Fashionable color manicure 2021 photo color combination

One of the main problems that girls face when choosing a nail design is choosing the right color. At first glance, there is nothing complicated here; you just need to indicate the shade you like. But it turns out that the color of your manicure should match your style and lifestyle. After all, you must agree that nails with acidic colors will look out of place in the office or at university classes. In addition, every fashionista wants to stay in trend, therefore, she will pay attention to what is fashionable at the moment in nail design. What colors will be in demand in 2021?

The most fashionable neon nail polish colors in 2021 (with photos)

Every year, new products appear in the world of nail art that allow female representatives to stay in trend. Among them in 2021 is neon manicure.

Neon colors are suitable for everyday and formal manicure. The first option will be ideal for summer 2021. All neon shades remain at the top of fashion:







The most fashionable neon nail polish colors in 2021 are presented in the photo below:

Chameleon nail polish colors that are trending in 2021

The color of nail polish in 2021 can play on the nails with multi-colored tints. This season, trendy materials that change color depending on the viewing angle.

This 2021 hit combines metallic effect and rich color.

Bright shimmers, which are especially evident in night lighting, will appeal to connoisseurs of everything unusual and trendy.

Stylists name several options for what nail polish color will be fashionable in 2021 among the “chameleons.”

Preference is given to rich, deep and dark shades:

Green, green-gold, green-silver



Inky blue

Chocolate gold

Dark turquoise

The combination of the most fashionable nail polish colors of 2021 – deep green and purple – looks bold, original and luxurious.

Fashionable black nail polish color 2021

Versatile and extravagant, black is like a white canvas, no matter how strange it may sound. In the era of fashionable artistic paintings, black varnish will help create more than one “masterpiece”. And this shade itself looks harmonious with almost any outfit. However, you should remember that this trendy color will look good only on short nails. But for those with long nails, it’s better to pay attention to calmer colors in 2018.

Fashionable nail polish colors 2018

Fashionable nail polish colors for the spring-summer 2021 season

Among the fashionable nail polish colors in the summer of 2021 is a rich orange shade.

It will be an ideal choice for a special event, when the emphasis is on manicure and other accessories of the image. Orange nails look best with neutral outfits - beige, light gray, cream.

An orange manicure will be a worthy addition to an evening outfit in a soft peach color. White is the most chic option, which can highlight all the beauty and luxury of an orange manicure.

When choosing such bright varnish colors, you should use decor carefully. It can be represented by rhinestones, beads, powder, but in small quantities, otherwise the design will be oversaturated.

Among the current nail polish colors for spring 2021, experts in the world of nail art call turquoise and all its shades.

They occupy an intermediate place between green and blue, ideal for the summer season.

Fashionable gray nail polish color 2021

If you are a sensual and gentle person, then a gray manicure should be done in pastel colors. This design will be appropriate anywhere you decide to go. This calm color will be perfectly combined with other similar or, on the contrary, contrasting shades, creating incredible compositions. Undoubtedly, when creating a gray manicure, the most unusual color will be wet asphalt. It has an ideal appearance even without additional decorative options, especially if the nails have been polished beforehand. A thick and self-sufficient varnish, reminiscent of black in its shade, but at the same time it has a certain glow that will be noticeable on the surface of your nails. This color will be ideal in 2021 for self-confident representatives of the fairer sex, who know exactly what they want from life.

What other nail polish color is in fashion in spring 2021?

Peach was also named a fashionable nail polish color for the spring-summer 2021 season.

It looks beautiful on nails of any length and goes harmoniously with white outfits. With the help of peach shades, your nails will look more well-groomed, and your hand skin will look soft and velvety.

In 2021, stylists recommend using this delicate color of nail polish for everyday manicure; it is suitable for both romantic dates and office work.

Delicate peach, peach-beige and peach-pink shades for nails highlight a tanned dark body, but they are also suitable for girls with a fair skin tone. For owners of aristocratically white skin, a peach manicure will be the ideal choice for an outfit made in the same color.

The fashionable nail polish color for spring-summer 2021 will be peach enamel combined with gold or silver shimmer.

Small sparkles and reflective particles will add depth and volume to the shade. The matte enamel of a soft peach tone is not inferior in its effectiveness.

This type of varnish coating visually lengthens the fingers, making them more delicate and graceful, so it can be safely used by girls with short nail plates.

The peach color of nail polishes for 2021 is shown in the photo below:

Advantages of color

By choosing the right shade, you can effectively refresh your image, make it more mysterious or add some spice. Famous brands in the nail industry have expanded their range with a huge number of cute gel polishes:

  • emerald
  • mint
  • herbal
  • ultra green
  • malachite
  • bright lime
  • spring.

By making the right choice of shade, you can effectively refresh the image, make it more mysterious or add some spice. Combination with a golden Cat's eye With the arrival of the long-awaited spring, when everything around is blooming, greenery on the nails looks even more attractive and joyful
With the arrival of the long-awaited spring, when everything everything is blooming around, the greenery on the nails looks even more attractive and joyful. Juicy, bright reminders of foliage and mint improve your mood, add energy and vitality, and seem to set you in a positive mood. The manicure is complemented by neat designs in the form of delicate branches of sakura, lilac, and other spring flowers.

In summer, floral arrangements are diluted with sea and fruit and berry themes. Dark olive, pine green and dark emerald colors look great in any season. They will unobtrusively emphasize both the sophistication of an evening dress and the restrained severity of an office suit.

Juicy, bright reminders of foliage and mint improve your mood, add energy and vitality, and seem to put you in a positive mood. The manicure is complemented by neat designs in the form of delicate branches of sakura, lilac, and other spring flowers. In Tiffany colors

The following shades are also combined with green:

  • yellow;
  • white;
  • pink;
  • blue;
  • gold;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • black;
  • silver;
  • beige.

Another breakthrough in the field of nail service is matte gel polish, which can be combined with glossy in every possible way.

Ombre with glitter Minimalism and geometry Creative design

Spring manicure: pink palette

With the arrival of spring, women and girls cover their nails with pink polishes, available in various shades.

This fashion season is no exception; pink nail polish color is ideal for spring 2021 nails.

Choosing the right shade of pink is not so easy; for such a manicure to become a real decoration for its owner, its creation must be approached thoughtfully. Not only a single-color coating looks impressive, but also a manicure that is a combination of two pink or contrasting shades that are close in tone.

Pink is often used in nail art as a base for complex manicures. Even if you just cover your nails with polish from this color range, you can refresh your look and make it attractive.

Stylists name which nail polish color is fashionable in 2021 among the pink palette.

They recommend choosing complex shades:

Smoky lilac


Gray pink

Delicate peach


Thanks to the wide variety of colors, pink polish will harmoniously fit into absolutely any spring-summer look. If you want to have a gentle romantic look, you should choose light pink tones, and for its expressiveness - bright and rich ones.

Yellow nail polish color for summer 2021

Yellow is a fashionable nail polish color for the summer of 2021, these are shades from pastel pale yellow to explosive lime.

Yellow is a universal color; it can be combined with all color options; the main thing is to choose the right shade to avoid dissonance between cold and warm tones.

It is important to follow these recommendations when performing a combined manicure:

Stylists recommend combining a warm yellow tone

Cold tones are in harmony with blue, cyan, green, scarlet

Achromatic colors of varnishes - white, black, gray, “get along” with all shades of yellow

Lemon nude is another favorite among nail polish colors for spring-summer 2021

Small, neat nails look great in dusty lemon, corn and pale yellow designs. Before applying the varnish coating, you need to get your nails and hands in order. Both the manicure and the skin must be perfect, otherwise lemon nude will highlight all the imperfections in the form of roughness, dryness and hangnails.

Fashionable red nail polish color 2021

Red nail polish in 2021 is a unique opportunity to focus attention on your sophisticated taste, your own individuality and the beauty of your nails. On this site you will find various variations of this shade that will definitely captivate you and set the mood for the whole day. Here you will find a very large selection of red nail polish - from the most delicate shades to rich, passionate and extravagant fiery ones, which will be an excellent option for brunettes. This polish will definitely appeal to every woman who follows innovative trends. The red shade was created specifically to highlight well-groomed hands. This is the personification of femininity, luxury and aristocracy. This shade goes perfectly with both golden and white, as well as laconic black. A red manicure always reflects a woman’s desire to show her self-confidence and attract the attention of others. The red color attracts and alarms at the same time. This is a bright, openly declaring shade, which is very popular in nail art. It is used in a classic form, when the entire nail is painted over only with it, or combined with other varnishes - white, black, gold, silver, natural tones.

Fashionable nail polish colors 2018

Blue nail polish: 2021 trend

All shades of blue are fashionable colors of manicure polishes in 2021

Despite the relevance of this color scheme, not everyone dares to apply a blue coating to their nails. However, this is a universal material for nail design that looks harmonious on nails of any shape and length.

Long nails will look better in sky blue

If you want to use a dark tone of blue, it is better to shade it with white or another light color. in 2021, a trendy glossy and velvety texture that is ideal for sharp nails. This design is also suitable for a square shape if you decorate your nails with silver, gold or rhinestones.

White or black lace looks stylish, elegant and sophisticated on a dark blue background. This is a good option for an evening look with a luxurious outfit.

Blue varnish is used by nail technicians for various manicure techniques. It is suitable for ombre, French and moon manicure. A French manicure looks restrained and at the same time luxurious when the base is made in a nude color and the edges of the nails are covered in deep blue.

For a lunar manicure, you can combine blue with blue.

This combination looks interesting and fresh. With the arrival of spring, flowers appear not only in nature, but also on nails. Blue is a good background for white, pink and beige flowers.

For girls who prefer a modest design, you can apply blue buds on a beige or white base.

Fashionable manicure styles 2021

Manicure trends in 2021 have a lot of variety. In addition to the existing ones, a lot of new styles for creating and decorating nails have appeared. Modern girls have already liked new ideas.

Gel polish

This type of coating is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. It is highly durable, and the gel polish coating does not lose its original color for a long time.

Classic French

The usual calm shades still remain in fashion, although they have faded into the background. French jackets in bright colors are more relevant this season.

A French manicure in gold or black and red shades using one or several stripes as decoration looks very elegant.

Decor in the form of small beads or glitter would also look good.


Anti-french is also called moon manicure, because the main decoration of this style is the so-called “holes” at the bottom of each nail. This season it is still in fashion, and the colors and decor are chosen similarly to the classic French manicure.

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Negative space

This is a relatively new style, the essence of which is to cover certain areas of the nail with clear varnish. These "transparent" areas can take different meaningful forms. The rest of the nail is covered with colored gel polish.

Broken glass

Covering using special stickers that create the illusion of broken glass has already gained popularity. Shiny, iridescent shards can be complemented with glitter, which will give your nails a bold, festive look.

Framed nails

A simple and at the same time quite complex way to design your nails. The frames must be drawn very evenly, and not every master can do this. The use of contrasting colors will look impressive in this style.


This is a beautiful manicure for short nails; it will be very popular in 2021. Small designs are applied to one or several nails.

Shades of green nail polish in fashion 2021

Spring isn't complete without some vibrant greenery, so don't shy away from this luscious, on-trend nail polish color for spring and summer 2021.

It is believed that dark colors look gloomy, but this does not apply to green shades. For nail art, this is an excellent, effective solution, especially if there is a need to create a festive manicure. The result is a completely non-boring and completely not gloomy design.

The varnish coating can be glossy, matte, or a harmonious combination of these two options.

Nails with a matte dark green base and glossy tips look bright, festive and attractive. This year, the “cat eye” nail design remains relevant.

What shades of green nail polishes are in fashion in spring 2021? The following options will be relevant:

Dark green






The most fashionable color of nail polish in 2021, which stylists recommend combining with green, is the blue color of the varnish coating.

This is a rather rare and bold combination, so not all female representatives will dare to try it. This version of spring nail art will not leave even the most sophisticated fashionistas indifferent.

Despite the fact that blue and green are cool shades, there are many original ideas for stylish design. A dark blue-green gradient with a gold pattern on the ring finger looks interesting.

If you can't resist a sparkly manicure, you'll love this nail design where the base is covered in green glitter and the tips are covered in blue gloss. A striped pattern in the form of horizontal or vertical green and blue stripes is great for summer.

Fashionable blue nail polish color 2021

Blue color has a huge variety of shades. We can say that this is the only light option that provides such a wide variety of solutions. Starting from light blue to almost black shades, there is a choice for any, even the most daring woman who is not afraid to experiment in her style. It says a lot. Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, wide open space. It gives a feeling of lightness and freedom, which is why in 2021 it is most popular among girls and women who are tired of too bright colors or the monotony of pastel tones. A manicure based on shades of blue attracts attention with its lightness and grace. It’s easy to get confused in the tones that blue is so abundant in. Aquamarine, classic blue, sapphire, cornflower blue, indigo. And these are just the most popular shades, which can offer many different combinations and solutions in terms of overall style.

Manicure 2021: fuchsia polish

One of the fashionable nail polish colors in the summer of 2021, which will not leave many female representatives indifferent, is fuchsia.

This is an ideal option for nail designs of absolutely any length. Short nails will become more expressive and attractive, and if you apply a fuchsia coating on long nails, you will be able to emphasize their effectiveness.

A fuchsia manicure is quite versatile. Depending on the chosen tone, design and decor, it can be gentle, romantic, sophisticated, elegant, extravagant or provocative.

In nail art, monochromatic manicure is more often used, since fuchsia color has a strong personality, so when combined with other shades it is very difficult to achieve harmony.

What fashionable nail polish color of 2021 will make a worthy composition with fuchsia?

These are silver and gold, they will only emphasize the nobility and depth of this purple-pink intense color. If you are going to a special event, give preference to this particular combination of nail polishes. For the summer season, bolder and brighter combinations of current nail polish colors for 2021 are also suitable.

The naturalness of fuchsia is emphasized by light green shades; they will make your nail design brighter, fresher and more colorful. In addition, fuchsia harmonizes with the following color options:

Shades of mint





You can safely combine them with fuchsia, experimenting with nail design; with such combinations, failures are excluded.

Fashionable emerald nail polish color 2021

It is absolutely not necessary that the color of the manicure matches the color of the outfit. In 2021, emerald-colored nails can become an independent accessory that stands out against the background of plain clothes. “Herbal” varnish can also be combined with one of the colors of the pattern of a sundress or blouse. A very dark marsh varnish or shellac can replace black varnish. This option is more suitable for the winter season. Light colors go well with pastel-colored clothing, suitable for spring and summer.

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The rich emerald color is suitable for any time of year, nails of any length and shape, and is the easiest to choose when choosing clothes. Just look at what colors go with this tone according to the Luscher color wheel.

Fashionable nail polish colors 2018

Polishes with shimmer are in fashion in 2021

Sparkling and brilliant manicure takes a confident position in the world of nail art, and it does not go out of fashion this year.

Sparkling fashionable nail polish colors are relevant for spring 2021; for the autumn-winter season, more restrained and neutral shades are preferable.

To create a shiny manicure, varnishes with shimmers are used. In nail art, when designing nails, masters use shimmer - a beauty product that creates a shimmering and shining effect on the nails due to the reflective particles it contains.

Nail polish with shimmer is an ideal option for creating a manicure at home, because you can easily and quickly give your nails a stunning effect. This does not mean that the manicure must be bright, because even neutral pastel colors can also have a sparkle.

This category of cosmetics for nail art also includes varnishes with glitter. Their texture is the same as that of shimmers, but the sparkles are larger - the size of a bead or even a small bead. When going to a special event, just cover your nails with glitter varnish, and a bright look is ready.

For everyday manicure, you should give preference to using other current nail polish colors for 2021.

Beige manicure winter 2021 photo

In the winter season of 2021, the secret of the popularity of manicure in beige tones lies in its versatility. It is perfect for both a meeting in business suits and a one-on-one date. Beige design is a universally recognized classic, because it goes well with any colors of clothing and accessories. This color is relevant at any time of the year, so it looks equally good with a warm drape coat and an airy summer dress. In winter, snowflakes and stars can be used as decorative elements to decorate beige tones, and in summer, flower arrangements and butterflies can be used. There are no restrictions on the use of this color in manicure, because it fits perfectly on nails of different lengths and shapes. Natural color allows you to complement an image that will be stylish and attractive, but not flashy. Natural flesh tones go well with other colors and look very impressive in two-tone combinations. Especially popular among fashionistas is the beige and black version of nail decoration, which looks best in paintings and geometric compositions.

Manicure fashionable colors winter 2021 photo

What color of nail polish will be fashionable in the fall and winter of 2020-2021

Rainy autumn weather and cold winter days are not a reason to cover your nails with dark, gloomy tones. Of course, delicate pastels will not be an ideal choice for this time of year; they are really best left until spring arrives.

What nail polish color will be in fashion in the fall-winter of 2020-2021?

Fashion experts call all shades of blue, graphite, bottle green, sea green, marsala, mustard and, of course, majestic red.

Among fashionable nail polish colors with the advent of autumn 2021, red in all its shades has become a favorite.

Regardless of the tonality of red - scarlet, burgundy, coral, it gives the female image impressiveness, nobility and presentability. According to experts in the fashion world, it is ideal for evening wear.

Red tones are great for creating an ombre effect on your nails.

Stylists in 2021 recommend using them in a duet with chocolate, brown, black, and gray shades.

For romantic natures, you can design your nails using the ombre technique, combining red and pink polishes. They will also not remain indifferent to the autumn landscapes on their nails.

Manicure in purple tones

A purple manicure is suitable for dreamer women.

This fashionable nail polish color for fall and winter 2021 is available in many shades, thanks to which you can use it to recreate almost all modern nail design ideas.

Purple is distinguished by sophistication and aristocracy, so it is appropriate for romantic and elegant looks. With its help, even the most modest outfit will look luxurious and stylish.

Combinations of purple with yellow, orange and blue are trending this fashion season.

The fashionable purple color of nail polish in winter 2021 is used by nail technicians when creating lunar manicures and designs made using the ombre technique.

Options for long nails

At a time when the fashion for extended nails was just emerging, many beauties showed off outrageously long “masterpieces” that were not only uncomfortable to wear, they could become a source of injuries and scratches. Fortunately, trends have changed, and short and medium nails of oval, almond or square shape have come back into fashion.

At a time when the fashion for extended nails was just emerging, many beauties showed outrageously long “masterpieces”

Not only were they uncomfortable to wear, they could cause injuries and scratches Mojito Cocktail

Many of the above designs are suitable for medium length; rhinestones, glitter and confetti also look great on a greenish base along with painting and artistic modeling.

Advice! We would like to draw your attention: so that the nail design does not look pretentious and pretentious, you should highlight no more than two nails on one hand.

The marble design, made through random stains of two or three shades on undried varnish, has not lost its relevance. It resembles the texture of semi-precious stones such as malachite and serpentine. This nail art can be decorated with small gold pictures, but it is self-sufficient in itself.

Peacock feathers

Khaki with a hint of pink and turquoise

It is impossible not to mention the magical and mysterious cat's eye. This varnish reveals deep highlights that are created using magnets. Some craftsmen cover the enamel with a stained glass topcoat, which cracks on its own when it dries. It creates the impression of broken glass.

Broken glass can also be created using special metallized foil or holographic film, which is cut into small pieces, laid out on the base tone in any order and subsequently covered with a top coat. Glass nail art is quite universal, it has proven itself perfectly in various techniques, with it an exquisite French jacket will become brighter, and any monochromatic solutions will become bolder.

Hue puffy eyes Plant theme Pointed marigolds are going out of fashion

The effect of natural stone There are many options for manicure in green

An artistic composition made on two or even three nails will also make friends with medium length. Experienced master artists create real masterpieces in the style of marine, tropical, and floral themes, when the design smoothly transitions from one nail to the next.

Since this year brings a revolution in the usual images in many directions, piercing on the nail plates has become very revered in the field of nail art. A tiny earring on the little finger is a stylish and newfangled solution.

As you can see, there are many options for green manicure; we have provided only a small part of the possible options. Don't be afraid to experiment and bring your brightest ideas to life.

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What shades does burgundy nail polish go with?

Burgundy, or Marsala-colored manicure, has remained at the peak of popularity for several seasons.

This noble nail polish color in winter 2021 can be used for both formal and everyday nail designs.

Burgundy varnish goes harmoniously with many other shades:

With white

With beige

With black

With pink

With green

Gold and silver emphasize the luxury of Marsala color.

This incredibly fashionable nail polish color for the fall-winter 2020-2021 season is implemented in all kinds of manicure techniques; it looks great on nails of any shape and length.

The leading position among holiday nail art in 2021 is occupied by a burgundy matte design. On a matte Marsala-colored finish, black or white lace, rhinestones with imitation precious stones, and a scattering of gold look luxurious.

A burgundy French, ombre or moonlit manicure is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. When performing nail art in the style of a French manicure, wine nails with a glossy finish and black, chocolate or dark gray edges look great.

Fashionable Marsala nail polish color 2021

A Marsala-colored manicure will always attract attention, because it is considered very contrasting and bright. The color itself is most often personified with warm Italy and noble cherry red wine, because the name Marsala itself came from Sicily. Feminine, noble, moderately elegant and seductive color is filled with orange undertones, notes of ripe plum and chocolate. The Marsala manicure is a successful addition to the look, and its many variations will allow girls to show their imagination in nail design. Nails completely covered with this shade look win-win and luxurious. But you must admit that monotony soon gets boring and you want to dilute it with other colors. What shades go with wine manicure in 2021? They are combined with milk, gold, white and others.

Fashionable nail polish colors 2018

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