel polishes with a creamy neon texture. The presented shade is “Bluesky” Shellac series Neon shade 06.

gel polish Bluesky 127.jpg

The Super Star “Bluesky” series contains gel polishes consisting of glitter. The presented shade is “Bluesky” Shellac series Super Star shade SP 18.

gel polish Bluesky 129.jpg

The Thermo “Bluesky” series contains gel polishes with a heat-sensitive effect. The presented shade is “Bluesky” Shellac series Thermo shade 048.

gel polish Bluesky 131.jpg

Luminescent “Bluesky” series contains gel polishes with a luminescent effect. The presented shade is “Bluesky” Shellac series Luminescent shade 001.

All these collections are presented in the ODIVA online store, new collections are planned to arrive soon!

gel polish Bluesky 134.jpg

Today I am enjoying the tenderness of “Bluesky” Shellac series Nude shade ND 19 - it is a translucent cream, pink nude color with a beige undertone. With this shade, the manicure looks very light, feminine and well-groomed. The consistency of the gel polish is medium, it is applied and distributed well, without flowing onto the cuticle. The brush is medium length, flat with an even cut, very comfortable to apply.

The shade can be worn in one layer, due to its translucent texture, or in three, then the color will be more saturated (in all photos, the gel polish was applied in three layers).

The technique for applying UV gel varnishes is standard: 1. Apply a thin layer of Bluesky Soak Off Gel Base Coat and polymerize in a UV lamp.

gel polish Bluesky 136.jpg

2. Apply the gel polish in thin layers, I needed three layers, each layer is polymerized in a UV lamp.

gel polish Bluesky 138.jpg

3. At the final stage, apply the top coat with a thin layer of Bluesky Soak Off Gel Top Coat, polymerize it in a UV lamp.

gel polish Bluesky 139.jpg

And the manicure is ready! 2 weeks no chips, no peeling, no wear, and all this time the magnificent gloss will remain!

Advantages and disadvantages of Bluesky gel polish


  • variety of colors and effects - more than 1000 shade options;
  • affordable price;
  • Duration of wearing the coating without chips and scratches – up to 3-4 weeks;
  • combines with base and top of other brands;
  • can be easily removed using special means for removing gel polish and foil; it is not necessary to remove it using sawdust in a manicure salon;
  • Opaque bottles prevent sunlight from entering, which extends shelf life.
  • Manicurists claim that Bluesky brand gel polishes last as long on nails as products from more expensive brands and are in no way inferior in quality.


  • The only drawback is the liquid consistency. This fact does not bother professionals, but beginners may have difficulty applying the coating at home. Violation of the technology for applying and removing the coating can lead to thinning and brittle nails.

A few more words about Bluesky shellac on the official website of the representative and how to distinguish a fake

Many unscrupulous suppliers, in pursuit of profit, purchase counterfeits and pass them off as originals. What else to pay attention to:

  • The bottle should be completely filled with gel polish, not half filled.
  • All stickers must be applied straight, not crooked.
  • Since 2014, the brand name “Shellac” has not been included in the trade designation of Bluesky gel polishes. The correct designation is "Gel Polish". The shelf life of Bluesky products is 36 months, and since 2014, the word “shellac” has been prohibited from being used by brands other than CND. Thus, all the seller’s assurances that this is a real Bluesky brand gel polish are unfounded.

Today, Bluesky bottles are available in black (see above). This has even become its signature difference from other brands. But previously the Chinese produced bottles of other colors, until scammers began to repeat the same thing.

samples of original varnishes

The color of the bottle does not mean the color of the gel polish. But it conveys the approximate shade of the varnish located inside.

Features of Kodi gel polish

gel polish Kodi

The Kodi Professional brand is of American origin. The company producing nail care products was founded in 2005. Almost immediately it gained popularity among manicurists - all products meet the high requirements of international quality standards, are convenient and safe to use. Its production has now been established in Ukraine, but strictly according to American technology and from components produced in the USA.

The basis of Kodi Professional gel polishes is a natural polymer that is resistant to external environmental influences, acetone and alcohol. The base and top coats are made on a rubber base, which helps prevent chipping and premature damage within 2-3 weeks.

Kodi Professional shellacs have a wide range of shades - more than 200. Only this brand has a coating with a thermal effect that changes color depending on the ambient temperature. The company produces one of the best topcoats (according to consumers) - a top with a matte effect.

All Kodi Professional nail care and manicure products are presented in bottles of 7, 12 and 30 ml. It is intended primarily for use by professional craftsmen (its name suggests this), but can also be used at home. Belongs to the middle price segment - the price for a 12 ml bottle is from 400 rubles.

Composition of gel polish remover CND, Bluesky, Kodi

A thick, hard film of gel polish is quite difficult to remove from nails. As the nail grows, it becomes necessary to remove the previous coating and apply a new one.

For removal, a special liquid is used, which consists of several components.

Any chemical gel polish remover contains acetone, a complex of vitamins and essential components.

In order to remove gel polish, you need to moisten a napkin in liquid and wrap it around the nail plate. The sponge is wrapped in foil and held for 10-15 minutes. The varnish dissolves and is removed.

It can be removed by mechanical removal using a special machine, which removes the coating using a special abrasive attachment. You can cut a plate on your own, without specific skills, so it is better to entrust the removal procedure to experienced craftsmen.

Manicure Cody

Manicure Cody

Chemical composition of the base for gel polish

Base is a corrective base, which is applied as the first layer, protects the nail from direct exposure to varnish, and evens out the nail plate. The base also strengthens the polymer film and increases its wear resistance.

Some manufacturers add a vitamin complex to nourish the nail plate.

The base is a mixture of chemical elements that fix the manicure. Companies offer not one, but several varieties of gel polish base. Very good base from CND. A distinctive feature is that there is no smell.

Bluesky has a more liquid foundation, but the brushes are not very comfortable to use. Hard brushes fix this problem

Gel polish cat eye on nails

Gel polish cat eye Bluesky

Top – covered with decorative elements. These can be sparkles, rhinestones and other decorations. It is applied to secure the top layer, as if sealing the coating.

There are varnishes of different chemical compositions that are used everywhere. In terms of price, they are quite expensive, and it is difficult to cover your nails with gel polish at home. You need a special ultraviolet lamp, base, top. This requires certain financial investments. But manicure lasts a long time, so visits to the master are on average once every two weeks.

Red gel polish

Red gel polish

Composition of Kodi gel polish

The composition of Kodi varnish differs little in its basic composition from gel polishes of other brands. Reasonable price, but more expensive than Bluesky.

According to numerous user reviews, it applies well, lasts a long time, and has a rich color palette. There are practically no shortcomings noticed, and it is easier to remove than Bluesky. People who have used the Cody brand, as a rule, continue to buy the entire series of this brand, noting a better nail structure and a more even finish.


Each varnish production company has its own characteristics in the recipe, but the basic elements are similar. Some people add vitamins, some don't. Different concentrations of pigments and so on. But no toxic or harmful ingredients were identified. Each person has their own preferences for one brand or another.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kodi gel polish

The main advantage of Kodi Professional brand products is quality. The coating stays on the nails for a long time, without losing its shine and brightness of color for several weeks.


  • no unpleasant odor;
  • the rubber base easily masks all the unevenness of the nail;
  • wide range of colors and various effects;
  • nourishes and strengthens nails;
  • lasts a long time without chipping or losing color - up to 3 weeks;
  • does not require filing the surface of the nail plate before application;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • You can choose the appropriate bottle size.


  • liquid consistency;
  • conflicts with the base and top of other brands - for an ideal result you need to buy only Kodi manicure products;
  • difficult to remove on your own - the rubber layer can only be removed using sawdust.

If you do and remove a manicure in a beauty salon, then there will be no problems with applying or removing Kodi gel polish. And the durability and brightness of the color will delight you for more than one week.

Ingredients of gel polishes

Among the standard components in gel polish from any manufacturer, for example, Bluesky, Haruyama, Kodi, PNB and CND, it is customary to highlight the following:

Film former

This substance in the gel polish is responsible for the formation of a hard film on the surface of the nail plate. This film is formed due to exposure to ultraviolet rays from a special lamp, which is probably familiar to everyone. The main properties of this component can be considered elasticity and ensuring the strength of the material applied to the nails. Thanks to the use of a film former, the gel polish retains its strength even when bending and stretching the nails. This component especially helps housewives who often wash dishes or clean plumbing fixtures without using special gloves or softeners. So, the film former, plus everything else, contributes to the increased resistance of gel polish to active substances in various household products.


This component, which is part of the chemical composition of gel polishes, is responsible for absorbing ultraviolet radiation from a specialized lamp used by nail technicians. Thus, it is these components and their chemical composition that promote polymerization. Moreover, the greater the volume of these components in the chemical composition of the varnish, the faster it hardens on the nails under the influence of ultraviolet rays. It is important to know that each manufacturer regulates the volume of these elements in the finished product individually.

Photoinitiator and its location

Photoinitiator and its location


Thanks to this component, manufacturers of varnishes such as Bluesky, Haruyama, Cody, PNB, CND and other well-known brands achieve a certain consistency.


It is these components that determine the final color of the gel polish.

Bismuth chloride is responsible for the pearlescent tint.

Gel polish pigments

Gel polish pigments

This component is used in mother-of-pearl collections from such well-known manufacturers as Bluesky, Haruyama, Kodi, PNB, CND and others.


This component of the chemical composition of gel polishes prevents the pigment from settling at the bottom of the jar.

Other additives and fillers. Manufacturers obtain the final product using their personal know-how, so there are also a large number of different additives and fillers that characterize specifically this or that brand of gel polish.

Purple nail polish
Purple nail polish

In addition to the chemical composition of the gel polish itself, it is also worth thinking about the products and their composition for removing gel polish, for example, common nail polish remover and gel polish.

Similarities and differences

Similarities and differences

Gel polishes Kodi and Bluesky have proven themselves well in the nail industry and are similar in some respects:

  1. quality;
  2. safe for nails and health;
  3. stay on nails for up to 3 weeks;
  4. have a wide palette of colors;
  5. affordable price.

The method of application is also similar: first the base is applied to the nail, then the color and top coat.

But there are also differences between them:

  1. produced in different countries;
  2. have different composition;
  3. Kodi's rubber base nourishes and strengthens nails, while Bluesky, if not properly cared for, can cause them to become brittle;
  4. Kodi's consistency is more liquid than Bluesky, making it more difficult to do a neat manicure on your own;
  5. Bluesky is cheaper than its competitor;
  6. Kodi coating is more difficult to remove;
  7. Bluesky's color gamut and effects are wider.

Both competitors perform equally well in the first two weeks, but after this time Bluesky retains the advantage.

comparison table

comparison table

To better understand the difference between the two names of gel polishes, we have put all their features, advantages and disadvantages into a comparative table.

Comparison criterion Bluesky Kodi Professional
Manufacturer country China USA or Ukraine
price, rub. 80-170 From 400
Composition basis Acrylic monomer, tropical tree resin, polymers Polymers, rubber
Effect on nails May cause brittleness Strengthens
Color spectrum More than 1000 shades More than 200 shades
Duration of wear without cracking of the coating 3-4 weeks 2-3 weeks
Smell Slight specific odor Almost odorless
Compatibility with base and top of other brands good Don't match
Output volume 10 ml 7, 12, 30 ml
Removal method Using gel polish remover Using the sawdust method
Is it suitable for home use? Fits good More designed for professional craftsmen

What to choose

Thus, after comparing all the pros and cons of Bluesky and Kodi gel polishes, our experts came to the following conclusions:

  1. there is no significant difference between the properties of the products of the two brands: both gel polishes last a long time on the nails, both are safe for health, and have many options for choosing colors and effects;
  2. Kodi Professional products are designed for use in nail salons by professionals, Bluesky - for both home and salon use;
  3. if your nails are healthy and there are no special preferences in the color range of the Kodi gel polish lines, then it is better to choose Bluesky - the products of this brand are much cheaper and are not inferior in quality to their competitor;
  4. If you have problems with nails (thinning, brittleness), you should choose Kodi Professional.

This is the opinion of the experts of our magazine. But in order to appreciate the advantages and identify the disadvantages of gel polishes from both companies, you need to try them yourself (you can do this in a salon) and decide which one is right for you.


Another important feature of the original Bluesky gel polish product is its consistency. Uniformity of texture, absence of impurities and grains are signs of the original. If, upon opening the bottle, you find inclusions or heterogeneous particles of dye on the brush, do not buy this varnish, as the quality of the manicure will be terrible, the varnish will bubble and peel off.

Each real Bluesky bottle has a holographic sticker that contains information about the color of the gel polish and the series. In order to protect itself from low-quality copies, the company began producing vials with transparent lids. The volume of these bottles is 8 ml. Under the cap is Bluesky gel polish of the same shade that is in the bottle.

Why can gel polish coating crack?

Features of gel polish

And now, as we promised at the very beginning of the article, we will reveal the secrets of a perfect manicure with gel polish and name the reasons why the coating may not last long.

Both at home and after visiting a beauty salon, a manicure can crack in the first days. This happens if:

  1. the nail plate was not degreased or polished with a buff (a file for removing gloss);
  2. base, color and top of different brands;
  3. immediately after the manicure there was contact with household chemicals or hot water without gloves;
  4. the number of applied layers of gel polish is less than two or more than 4.

It is for these reasons that the coating turns out to be fragile and does not last long. That’s why there are negative reviews about Bluesky or Kodi gel polishes.

If you decide to get a manicure at home and want it to last for at least 2-3 weeks, you need to follow a certain technology:

  1. Wash the hands.
  2. Use a file to give your nails the desired shape and polish them with a buff.
  3. Treat the nail plate with a napkin containing a special degreaser (cotton wool can leave marks, so it is not recommended to use it).
  4. For better adhesion of the gel polish to the nail, apply a primer. It air dries in 1-2 minutes.
  5. Apply a thin layer of base coat to each nail. Dry under a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  6. Having chosen the desired shade, apply a layer of color and also dry. Repeat application 1-2 more times.
  7. Apply the finishing coat - top. Dry again under the lamp.
  8. After completing the main stages of manicure, you can apply a drawing or lace pattern.

To preserve the result in its original form for at least 2 weeks, on the first day after a manicure you should not come into contact with household chemicals without gloves, go to the pool, sauna, or take a bath.

Following the technology and application rules will allow you to get excellent results with both Bluesky and Kodi gel polish.

Gel polish BlueSky

BlueSky, whose products are manufactured in China, has proven itself to be one of the popular companies producing gel polishes. Despite the fact that the Shellac inscription is depicted on the bottle, Bluesky has nothing in common with the CNDShellac trademark. It’s just that the gel polish contains the natural substance shellac, which both companies use in production.

GuangzhouBlueSkyChemicalTechnology produces gel polishes that have a modified chemical formula, thanks to which they have the following properties:

  • the coating lasts on the nails for 1 to 3 weeks;
  • the liquid consistency makes it easier to apply gel polish and it hardens faster;
  • huge variety of palette;
  • it is odorless and contains no components harmful to health;
  • ease of application;
  • nails always look fresh, without scratches or chips, without losing their original shine.

bluesky gel polish

BlueSky is identical in color palette and coating properties to American Shellac, but the price of its Chinese counterpart allows almost any girl to get a quality manicure. To use this gel polish, you need a UV lamp (preferably 36 W) or a modern LED lamp. It is easier to remove such a coating with a special product that is sold in specialized stores along with gel polishes. The varnish is sold in opaque bottles, which prevents the deterioration of its properties under the influence of UV rays.

BlueSky products meet all stated quality and safety standards approved in the UK and Europe.

Advice! BlueSky gel polishes are best applied in 3 stages: a primer as a base coat, a base tone, and a fixative. Each layer must be dried using a UV lamp, this is the only way to achieve a truly long-term effect .
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