How to decorate the bride's apartment on her wedding day - tips

How to decorate a bride's entrance to a wedding - examples

It is not always the case that the entrance where the bride’s apartment is located has undergone a major (or cosmetic) renovation, and guests should feel the atmosphere of the holiday long before they enter the room of the hero of the occasion.
Not only her apartment should be decorated, but also the entrance itself in which she is located, as in the photo. Here it is best to use not flowers or fabric, but many colorful balloons. Garlands are made from them, a decorative arch is built, and balls are tied to the railings of stairs.

This is where flowers, fabric, letters or signs cut out of cardboard would be appropriate.

You can write the names of the bride and groom on them, inform everyone that today is a wedding, or simply congratulate the newlyweds.

Posters and cardboard letters that spell out the words “LOVE”, “WEDDING”, “CONGRATULATIONS!” attached to walls, decorating them and hiding minor defects on the surface. Garlands made from paper figures or pom-poms also look great on windows, railings and even on the walls of the entrance.

The stair railings themselves can be wrapped in fabric and fresh flowers can be attached to it, and the steps can be covered with a carpet.

From this video you will learn how to decorate the bride's room beautifully:

Not only guests invited to the wedding can attend the bride price. Often neighbors also take part in this festive event. Fun should start from the threshold, so you need to take care of the original decoration of the entire entrance, starting with its front door. If the holiday begins long before the marriage is registered, the celebration will remain in the memory of the participants and guests for a long time.

Compositions of fresh flowers

Decorations made from fresh flowers will be the most relevant design for all times, this applies not only to wedding events, but also to ordinary holidays.

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If you choose bouquets for the interior of your room, then you need to do this in the same style as the bride’s bouquet in order to get a harmonious composition. You can place small vases of flowers throughout the room; these can be tea roses of different colors.

Large vases, also with fresh flowers, can be placed on the floor. If you work a little, you can make garlands from fresh flowers and hang them from the ceiling. Then the room will look like a beautiful blooming greenhouse. In such a room, you will get good photographs. You can do the same at the hotel, in case you decide to have a photo shoot outside of your apartment.

DIY decoration of the bride's house for ransom

According to tradition, the future husband visits the bride's house before the registry office. At this moment, the so-called bride ransom takes place - no less exciting and fun event than the wedding banquet. During the event, the groom will see his future wife in a wedding dress for the first time and prove that he is worthy of his chosen one by passing several comic tests.

As a rule, the ransom is organized by the bridesmaids. It is they who are responsible for preparing competitions, poems and tests for the groom. Another question that worries us on the eve of the event is how to decorate the bride’s house for ransom?

Where to start decorating a house or apartment?

The first step is general cleaning . It is better if someone helps the bride in this matter, since she already has enough troubles before the wedding.

Calculate in advance what materials will be needed for decoration and in what quantity

Accessories for decoration can be bought ready-made or made yourself . In any case, you need to purchase everything you need in advance. This way you will have time to buy additional materials in case something is missing.

The theater begins with a hanger, and the bride's house begins with the entrance or yard . This is where you should start decorating. This is the first thing that guests and the groom will see, so the decor should be bright and festive.

Decorated entrance to the house for bride price

To decorate your entrance or yard you can use :

  • garlands made of fabric or paper;
  • satin ribbons;
  • paper figures;
  • posters and wall newspapers;
  • air balloons.

To create a festive atmosphere, use your imagination and use the ideas presented below.

Wedding decor in the banquet hall

Decorating the room where the celebration will take place is one of the main stages of pre-wedding preparation. After all, it is in the restaurant that most of the event takes place.

Before starting work, you need to decide on the following basic points:

  • style and theme;
  • color scheme;
  • use of textiles;
  • floristics.

Spectacular decoration of a cafe or restaurant will create a festive atmosphere.

Decorating the hall with fabric

Decorating a wedding venue with fabric

An innovative trend is the use of textiles as restaurant decoration. They are used to decorate columns, stairs, walls and ceilings.

There are two types of fabric that are suitable for this occasion:

  • canvases with a matte, heavy texture;
  • light and translucent textiles.

Popular types of drapery:

  • chiffon;
  • organza;
  • atlas;
  • taffeta;
  • brocade.

The best option is considered to be a combination of two types of textiles when creating the desired compositions.

Table decoration for the bride and groom

Table decoration for the bride and groom

The newlyweds’ table is the central place of the banquet, which is necessarily highlighted in a variety of ways:

  • Emphasize with unusual colors;
  • Installed on the podium;
  • Decorated with drapery;
  • Decorate with a flower arrangement;
  • Accentuate with light.

The option of how the table at which the newlyweds are sitting will be allocated depends on the style of the celebration, creativity and creative approach.

A place must be reserved for the bride and groom. The ideal solution is to use different fabric combinations in the form of bows, tiebacks, frills, draperies and other decorative items. The place behind the young people looks stylish, decorated with a floral curtain and strings of beads.

Background for photo shoots

Photos are an essential part of the gala evening. In order for the pictures to turn out bright and memorable, you need to create the appropriate environment.

Popular photo background ideas:

  • Art Gallery;
  • Garlands of ribbons, origami, fruits, paper figures;
  • Wall of buds and ferns;
  • Screen of greenery;
  • Chalk board with drawings and inscriptions;
  • Wall of balloons;
  • Fabric background.

The photo zone is located in a convenient part of the room, preferably away from the table. In this case, the newlyweds and guests can safely take pictures without disturbing others.

Garlands for the hall

Garlands as wedding decor

Garlands can be made from paper, foil, large beads, textiles, and ribbons.

The banquet hall is often decorated with items made from balloons, greenery, and light bulbs. The trend is for garlands of fruits and signs with various inscriptions.

It is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • do not violate the color scheme in which the decor of the room is made;
  • leave a little space between decorations;
  • Do not hang items too low, otherwise they will interfere with movement.

There are many options and ways to create garlands, the main thing is that they fit harmoniously into the overall background of the design.

Flowers for wedding hall decoration

Living plants can give any room a bright and beautiful look. The overall impression of the room depends on the correctly selected tone of the floral compositions. Floral variations in white-violet, white-pink, white-green tones look great at a wedding. The flowers with which the hall is decorated should be combined with the bride and groom’s bouquet, her outfit, and the groom’s boutonniere.

The disadvantage of living bouquets is their rapid withering without access to water. Therefore, attaching flower structures to the walls is not the best idea. They are mainly used to decorate the tables of newlyweds and guests.

Roses, tulips, carnations, chrysanthemums, and callas are well suited for decorating a banquet hall. They retain freshness for a long time and do not fade.

outdoor wedding decor

How to decorate a house for a wedding (photos and videos)

How to decorate a house for a wedding and why do it, since the celebration will take place in the banquet hall? It's simple! Firstly, at the beginning of the wedding day, a photographer and cameraman will be filming in the house of the bride and groom. Therefore, the atmosphere around should be solemn, especially when it comes to the bride’s morning photo shoot, then the pictures and videos will turn out beautiful and bright.

Secondly, after the ransom, a small feast is usually held in the bride’s house in front of the registry office, so you will need to arrange the wedding table. Thirdly, the place where the newlyweds will take their first wedding night should be beautifully decorated to match the romantic atmosphere of the holiday. That’s why the team of the portal has selected for you the best ideas with photos on how you can decorate a house or apartment for a wedding.

Options for decorating an apartment with your own hands

You can decorate the room where the hero of the occasion is waiting for the groom using a variety of objects and materials, including:

  • bright ribbons and pieces of colored material;
  • fresh flowers and garlands;
  • candles and posters;
  • pompoms and balloons filled with helium.

Do-it-yourself wedding decor is an opportunity to highlight the bride’s individuality.

This activity will eliminate the need to go to various salons in search of original trinkets and spend significant amounts of money on their purchase.


By decorating the bride's room with flowers and petals, you can achieve a light, natural, and relaxed decor.

Rose petals scattered on the floor of the room will help create a romantic atmosphere and add a touch of solemnity. No wedding is complete without fresh flowers, but they can be used for more than just creating bouquets.

Cut flowers can become the basis for constructing a garland or decorating window sills and radiators. Around the perimeter of the room you can place vases and stands with roses and chrysanthemums, daisies and peonies. You can make a path from the petals that will lead the groom to the bride.

To decorate the bride’s room with fresh flowers, it is important to choose the right plants from which the composition will be created.

In order to use fresh flowers as an original decoration for the bride’s room, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose tall glasses or wine glasses.
  2. Apply a thin layer of PVA glue to their outer surface.
  3. Wrap in foil or crepe paper (you can simply paint it with acrylic paint of the desired color).

Garlands are made from fresh flowers, decorating doors and windows, scattering them on the floor or making hearts out of petals.

When creating a composition, it is better to choose flowers that are the same as those used to make the bride’s bouquet.

Bright balloons filled with helium are the most popular and sought-after accessory for decorating a bride’s apartment. Most often they use heart-shaped balloons with inscriptions wishing them happiness. A composition made up of balloons can be:

Decorating a house or apartment for a wedding

Today it is rare to celebrate a wedding at home, so it is not necessary to invite a professional decorator and decorate every corner. But you can spend your time decorating one or two rooms with the help of your girlfriends.

Private home decor

A private house usually begins with a yard, which is why it needs to be decorated first. If you have a canopy, attach garlands to it: ribbon, floral, electric, paper. You can make them yourself or buy them in a store.

Tie small decorative elements to the tree branches that will match the theme of the celebration: flowers, ribbons, etc. Don't forget about helium balloons. You can use them to make an arch, columns or other shapes.

In addition to decorating the yard for a wedding, you should think about how to decorate the building from the inside. There are stairs in almost every private house. This element is very often involved in the wedding procession, and therefore requires appropriate decoration. Use balls of fresh or artificial flowers, bright satin ribbons, tulle or organza to decorate the stairs. Look how gorgeous the newlyweds look on the staircase strewn with flowers.

When decorating your home for your wedding, don't forget to decorate the room where you will invite guests; You can also do this yourself, using the most top ideas for wedding decor. Look in home textile stores for a beautiful tablecloth that will match the theme or palette of the celebration. Beautiful candlesticks, salad bowls, glasses, napkin holders, small vases with bouquets - all this can be used to decorate the house for the wedding.

Apartment decoration

If you have an apartment, then you should start with wedding decorations for the yard and entrance. You can make these places more festive with the help of ribbons, paper garlands and inflatable balls; for example, the entrance to the entrance can be decorated with an arch, and in front of it you can place several small columns of balloons with flowers on top. The entrance can be decorated with ribbons, garlands or fabrics.

To decorate the apartment itself for a wedding, you can use the following ideas:

  • Fill the balloons with helium, tie beautiful ribbons to them and distribute them evenly under the ceiling. You can attach flowers, hearts or even photos to the ends of the ribbons. It will turn out very gentle and atmospheric.
  • Decorate the room with lots of flowers. These can be small bouquets in vases or potted arrangements.
  • Print out photos of the newlyweds together and place them in frames on a table or chest of drawers.
  • Decorate the surrounding space with satin ribbons, bows, textile hearts and other decorative elements in a romantic style. Remember, to decorate a room beautifully, you should stick to a single color scheme.

The most popular decorative elements

In most cases, balloons are used to decorate the bride's room at home. Compositions of fresh flowers decorated with beautiful ribbons made of satin fabric will look good. Often they use various posters with inscriptions like “bride’s room” or something in that style.

Also popular are streamers made from garlands, which are made from paper or cardboard, the main thing is that they are designed in a wedding theme. The bride's room can be decorated with flowers, bows, ribbons made of different fabrics, wedding dolls and plush toys.

Decorating the newlyweds' bedroom

The couple will remember the place where their first wedding night will take place for the rest of their lives. Therefore, you should decorate the newlyweds’ bedroom in a gentle and romantic style. And it doesn’t matter where she will be: in her own apartment, her parents’ house or a hotel!

To start, choose beautiful bed linen, plain or with an unobtrusive stylish print. Lay a soft blanket or blanket on top, throw pillows of different sizes and shapes. Place bouquets, candlesticks and dim lamps on the bedside tables. Decorate the head of the bed with flowers or a garland. Don't forget about champagne glasses and the drink itself.

Bride's room decoration

As you know, for a girl, a wedding day begins with a long gathering in her room with her girlfriends. Therefore, it is important to decorate the bride’s room so that the surrounding space looks beautiful in photos and videos.

Getting ready for the bride is a very tender and touching moment, so the design should be the same. When decorating a room, you should use beautiful flowers, delicate fabrics, ribbons, etc. Helium balloons are also useful here. Make colorful garlands out of them or simply place them randomly around the room. You can also take several large inflated balloons, throw tulle over them and tie them with a beautiful bow at the bottom - you will get original compositions that can be successfully used to decorate the bride’s room.

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Bride's room decor: decorating styles and techniques

There is a basic rule: it is worth decorating the bride’s room in the colors and style of the wedding. Of course, you need to take into account the features of the interior. If there are any details that you would like to hide, you can use a screen or fabric draperies. Or use both options at once - make a screen with your own hands from plywood or thick cardboard and cover it with fabric. The screen can be decorated with framed photographs of the bride and groom, photographs of the bride at significant moments in her life, or decorative elements related to the theme of the celebration. Subsequently, the same screen, if designed in a rather original way, can be used as a photo zone at a banquet.

There are several popular styles in which you can decorate a bride's room - they are suitable for any European-style wedding. We will conditionally call the first style “Farewell to childhood.” A girl becomes an adult not when she turns 18, but when she becomes the mistress of her own home and leaves her parents’. Therefore, in contrast, the bride’s room is decorated in an exaggeratedly girlish style. Plush toys, cute hearts, balloons, ribbons and bows and other little things like in the photo can decorate the bride's room.

The second style is Provençal, as well as the somewhat related shabby chic style. It will be appropriate in many interiors. Light pastel colors, an abundance of fresh flowers, stylish little things (a decorative birdcage, an unusual makeup mirror, cute photos in original frames). For the shabby chic style, not only natural but also artificial flowers are also appropriate, including in the form of prints on the bride’s robe or paintings on decorative plates decorating the walls.

A topiary would be a good decoration.

We will conditionally call the third style “hipster”. We are talking about simple and inexpensive decorations that you can make with your own hands from materials that you have on hand - multi-colored paper and ribbons. This technique is often used to decorate a space for a wedding photo shoot or off-site registration, but this hand-made item will look great as a decoration for the bride’s room.

As a result, the room is decorated with streamers with paper garlands with hearts, silhouettes of lovebirds, kissing newlyweds, and so on. Cutting stencils are easy to find on the Internet. Paper pompoms that hang from the ceiling look beautiful. The space in which the main action will take place can be fenced around the perimeter with a curtain of long multi-colored ribbons that are attached to the ceiling, or on a frame for a wedding arch - they will be a better background for photos than a closet or sideboard.

Another style is romantic. You should dim the lights in the bride's room, close the curtains or drape the window with thick fabric. And decorate the room with candles: thick candles of different heights are placed on the floor, on the table you can place a composition of floating candles in a glass vessel, candles in decorative candlesticks, heart-shaped candles, or simple round candles that form shapes or words. Candles go well with fresh flowers, you can also decorate everything with rose petals

It’s beautiful and romantic and allows you to place accents: do not brightly illuminate those interior details that you don’t want to draw attention to

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