Paper wedding decor is a fashion trend of 2014

In recent years, decoration with paper flowers has become increasingly popular...

And this is not surprising, given that interest in so-called eco-weddings and other “eco-friendly” special events is growing every day. If you think that paper decor looks cheap and will not help you create a truly chic and memorable holiday, you are very mistaken.

Naturally, even high-quality decoration with large paper flowers will cost you significantly less than similar decor, for example, made from fresh roses or peonies. But in beauty it will not be inferior to the latter.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that creating the flowers themselves also requires considerable effort from decorators. They have to choose and offer clients a great idea, and put it together, bringing the idea to life. Today, wedding decorations with paper flowers are relevant literally everywhere. Let's consider several interesting options.

Wedding bouquet of paper flowers

When studying the issue of wedding decoration with paper flowers, you can often see that such artificial elements are used even in the bride’s bouquet. With the help of a paper duplicate bouquet, you can get the best memory of your Wedding Day. You can buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and complement it with something like this. Moreover, the prices for the latter are affordable and low.

If you are looking for a unique prop for a wedding photo session, choose one huge flower made of paper or isolon. It can contrast brightly with your holiday outfit. In addition, you can purchase several pieces of artificial flowers for your invited guests - witnesses, relatives and closest ones who will participate in a professional photo session.

Master class on making paper flowers

There are various workshops on making flowers. Even if the flowers are made using the same technology, depending on the size of the flower and the number of petals, they can look different and at the same time look original in their own way.

Option 1 (making small flowers).

Necessary materials:

  • Cardstock (thick paper for scrapbooking) is white, you can use embossed one;
  • Distress ink;
  • Patterns of flowers of different diameters;
  • Brads;
  • Half a bead;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Hole puncher;
  • Container with water, with a sprayer;
  • Awl or knitting needle.

First you need to cut out flowers (at least 4 pieces of different sizes). In order to make the flower more magnificent, it is better to make 7 blanks, or even more.

Then the blanks, using a sponge or cotton pad attached to a pencil, need to be painted with ink from the center of the future flower.

The painted blanks are stacked one on top of the other and the middle is punched using a hole punch.

Then the layers of petals are distributed in a checkerboard pattern and fastened with brads.

The next step is to sprinkle the flower with water.

Using an awl, it is necessary to lift and at the same time crush the petals, thereby, as it were, closing the bud around the brad.

As a result, the resulting bud must be squeezed tightly in your hand, and then carefully unfolded and the flower left to dry.

After the flower has completely dried, you need to remove the brace, glue all layers of petals, and decorate the core with a bead.

Option 2 (making giant flowers).

Necessary materials:

  • Corrugated paper, preferably in different shades;
  • Thick cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Petal patterns;
  • Glue.

First you need to cut out the petals, the larger, the more magnificent the flower will be, and a large circle of cardboard. Then, flatten each petal on one side (the blunt end) and glue it onto the cardboard in a checkerboard pattern, layer by layer. The core can also be made of corrugated paper and glued in the center of the resulting flower.

Option 3 (pompoms).

Necessary materials:

  • Corrugated paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Clip;
  • Strong thread.

Fold sheets of paper of the same size into a “stack” and then into an “accordion” and fasten the center with a paper clip. Then use scissors to trim the ends of the paper into a semicircle or a pointed shape. Next, you need to remove the paperclip and tie a thread instead; the ends should be long, since they will be used to attach the pom-pom to the ceiling or with other pom-poms. Then carefully separate layer by layer and fluff the petals.

With paper flowers you can decorate not only the hall where the celebration will take place, but also tables, chairs of the newlyweds and guests, as well as a table with sweets and a wedding cake. In addition, paper flowers can be used to make a magnificent bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom.

Decorating the walls and background of the wedding hall with paper flowers

Today, decorating a wall with paper flowers can be literally anything. The option of creating a photo wall is extremely popular. In this case, we are talking about decorating the background, which is located in the attention zone at the celebration - behind the backs of the newlyweds and witnesses. In addition, you can decorate the background of a dessert table or a stage of musicians - the options are different. Modern decorators create such a unique and sophisticated decoration of a wedding hall with paper flowers that it is simply impossible to look away.

As for the size of the flowers in the hall, the choice is yours. You can buy large paper flowers to decorate the hall and create not the usual wedding decorations, but a world of science fiction and fantasy - a floral fairy forest.

Paper flowers give room for imagination. They are chosen to decorate any elements of weddings and other celebrations. They are often used to decorate chairs and tables, the entrance area, they are laid out on a table runner, or they are used to decorate a cake. And in any case, wedding decor with paper flowers looks original and stylish.

When is this decor appropriate?

When drawing up a design plan for a banquet hall, it is important to choose the ideal option for yourself. Paper flowers and fabrics are not always appropriate as room decor, so this possibility is considered individually. First of all, you should imagine how such decorations will harmonize with the planned style of the wedding, with the outfits of the bride and groom, as well as other design details.

Decorating a wedding hall with flowers and fabrics is appropriate for small rooms with a design that does not match the theme of the celebration. Using drapery and homemade decorations, you can hide interior details and give it the desired color palette and style. There will be no problems with shades - both fabric and paper can be chosen in any design.

As for stylized celebrations, such decor can be called universal. High-quality decoration of a wedding hall with paper flowers will never look cheap or childish. Fabrics are used in almost every occasion when decorating a banquet hall for a wedding, so you can decorate it in the desired theme without much effort.

Analogues of wedding decoration with paper flowers

If you are interested in decorating a wedding hall with artificial flowers or you decide to choose live compositions, contact the Fleur Artdan company. We will offer you, among other things, large flowers made of isolon and panels of flowers for photo sessions, which are incredibly beautiful and affordable.

Check out the offered range and examples of decorations, and you will understand how your celebration should be decorated. You can make your holiday truly unforgettable and preserve some of the memories in flowers.

Additional Tips

When making paper flowers for decorating a wedding hall, you need to choose only high-quality paper, since ordinary sheets for children's creativity will look too simple and tasteless. It is advisable to purchase a scrapbooking kit or gift wrapping. From such materials the flowers will turn out more elegant and natural.

Interesting! Consider decor options for summer and winter celebrations. They are radically different.

An original ambience is obtained from giant paper flowers in floor phases, especially if they are made from sheets of deep, rich shades.

If there are no living plants at the banquet, or there are only a few of them, you can use another creative move. To liven up the atmosphere, artificial plants are diluted with live fluttering butterflies. They can be purchased from companies involved in organizing holidays or original gifts. The butterflies are delivered to the place of celebration in a box, and at any important moment, for example, when the newlyweds enter the hall or dance the first marriage dance, the exotic beauties are released into free flight.

Decorating a hall with fresh flowers for a wedding is quite expensive, and if the newlyweds are saving money, then future newlyweds can decorate the banquet hall using fabrics and paper flowers on their own, without turning to the services of professionals. If you apply all your imagination and patience, the result will be no worse than with living plants, and you will be able to give the room the desired design at a minimum of cost.

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How exactly can you use paper decor in decoration?

Paper decor is used to decorate the banquet hall, photo shoot area and tables for guests. If you are planning an outdoor registration, then you can decorate trees , a wedding tent or a gazebo with paper decorations. This decor can also be used to decorate a wedding cake or sweet table.

Some brides even replace real flowers with paper flowers . The same applies to the groom's boutonniere. It looks extravagant and unusual.

A bouquet is not always made from paper: one large bud for the bride and one each for the bridesmaids looks original

pompons or origami figures , such as cranes, are used for decoration

The advantages of this decor option

Paper wedding decoration is one of the fashion trends. The popularity of this type of decor is due to several reasons.

  • Availability of material. Paper is inexpensive, and if you make the decorations yourself, you can save a lot of money.
  • Paper decorations can be made individually to suit any wedding style: their variety is quite large. Paper decorations look creative and very dignified.
  • Paper decorations can subsequently be used at other events. They do not require special care and are stored for a long time without losing their “marketable” appearance.
  • Paper flowers can be an interesting alternative to live plants. They will not fade and will delight the eye throughout the holiday.

Paper decorations can become an attribute of almost any wedding, regardless of the time of year. They create a light, airy, romantic atmosphere. The decor can be made in any color and fit into every interior.

Wedding origami made of paper

According to Japanese customs, decorations in the form of origami cranes signify prosperity and happiness for the newlyweds.

That is why many decide to use such decorations for decoration. In addition, origami will be able to impress guests. To create them you will not need large financial investments, since all the necessary materials are inexpensive.

The created origami can be combined into an oblong garland and hung in a photo zone for guests. If the ceremony will be held outdoors, then you can use paper products to decorate the tent or tree branches.

The decorations can also be used for a photo shoot.

The procedure for creating origami consists of the following steps:

  1. A square base is made. A sheet of paper is placed with the colored side up, folded diagonally and then straightened back out.

  2. The sheet is turned over and folded in half in two directions, after which it is straightened.
  3. Using the folds that formed during the straightening process, assembly is carried out. The three top points are brought together to the bottom corner, the sides are folded inward. The result is a square base.
  4. The right and left corners are folded towards the center and then straightened.
  5. A fold is also made for the top corner. Triangle lines should form in the center.
  6. The resulting valve opens. The right and left sides are bent inward along the lines, the top edge is bent.
  7. The figure is turned over and the procedure from point 6 is performed.
  8. The left and right corners are folded towards the center.
  9. The corners are also bent on the other side. The result should be a diamond-shaped figure.
  10. The left and right sides are slightly bent.
  11. Next, along the folds, the bent sides are folded inward.
  12. One of the sides is folded, resulting in a head, after which the leaves are folded. The origami crane is ready.

Advantages of paper decor

This design has several advantages that attract newlyweds to it:

  1. The opportunity to make the celebration unique and inimitable.
  2. Save money on florist and designer bills.
  3. A great alternative to boring jewelry.
  4. Simplicity and ease of production, since anyone can make paper flowers with a little practice.
  5. Easy to attach to almost any surface.
  6. Decorative flowers made from paper will not wither on a hot summer day and will not freeze in the winter cold.

Advantages of paper decor

This decor allows you to significantly save your budget, while looking unusual and creative. Paper is a flexible material that allows you to fold decorations of different shapes and sizes. In addition, you can do the decoration yourself, without the help of a decorator.

Photo of wedding decoration with paper flowers

The only thing you need to remember before decorating the wedding hall: paper is a flammable material, so any decorations made from it should be placed away from candles or other open sources of fire.

Paper decoration for wedding decor has many advantages over fresh flowers : paper can retain its appearance longer, it is easy to match the color scheme of the celebration, and it does not require maintenance.

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