Why do nails grow quickly?

Long nails are stylish and beautiful. The manicure looks more impressive on them, the image turns out to be more feminine and sexy. Girls are no stranger to denying themselves comfort. When choosing between fashionable and practical, representatives of the fair half of humanity give preference to the first. Long nails are a luxury. Waiting until the length reaches the desired mark is not easy. Internal and external factors play against women. The information below will help you quickly grow your nails so that they are strong and enjoyable for a long time.

Nail growth rate

A person familiar with the basics of body structure understands: it is impossible to grow large and strong nails in a couple of days. It takes at least 3-4 weeks to affect metabolic processes. You can see results in 30 days, and a lasting effect is achieved in 2-3 months.

Scientists-dermatologists have determined: the rate of increase in the length of the nail plate is not the same in men and women, adults and children, and the process depends on many factors. The average value of nail growth per month is approximately 4.5 mm.

Interesting facts about the speed of nail growth:

  • Studies conducted in the 40-60s of the last century and today show: over the past 80 years, nails have begun to grow faster. This is due to the fact that the health status of modern people is on average better than that of people 100 years ago;
  • The rate of increase in the length of nails on the toes and hands is not the same. Nail growth per week on the lower extremities is about 0.25–1 mm, on the upper extremities – about 1–2 mm;
  • the “slowest” is the little finger, the record holder for the speed of nail lengthening is the middle finger;
  • An unusual achievement was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. 81-year-old native of India, Sridhar Chillal, has not cut his nails for the last 66 years and managed to grow them so much that the total length of the plates on the five fingers of his left hand was 909 cm. The Indian’s peculiarity led to hearing impairment, problems with breathing, and sleep, so in 2021 the man agreed to cut the length.

Comment! Non-smokers have a higher chance of quickly growing nails at home than people suffering from an addiction. Quitting cigarettes means not only regaining health, prolonging life, but also improving the appearance of the nail plate.

Features of growth

Human nails, like animal claws, are made of keratin. This is a special protein that is involved in the construction of not only nails, but also hair. The nail grows from the base next to the cuticle; the nail plate, on which the manicure is performed, is inanimate.

Each nail has a white "crescent" at the base, called a lunula. The lunula is a group of cells that synthesize the production of keratin, thus being responsible for nail growth. Thus, new tissue from the lunula is, as it were, “added” to the old one, displacing it from the surface of the nail bed. This way the free edge of the nail is formed. It acquires a rich white (normal) color because, leaving the nail bed, it loses its base, which is supplied with blood vessels.

The cuticle is necessary to protect the lunula from mechanical stress. That is why its incorrect trimming can cause a decrease in the growth rate and deformation of the nail. Damage to the lunula itself can even cause a complete stop in growth, since it is the lunula that is responsible for how long fingernails grow.

It has been noted that the rate of growth of nails and hair decreases with age. This is due to the fact that all processes in the body and cells slow down, including the production of keratin. In children, the rate of nail growth depends on age and the presence of calcium and other essential vitamins for nails in the body. For example, during periods of active growth, nails may grow faster.

If you are concerned about why your fingernails are growing so quickly, then we can conclude that most likely this is due to one of the reasons listed below:

  1. Changes in hormonal balance;
  2. Pregnancy;
  3. Diet change;
  4. Frequent washing of dishes and other reasons for keeping nails in a damp environment or directly in water.

If it is necessary for the growth rate to decrease, then all work in water can be done using rubber gloves. In addition, the rate of nail growth under gel or shellac is significantly reduced due to the lack of oxygen access to the plates. Thus, if you want to slow down the growth rate in order to wear extended nails without correction for as long as possible, then you should not do this. After all, it will decrease on its own immediately after the procedure.

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What affects the rate of nail growth

Growing nails is an impossible task for some, while for others it is a matter of patience and a short time. Scientists involved in dermatology have identified a number of factors that influence the growth rate of the nail plate, conditionally dividing them into two groups:

  1. Internal. Heredity, quality of nutrition, the presence of various diseases, lifestyle (no bad habits, good sleep, physical activity).
  2. External. Environmental factors, time of year (nails grow faster in summer, slower in winter), mechanical effects on nails that lead to fractures, working with chemicals that affect the strength of the plate.

Comment! Experts say: not only the above internal and external factors affect the growth rate of the nail plate. Nail experts believe that the quickest way to grow your nails is to take care of them properly: do a manicure on time, not forgetting about the medicinal coating.

How to grow nails at home

If you want to achieve long and strong nails at home, you need to approach the issue comprehensively. The process needs to be stimulated from within and without. Basic Rules:

  1. Enrich your diet with vitamins A, B, C, E - they provide the nail plate with strength, health, shine, and rapid growth. Increase the amount of carrots, citrus fruits, gooseberries, herbs, butter, vegetable oils, eggs, liver, and meat consumed.
  2. Make baths. Warm water with the addition of plant components in the form of essential oils, decoctions, and tinctures helps strengthen the marigolds. It becomes easier to grow them, since the plate does not delaminate or break.
  3. Massage the fingers in the matrix area - the base of the nail.
  4. Applying paraffin to the nail and the area around it. Paraffin therapy helps accelerate metabolic processes and regeneration.
  5. Strengthening the nail plate using special compounds.
  6. Caring attitude. If you want to grow long nails, you need to protect your hands from hypothermia, overheating, exposure to household chemicals, and prolonged contact with water. It is recommended to use gentle nail polish removers and apply creams to your hands.

Advice! When working to accelerate growth, it is advisable to give your nails a shape that minimizes the risk of breaking. It is better to avoid the almond, ballerina, and stiletto outlines. In this case, the most stable are considered to be an oval or a soft square - such silhouettes do not cling to anything and have the largest area.

How to grow nails in 1–3 days

It is unrealistic to influence the growth of the nail plate in 1–3 days, but during this period it is possible to improve the appearance of the nails, starting the path to regrowth. If there is no damage to the skin of the fingers, make a mask of the following composition:

  • nourishing hand cream, can be replaced with baby oily (winter) cream;
  • ground red pepper.

Take 1 teaspoon of ingredients, add 1 ml of water (about 20 drops, measure with a pipette), mix. The paste is heated in a water bath and applied to the nails and the skin around them for 10-20 minutes.

Attention! When applying the mask, a burning sensation is felt. If the sensations are tolerable, the procedure can be continued, but when it gets very hot, the composition must be washed off with warm running water and soap and refrain from re-using.

How to grow your nails in 2 weeks

Over a period of 14 days, it is possible to influence the processes of cell renewal from the inside and outside. To grow marigolds, doctors recommend taking the vitamin preparation AEvit and other pharmacy vitamin and mineral complexes designed specifically for women.

The process is accelerated by:

  • daily application of iodine;
  • baths with herbs or sea salt;
  • massage of the matrix area;
  • strengthening with special professional means.

How to grow long nails in 5 days

Half a decade is a short period of time to significantly influence growth processes, but sufficient to acquire useful hygienic care habits. In order to grow nails, the list of home procedures includes:

  • paraffin therapy. Paraffin purchased at a pharmacy or cosmetic store is melted in a water bath, applied with a brush to the nails and the skin around them, and wrapped with film and a towel (you can wear mittens) on top. First, vitamins A or E and nourishing cream are applied to the nail plate and fingers;
  • baths with essential oils of tea tree, lemon, lavender, bergamot.

Attention! Use essential oils strictly according to the instructions, adding only a few drops to warm water. Exceeding the concentration will cause damage to the nails and skin of the hands!

How to grow long nails in a week

It is difficult to grow long nails in a week at home, but in this short period they can be strengthened. Iodine-salt baths are added to daily care (the skin of the fingers can be pre-treated with a rich cream without rubbing it in so that the iodine does not stain the dermis). Special hand and nail creams containing vitamins and special components are used 2-3 times a day.

In order to grow a significant length, products containing gelatin are included in the diet: jellied meat, jelly, marmalade. Vitamins A and E are taken orally and, crushing the capsules, rub the contents into the nails and skin.

You can grow long nails in a week only if you treat them with care:

  • When cooking, washing dishes, and performing other household chores, be sure to use talc-free gloves;
  • avoid contact of hands with aggressive chemicals;
  • in the cold season, wear gloves outside;
  • avoid mechanical damage.

How to grow your nails in a month

If the rapid growth of nails in a week is rather a myth, then a month is enough time to influence the speed of the process of cell division and growth of the required length.

Regular manicure: shaping the nails, sharpening the edges, applying a special coating will make the plate stronger and more resistant to external factors.

In order to grow their length, nail service specialists recommend strengthening your nails with gel polish: it will prevent peeling and breaking. By removing the coating after a month, girls get long and healthy nails.

Paraffin, baths, masks, creams - the more often care manipulations are performed, the faster local metabolic processes occur and the more active cell division occurs.

Nutrition in the long term can significantly affect the health of your nails, which means it becomes much easier to grow them.

How to quickly grow broken nails

If you have an important event coming up where you need to be present with a perfect manicure, but your nail is broken, there are 2 quick, effective ways to “fix” it. The first is less energy-consuming, but requires investment. This is a trip to a nail art specialist who will extend a broken nail and strengthen the rest.

The second method involves carrying out manipulations at home; its use is advisable if a small piece has broken off. You will need a file, scissors, superglue, and a tea bag.

  1. File the damaged nail plate with a file.
  2. After pouring the contents out of the tea bag, cut out a strip that matches the shape of the missing piece of nail.
  3. Apply glue to a piece of the bag, press it against the break, apply another layer of polymer.
  4. Wait for the glue to dry and secure the nail with another layer of adhesive.
  5. Carefully polish the surface.
  6. Cover your nails with two coats of clear polish or sealer.

Warning! The method is ineffective for large fractures and in cases where the nail is injured close to the growth line.

How to grow fingernails quickly after fungus

Mycosis (fungus) is a disease that develops as a result of infection by spores of pathogenic microorganisms. Onychomycosis is a lesion of the nail plate.

It will not be possible to grow nails infected with fungus in a short time.

Important! A fungal disease, if left untreated, leads to serious complications.

If you suspect a nail fungus, you should consult a mycologist or dermatologist. Only after complete recovery is it possible to carry out procedures to strengthen the plate.

After the doctor has given a conclusion that the fungal disease has been overcome, you can try to grow your nails. For this purpose, the diet includes:

  • calcium-containing products and preparations;
  • foods rich in gelatin (collagen);
  • vitamins A and E.

When you manage to grow a healthy nail plate, you can use herbal baths and masks.

How to quickly grow out bitten nails

There are no special nuances in growing nibbled nails, except for one thing. Children are usually characterized by this strangeness; it is difficult to explain to them the appropriateness of various procedures (paraffin therapy, baths).

In the case of nibbled nails, proper nutrition and strengthening with special compounds help to grow and restore them.

Do nails grow under gel polish?

Opponents of extensions cite the fact that nails do not grow under gel polish. This is a misconception that has no basis in reality.

Coating the nail plate with gel polish not only does not affect the growth process, but also keeps the nail intact as it lengthens. There is no need to be afraid of extensions or applying gel-based varnishes.

Nail growth stimulants

If the plate grows slowly by nature, it will not be possible to greatly speed up its recovery, however, additional strengthening and stimulation will help prevent premature breakage of the nails.

If there are external pathogens that cause nails to grow slowly, they need to be eliminated. This is the only way you can normalize the recovery rate of natural manicure.

why do nails grow fast

Special medicinal varnishes can be used as growth stimulants. They have a viscous consistency, like regular varnish. When applied to the nail, the composition creates a thin film, the active components penetrate its structure and normalize the microflora.

There are three main effective remedies that are often used by girls:

  • Loceryl;
  • Oflomil;
  • Singer.

Loceryl is also used in the fight against fungal infections. The varnish is applied to the nail in one layer, which is gradually absorbed. It is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week, applying layers on top of the previous ones.

Also pay attention to folk recipes that will help increase local immunity, which will further strengthen the sensitive surface. Most often, it is recommended to use steaming baths, since they reveal the structure of the stratum corneum of the nail, facilitating the introduction and fixation of useful microelements in them.

Additionally, it is recommended to apply compresses or lotions 3-4 times a week to strengthen the manicure area.

You can add various components to recipes for procedures:

  • Sea salt;
  • Essential oils;
  • Baking soda;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Iodine;
  • Potassium permanganate.

Baths should be done every day before bed. After them, you can apply any oil to the entire nail bed to nourish and strengthen your nails, after which they will begin to grow faster.

why do nails grow fast

Additionally, preventive measures should be observed:

  1. Balance your diet. Include cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables to cleanse the body and ensure a continuous supply of vitamins to the matrix.
  2. Wear gloves when working with detergents.
  3. Wear personal shoes in the water park and sauna.
  4. Maintain personal hygiene.
  5. Pay attention to the quality of the manicure.
  6. Remove the decorative coating periodically.
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