Asymmetrical French: +60 stunning design ideas

Each new season has its own trends in stylish nail art. Geometric design always occupies trendy places on this list. The original figures have many variations and techniques for performing a stylish and breathtaking manicure. This pattern is very versatile, which helps to combine it with various outfits. It can be done either in the form of complex geometric patterns with decoration, or in a minimalist style with ordinary lines. We will share the most fashionable and current geometric design ideas below.

Stylish manicure with geometric pattern

Performing a manicure involves the use of straight lines with a strict outline of geometric shapes. This wide list includes lunar design, polka dot or line designs. These are the most common and well-known elements of this design. But manicure is not limited to such figures, because geometric designs are very diverse. The principle of creating drawings is to make ordinary figures that are separated from each other by clear outlines. After such a design, you probably won’t want to return to the classics.

Geometry manicure: photo from a nail workshop


Depict figures of any size on the plates, place them randomly, do not adhere to the principle of standardization, do not repeat the composition on all nails - and you are in trend! And yet, it is necessary that the abstract pictures on the plates be united by one common idea. Like a manicure in a photo: the figures are placed on the same background, have a clear black border, and are made in the same color scheme.


Divide the entire area into segments and paint the particles with different colors. The easiest way to do this is with tape, placing new pieces one at a time. Outlining is not necessary. The only drawback of the mosaic is that you need to wait for one figure to dry completely, and only then start depicting a new one. But the time spent is compensated by the pleasure of contemplating a highly technical manicure performed by you yourself!


Simple lines can decorate a plain base or a gradient. But, as practice shows, thin rays are not so easy to draw. You need to have a steady hand and enough practice.

Broken glass

Foil particles are glued to the sticky base of the gel polish, then covered with a finishing coat. We get a fashionable, spectacular, modern, brilliant design!


To create the perfect zigzag shape on your nails, you will need tape and zigzag scissors. You can cut curved paths effortlessly with this tool! Glue the resulting strips onto the painted base and cover your nails with varnish of a different shade. Remove the tape and get the original design. And if the tape turns out to be too sticky, this is also a problem, because you can accidentally damage the color base! Apply the tape first to the skin and then to the nail. The material will become less sticky and the manicure will not have to be redone.

Polka dots

The simplest of the presented designs - classic polka dots - we can also partially classify as geometric. Beginners use a dots - a manicure pen - to place dots of the same size on the base. You can add a bright accent in the form of a bow on your nails.

Checkered, chessboard

A strict chess pattern can be drawn very quickly! First, paint the record completely with opaque black varnish. Then, using white gel paint, confidently draw two vertical lines and three horizontal lines. You will get cells. After one, paint them white - and the chessboard is ready! This way you can draw a cell of any color, for example, black and red. On top, you can complement the design with thin lines, as in this red and black manicure with gold.


The ethnic style is characterized by a strict ordering of lines and figures, reminiscent of the patterns of national costumes. Although this trend goes back far into the past, modern designers return to this topic from time to time.

Geometric French and moon manicure

Familiar designs take on a new look. Moons and smiles stand out not only in the shape of semicircles, but also triangles, and sometimes transform into other geometric shapes! The color scheme has also changed! For a list of the most popular nail polish shades of 2021, see the website!

Luxurious manicure with geometry design 2021

An ultra-fashionable manicure 2021 with a geometric design will surprise girls who prefer the classic version, as well as brave lovers of bright and catchy nail art. Combining these designs with other techniques, for example, negative space, matte finish, color block or classic French, will be stunning news for fans of geometric lines. Another incredible combination with gossamer technique, sparkles and multi-colored designs. Refined squares, circles, chaotic stripes and rectangles also look very attractive. It is best to choose gentle and calm tones as the main color, while the patterns should be contrasting.

The most beautiful manicure with geometric patterns

This design already has an incredible number of varieties, because nail art masters present us with new ideas every season. In 2021, the following designs are considered the most beautiful designs:

  • checkered manicure;
  • drawing in the form of squares;
  • heart-shaped geometry;
  • diagonal geometry;
  • space theme using straight lines;
  • abstractionism.

Manicure with a geometric pattern: all methods of execution

Let's name the most popular tools and materials that help craftswomen create original geometry. Accordingly, we list the most popular ways to do a geometric manicure. You will be surprised!

Drawings with a brush . This simple tool is the most important assistant for salon service professionals. But often ordinary women find it difficult to cope with it. Use a thin brush to paint large, simple shapes. A brush from a bottle of varnish will not work for such a “delicate” task.

Dots in manicure . A comfortable manicure pen with a metal tip allows you to draw lines more confidently. Women are incredibly grateful to the inventors of dots, because now they can “paint” records on their own! And we learned to confidently hold a pen in our hands already at the age of 6! Using different attachments, you can draw lines of different thicknesses and draw shapes of any size.

A needle or toothpick . Thin stripes can be drawn with these sharp objects. A toothpick is convenient for correcting contours and tracing.

Adhesive shiny strips. Manufacturers of these manicure accessories have greatly simplified the task of creating stylish designs for modern girls. Initially, adhesive strips were intended to segment the plate for subsequent painting in different colors. And now they are also used as independent decor.

Casting on nails . A special technique allows you to create the illusion of metal patterns. Even simple diamonds in this design look luxurious and elegant. Although “metal” rulers are made just using foil and sticky gel. For a festive option, you can add liquid stones, which are created using the same technique.

Knitted design . Relief manicure, which creates the illusion of knitted patterns on the nails, is most relevant in winter. On a pastel base, diamonds, squares, and intertwining lines are painted with gel polish of the same color. The beauty of the design is in the volumetric form, not in the color.

- Spamping. A simple technique for making complex patterns on a plate. There are many different metal stencils, a huge part of them are geometric designs that are in great demand among women. Similar images can be made with any varnish based on any color.

Manicure using tape. The use of tape in manicure made it possible to create complex patterns at home, drawing lines and shapes with smooth edges. The base is torn with colored varnish. After drying, thin strips of tape are glued to the nails, creating the desired patterns. Then the plates are coated with varnish of a different color and wait until dry. Places “protected” with tape remain unpainted. Once the adhesive tape is removed, we are left with shapes with crisp edges. To make a design with complex shapes this way, use tape with a paper backing - it is much easier to cut out of it.

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Layering. To create clear, expressive images, our experts highly recommend choosing a varnish with a dense structure that creates beautiful coverage in one coat. But with translucent varnish you can create such an original composition by partially applying several layers of varnish.

Stickers. This is the tenth way to create “curly” nail art. It is incredibly simple: special stickers are applied to the nails, which have already been painted by professional artists. And yet, the site’s experts do not recommend using them often, because a “trained” eye will easily notice such a “fake”. Moreover, we have already suggested so many other original ways to create a “curly” design!

Geometric design 2021 on short nails

When performing this design on short nails, do not overload it with an abundance of elements. It is best to use small shapes and strict straight lines. A manicure in simple colors, done in a minimalist style, looks very beautiful. No less catchy and relevant for short nails will be done in nude or powdery tones with figures of rich and bright colors. To perform a festive or formal manicure, use glitter, rhinestones or tape strips.

Geometric manicure: advantages and features

— A manicure based on geometric shapes is extremely original and stylish! This is a great platform for bringing your fantastic ideas to life!

— The design is universal in that it can easily be adapted to any outfit, clothing style, or situation. It has millions of solutions!

— Use Geometry manicure on short nails with confidence! Any geometric shapes will fit perfectly on a small base, but our experts consider vertical lines and stripes to be a particularly good solution. For those wishing to visually lengthen short plates, we advise placing patterns and shapes exactly along: from the cuticle to the free edge. Study carefully the geometric manicure, the photo of which is presented below: nails with horizontal lines seem shorter than those with vertical stripes. Diagonals are also an excellent solution for short records.

— It is very important in what color scheme the geometry on the nails will be done. A manicure based on contrasts will look the most expressive and clear. Therefore, experts advise choosing several radically different shades for your design. And if you want to do a manicure in one color scheme, then for greater expressiveness you can outline the contours of the figures with one of the “friendly” universal colors: gold, silver, white or black.

— When using similar shades, play with the structure of the products. Cover part of the plate with glitter, combine matte and glossy varnishes.

— It may take you a long time to do a complex geometric manicure. Gel polish will keep your masterpiece intact for two weeks. If you are at the training stage and are just learning how to apply geometric patterns, then we advise you to make the base with gel polish, and then draw images on it with regular varnish. Unsuccessful attempts can be easily erased with acetone without damaging the background itself. This way you can learn how to make any design at home, saving your own money.

Luxurious red geometric manicure 2021

Red manicure enchants with its brightness and elegance. This manicure is often combined with matching designs in a geometric style. It is very important that the figures stand out against the red background, so carefully select the colors for the combination. Red manicure with geometry is an excellent solution for special occasions, important meetings and even for everyday work.

Stripes on nails

The most popular geometric design includes stripes. Usually they are painted in several colors, but they can also be found in one, it depends on the coating, whether it is glossy or matte. Stripes can also be combined with other patterns, for example, monograms. Most often, this design is made in pastel colors; it can be classified as a summer manicure with geometry. Stripes can be painted not only with a brush, they can also be done with sand, which also gives a delightful result.

This design is suitable for any nail length. When combined with rhinestones, the design can be suitable for an important evening. For those girls who cannot grow their nails, but really want to make this particular design, you can safely do geometry on short nails. This type of manicure is suitable for both work and everyday life.

Pink Geometry 2020

The most delicate and sweetest design of 2021 is considered to be a pink manicure with geometric motifs. It all depends on the girl’s desire. If you want a stand-out and eye-catching design on a pink base, then choose more contrasting colors for this, for example, red, black or blue. If the design should be soft, then it is best to use glitter or sparkles. Don’t forget about rhinestones, beads and kamifubuki, because they will also add lightness to nail art.

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