A wreath is a fashionable wedding accessory for the bride’s head

What are they suitable for?

It is worth remembering that not every wreath will match every wedding dress, and when choosing it, you need to take into account the girl’s hair color if you want the wedding to be perfect. Let's take a closer look at these points:

  • Large voluminous crowns with large flowers look great with long and short fluffy dresses;
  • For Greek and A-line outfits, choose small wreaths;
  • Medium-sized wreaths will look great with straight-cut dresses;
  • girls with brown hair are better off choosing pastel-colored accessories; crowns of red, lingonberry and cherry shades will look great on brunettes; for red-haired brides, the most advantageous option would be a decoration that contains a lot of greenery; For blondes, wreaths of violet, lilac, azure, lilac, yellow, coral and turquoise are suitable.

Flower wreaths are perfect for themed weddings in shabby chic, rustic, boho chic or Provence style.

Wreaths for weddings in style


Wedding hairstyles with wreath

More and more often, brides are abandoning the classic veil in favor of beautiful hair accessories. And since green color and eco-trend are the main ones this year, fresh flowers are at the peak of popularity.

The image of a bride with fresh flowers in her hair is not only current, but also very romantic and original.

A wreath would be an interesting solution for simple weddings, without unnecessary frills and conventions. A walk before the setting sun, a simple registration with loved ones, a light dinner in the evening - all this implies an appropriate appearance for the newlyweds, and in particular for the bride.

However, you should not dismiss the wreath even if you are planning a classic wedding. The floristry chosen in this case will be more classic - exotic flowers, roses, eustoma.

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When thinking about your hairstyle, you can choose a few buds or green twigs as decoration, or order a beautiful wreath from the florist.

The color of the chosen flowers can highlight your image and the color palette of the entire celebration. Burgundy and red shades fit perfectly into the delicate and touching image of the bride. Add to this a stylish manicure and lip color - and your look will sparkle with new shades.

If you are having a summer wedding, then slightly muted shades in the wreath will look best. But in the fall you can afford a brighter wreath.

If, on the contrary, you want to simplify your image, add naturalness and natural grace to it, then opt for light twigs and unopened buds. Such wreaths will appeal to girls who have chosen an unusual powder, pink or blue dress with a lot of light gauze skirts. The lightness and simplicity of the overall picture will also be emphasized by beautiful wildflowers.

Don’t forget that your wedding bouquet should also match the wreath.

To make your look flawless, we offer you ideas for inspiration. So, what wedding hairstyles with a wreath will be the most relevant in summer and autumn 2021.

Stylish low knots and buns.

Various hair weaves.

A wreath of fresh flowers is suitable for both hair collected in an elegant hairstyle and for loose and beautifully curled hair.

This season there are no clear requirements for the size of the wreath - it can be either very modest, emphasizing the beauty and elegance of the bride, or bright and large - the main accent in the bride’s image.

Types of wreaths for brides

  • Artificial flower wreath

Modern materials and technologies make it possible to create realistic artificial flowers. Their tenderness, beauty and color scheme will not differ from real flowers. A significant plus is that they will definitely not fade in the middle of the holiday, and such a wreath can be worn after the wedding.

  • Feather wreath

Such an unusual wreath can look gentle and bold at the same time, adapting to the image of the bride. The composition can be supplemented with flowers and beads - the attention of the guests and the enchanted look of the groom will be ensured.

  • Satin ribbon wreath

Shiny satin ribbons of different widths and densities are used for products using the kanzashi technique. Volumetric flowers, delicate leaves, bows are attached to the base and combined with other decor.

  • Ukrainian wreath

Ukrainian national wreaths are a whirlwind of colors, a motley whirlpool, sophisticated femininity and deep meaning in every element. The traditional Ukrainian wreath consists of 12 specific colors and multi-colored ribbons, each shade of which is arranged in a strict order. Such an accessory will become not only a decoration for the newlywed, but also a talisman for the new family.

  • Wreath made of beads, rhinestones and stones

A thin, delicate and fragile wreath, woven from beads, decorated with shining rhinestones and crystals. This decoration is a good alternative to traditional tiaras and tiaras. There is no pretentiousness or pretentiousness in it, but there is a delicate radiance and noble shine.

Photo of wedding wreaths on the bride's head

A stylish, beautiful wreath is an integral accessory to the wedding look of a modern bride. It symbolizes infinity, purity, innocence, and flowers and other decorative components woven into the product can tell about the feelings that the newlyweds have for each other. The variety of such decorations is amazing. They look very harmonious in an ensemble with a wedding dress, creating a single style for the newlywed. Nowadays it is not only a traditional attribute, but also a fashion accessory that looks pompous in wedding photo collages.


Wedding wreath

Since ancient times, the bride's head was decorated with various accessories. A wedding wreath is the oldest decoration for a newlywed, which always remains in fashion. It is created for gentle dreamer brides. The wreath is used as an attribute for a festive hairstyle and at the same time as a fastener for a wedding veil or even replaces it. This is an important accessory that, together with the rings and dress, creates a charming, unique image of the bride.

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