European classic - wedding in a tent: decoration and organization

A summer wedding is a special event. Guests and newlyweds want to spend time outside, so options for holding a celebration outside are often considered. If your celebration has a rustic theme and a simple decoration made of wood and hay, then you can have a regular picnic or rent a house. But another question is when you are going to hold a classic celebration. Then you can’t do without a beautiful hall and a big banquet. At the intersection of unity with nature and chic decoration is a wedding in a tent.

The tent is the embodiment of true romance. Soft white fabrics that hang over the top and sides combined with the summer breeze and grass. At night the lights come on, music plays, and all this in a civilized manner. You have protection from the hot sun or rain, electricity is provided, there are tables and chairs, and a dry closet is installed. Well, isn't this a true fairy tale?

Celebration style

Marriages in tents are often carried out in Europe or America in classical canons. You don’t even need to come up with any special theme, because the hanging white fabric and nature around dictate a romantic mood.

Although no one forbade fantasizing, so taking into account these parameters, simply complement this style with details and wardrobe.

For a classic celebration, decide on the main color that will be present in the design and outfits. Learn about fashionable color trends for weddings.

Attention! You can try to embody a rustic, vintage or boho theme. In this case, it is important to choose the appropriate wedding tent decor

Organization details

Finding an organization that offers tents for rent is now easy. Most wedding agencies also provide this option. There are even turnkey packages for newlyweds, which immediately include rent and a banquet. When you find a suitable company, immediately think through the remaining components.

Place for a celebration

Wedding in a tent 20
This point is the most significant, and there can be many options, since you are almost unlimited in your choice. For example:

  • you independently find a clearing, a place near a lake or sea, outside the city, and then the organization delivers and installs all the equipment for you;
  • Tourist centers offer their tent rental services, where you also look at the place that you like best on their territory, and tents are set up there;
  • If you have a large backyard in your house or you have rented an entire estate, then putting up tents in nature would be appropriate. And you don’t have to worry about the toilet;


They have the greatest influence on holding such a celebration as a wedding outside in a tent. Yes, you will have protection from the outside world, but if it starts to rain heavily, the consequences cannot be avoided. The drops will hit the roof and there will be a strong resonating sound that will become disturbing.

Number of guests

Depending on how many people come to your holiday, a certain number of tents will be erected. Their capacity is not limited, they will simply be connected to each other. But this will affect the rental price.

Wedding in a tent 4

Service and banquet

If you contact a tent rental company, they will deliver and install all the equipment, including furniture and lighting, but you need to take care of the banquet yourself. In this case, order catering. Well, wedding agencies will immediately offer you ready-made options with services.


Such an important thing is often forgotten, but you don’t want to look for a secluded place at your wedding in a chic dress. Many organizations bring dry toilets, so immediately check with them about the availability of this service. They don't look aesthetically pleasing, but it's better than nothing. For a better solution, set up tents around the perimeter of a holiday home or camp site so you can use the local toilets in the building.

How to decorate a tent for a wedding with your own hands - fashionable decor options

photo 11Traditionally, tents are made in white. This matches the holiday format; white looks beautiful against the backdrop of natural greenery and serves as a neutral basis for decorations.
And you can decorate a holiday tent very skillfully. For this, various decorative elements and their combinations are used, depending on the style of the celebration and the result that is planned to be obtained.

Without decorations, a white wedding tent does not look good either in real life or in photos. It is the decorations that give it all the festiveness and beauty.

Artificial and fresh flowers

Flowers are the most popular wedding decoration. You can use both living and artificial decorations made of corrugated paper.
The floral design should be in harmony with the overall style of the event, the outfits of the bride and groom, car decorations, the bride's bouquet and the boutonniere in the groom's buttonhole, and match the color palette of the holiday. Greenery will refresh the room and will be a good addition to the natural landscape. Plus she looks good in photographs.

Fresh flowers will fill the room with their subtle and unique aroma, emphasizing the solemnity of the moment. Bouquets decorate tables, the newlyweds' area, windows and entrances. Floral arrangements can entwine columns and arches.

You should not choose flowers with a thick, rich scent. The aroma attracts insects, and you will have to set traps or spray the tent with special products.


Balloons make luxurious arches - solemn and tender at the same time. In addition, they can decorate furniture, highlight or delimit areas of the hall.

It is not necessary to use helium as a filling; balloons for sculptures and compositions are often inflated with air.

In addition to the usual balloons, you can use foil balloons or balls made of thread, delicate and weightless, as if woven from the lightest cobweb.

Fairy lights

Garlands will add an atmosphere of a fabulous holiday.
Ever since childhood, everyone has associated the bright lights of beautiful garlands with something magical and solemn. Candles also look beautiful in wedding decorations - live fire is always mesmerizing, but given the large number of people and the atmosphere of relaxed fun, it’s a good idea to take care that the flame does not cause a fire.

A good option for a candle is tablets floating in a container of water.


A new and fresh technique in decorating rooms. Despite its apparent simplicity, such decoration does not look trivial and very stylish. In addition, you can make pom-poms from paper or fabric yourself.


One of the favorite materials of professional decorators. Used to decorate walls and ceilings. Draperies can zone a room or serve as decoration for a space without dividing it into sections.

This video shows one of the options for decorating a wedding in a tent:

Beautiful folds, flowing fabrics, and intricate fabric compositions can create an atmosphere that matches the style of the event.

For a stylized celebration, fabrics are the best way to create the necessary ambiance.

Tent floor design ideas

When planning a wedding celebration in a tent, you should remember that the structure will be installed on a flat piece of ground, and in order for guests (especially women who will be wearing high-heeled shoes) to be comfortable, you should take care of the floor covering.

photo 14

Don’t forget about the necessary amenities for guests: toilets, sufficient water, places for quiet rest, etc.

The green lawn, of course, is good and looks fresh, but will it be comfortable to dance on it, will the legs of the chairs and the heels of women’s shoes sink in? If you are confident that no inconvenience is expected, then it is perfectly acceptable to leave the weed.

More civilized flooring options include wooden plank flooring, flooring, or carpet or linoleum.

If the celebration is properly organized, a wedding tent will become the highlight of the holiday. Fresh air, beautiful decoration, pleasant music and welcome guests will forever leave joyful memories of this amazing day for the bride and groom.

How to decorate

Tents for weddings are made mainly in white, so this will be the main color. Thanks to this, you can come up with anything, having a blank slate for imagination. Let's take a closer look at how to decorate a tent for a wedding.

  • Natural flowers. Your wedding will be outdoors, so highlight this with fresh flower arrangements. Any type that suits your color and style will be appropriate. You can place tall vases with stands directly on the floor, and don’t forget about decorating the tables. Trust a professional, he will design a wedding tent in floristry, focusing on your wishes.
  • Lighting. Be sure to purchase garlands and lanterns that will illuminate the tent at night. They look chic against the background of flying white fabrics.
  • Ceiling decor. The canopy on top is supported by beams and reinforcements that beautifully collect the fabric in one place. These are the places you can decorate with decorative chandeliers or add papier-mâché balls on a string.
  • Color spectrum. Here, be guided by your own preferences, but remember that delicate light shades will look best: pink, blue, green and yellow.
  • Flooring. Typically the marquee rental company will offer hardwood flooring that they assemble themselves. It will be either white or wood-colored. If this does not happen, then lay plain carpets, which you place under the tables for convenience. Or make do with natural surfaces, grass or sand. Just add a carpet to the newlyweds' table.
  • Decorating a wedding tent with balloons. They are designed to emphasize the flying interior. Buy regular helium balloons and distribute them around the entire perimeter of the ceiling. Also tie balloons to the chairs and make a composition at the table of the bride and groom.
  • Appearance of the tables. Most often, in order not to spoil the composition, round tables are covered with white tablecloths to the floor. The dishes are also chosen in white. Arrange wine glasses and vases with flowers. For a formal effect, write down guest name signs for seating.
  • Invitations. They must immediately indicate that the celebration will be outdoors. The decor can be absolutely anything, as well as the form, depending on the style of the event.

Decorating a tent for a wedding

Tents come in different shapes and sizes, they are usually boring and tasteless; metal structures and awning fabric are visible in them; you must agree that this is not acceptable for a wedding. Our main task is to hide all the shortcomings of the wedding tent, prepare tables and chairs, drape the ceiling and sides of the tent and, of course, create a festive atmosphere. Decorating tents for a wedding with light fabric in combination with live floral arrangements will create an unforgettable image of your wedding. The main thing when decorating a tent with fabric is to try to transform the site as much as possible and completely prepare it for your wedding. We will create a tent design in any style - from classic and modern to art deco and baroque. The choice depends on the ceremony style and budget.

Cost from 40,000 rub.

Bridal look

If you decide to celebrate your wedding in a tent, you need to carefully consider your outfits. The bride should be the embodiment of elegance and sophistication. A holiday of this kind is considered an exclusive offer on the wedding services market, so the image should be chic, in European traditions.

  1. Dress. Long models with a mermaid, empire and ball gown silhouette look best. Colors: white, ivory, ivory, cream. Add details in the form of a belt or garter that would highlight the chosen color scheme.
  2. Hairstyle. Buns and curls of various types will be the right option. Choose them to match your dress; for example, with a mermaid silhouette, neat buns at the bottom look beautiful.
  3. The bride's bouquet. Can be anything, but look for elegant rounded options with small flowers.
  4. Makeup. At your discretion, but without bright and flashy colors. They are not at all in harmony with the airy base of the tent.
  5. Accessories. With stones, diamonds and precious metals, the sophistication of the image will be emphasized.

Wedding in a tent 6

Entertainment and competitions

The great thing about an outdoor wedding is that you have limited space. Fresh air is associated with freedom of action, and there is a lot of scope for imagination. Often, for events in the tent, an entertainment program is ordered and many competitions are held. Some options:

  • The fireworks at the end of the holiday will be remembered by all those present: this is the choice for the most luxurious wedding ceremonies;
  • Launching aerial lanterns will be the personification of romance: buy lanterns in advance, hand them out to your guests, and when evening comes, launch them into the sky;
  • Dance competitions. Where else if not in nature you want to dance with all your heart, so why not hold competitions in this topic. For example, for the best dance on one leg or for the most passionate number among couples;
  • The Mummy competition is one of the most popular competitions at weddings. Guests are divided into teams and choose one person to be wrapped in toilet paper. The team that can handle it faster wins;
  • Fire shows are now becoming an increasingly popular entertainment. Artists with knowledge of their craft will conduct a whole program with flying balls and lights.

Wedding in a tent 7

Cost of the celebration

Like any individual and unusual offer on the market, a celebration in a tent is not a cheap event. This is because you need to calculate the budget for several services at once:

  • rent and installation of a tent;
  • equipment rent;
  • off-site banquet service;
  • decor costs.

In Moscow, parks and country houses offer their rental services. The average price with installation on weekends is 80 thousand rubles, plus food from 2500 rubles. per person. If you want to choose a place in nature yourself, it will cost less, about 40 thousand rubles. Prices vary across the country, mainly downward; for example, in the Chelyabinsk region, a tent for 30 people with installation is offered for 25 thousand rubles.

How to make it yourself

Wedding in a tent 50
This question may come to the newlyweds if they want to hold a wedding there, but do not count on a large budget. This option is possible if you place it in an area where there is electricity and a toilet.

Then, having timber, fabric and some tools on hand, you can erect a tent on a flat and prepared surface in your garden or dacha.

However, before you make a wedding tent with your own hands, keep in mind that it will be impossible to build a portable structure yourself if you do not have special skills. First, there is no guarantee that it will hold up once installed. Secondly, this process is labor-intensive and long.

Thirdly, you also need to think about lighting, electricity and get a dry closet somewhere. Fourthly, it will be difficult to cover a large area. If you still have the desire to build a wedding tent with your own hands, you can look at photos of options on the Internet.

Make a tent yourself

You can save your wedding budget by making a canopy yourself . This is especially true if there are a small number of guests at the celebration.

how to decorate a tent for a wedding with your own hands
DIY wedding tent

For work you will need: wooden beams for the frame, fabric or polycarbonate for the roof and tools for work.

How to make a tent for a wedding with your own hands:

  • Pre-select a location for installation, clear it and level the soil layer.
  • Make base posts and recesses for them on the site from wooden beams. Immediately drive the posts into the ground and sprinkle them on top.
  • Sew a “roof” from thick, waterproof fabric.
  • Make rafters and lattice from thin wooden beams, attach it to the posts.
  • Cover the finished frame with fabric and secure with nails.
  • If necessary, make flooring from wood or carpet.

After installation, you can decorate the canopy with your own hands with flowers, draperies and other decor . Decoration of tents for a wedding can be anything.

A marquee or tent for a wedding will allow you to hold an outdoor ceremony without fear of the vagaries of the weather . Convenience, aesthetic appearance and many decor options provide not only comfort, but also the possibility of a themed wedding in any theme. A tent is a universal canopy that will fit into any landscape. You can make it yourself or rent it.


The tent will give a romantic mood to everyone gathered, and not just the newlyweds themselves. Soft flowing fabrics, fresh flowers and fresh air - a combination that envelops everyone and makes them forget about problems. You will plunge into a real fairy tale that reigns at such a celebration. And an amazing show program will add brightness.

Organizing a wedding in a tent is something that is best left to professionals. In this case, the celebration will be unforgettable. A specialist will be able to make any of your dreams come true.

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Walls and ceiling

The walls and ceiling of a wedding tent are usually made of fabric . The ceiling can be closed completely or partially (several stripes).

For walls, a beautifully flowing draped fabric in one or more selected shades is usually chosen. Individual fabric strips can cover metal frame beams .

This is interesting : for details on how to organize a wedding in a tent, how to choose the right place and what is important to consider , read our previous article .

Sometimes banners with printed images are placed on some walls.

The technique of “transitioning” decor (garlands, flower arrangements) along the perimeter from the ceiling to the walls of the tent is often used.

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