How to beautifully paint your nails with two colors

Multi-colored manicure can easily be considered a modern trend; moreover, it has gained enormous popularity on Instagram. A real hit of this warm season. Its trick is that the nails are covered with varnish of different shades. For example, colors of different saturations of the same color range are selected. And the choice of shades depends on your intentions or client request, time of year, specific style.

Thus, young girls often paint their nails with completely different colors, not caring whether they match or not. And older women resort to a calmer palette. For example, they cover their nails in different shades of beige, thereby joining in the play of colors. This allows you to get a spectacular manicure without any extra effort and take a break from complex nail designs. By the way, see the ideas for newfangled manicures for different hands here, photo.

If you like this approach to decorating your nails, we suggest looking at stylish and, importantly, fashionable ideas for multi-colored manicure.

The advantage of this manicure is its compatibility with matte and glossy finishes, universal decor, and patterns. It perfectly complements spring-summer looks and can serve as a fashionable holiday manicure idea.

Geometric multi-colored manicure

If we talk about geometric prints, then whatever shades you choose for your manicure, they will go perfectly with geometric patterns. Especially with laconic and minimalistic designs. Why are these ideas good? This manicure does not oblige you to anything and always looks trendy.

Multicolored gradient

Until recently, it seemed simply impossible to paint all your nails different colors. Today, many manicure ideas have appeared, including a multi-colored gradient that easily creates a summer mood that makes you immediately want to go to the sea.

With glitter and rubbing

There is no doubt that sparkles, glitter, rubbing and single rhinestones are a desirable decoration in multi-colored manicure. Top craftsmen often add them to the design so that they combine with one selected shade. They can also be used in drawings, color blocking and other modern techniques.

Manicure “different hands”

This new product is rapidly gaining momentum in popularity and, despite its “young age,” already has an army of fans. This manicure is characterized by the use of several shades of varnish simultaneously in one design, which are applied to the nail plates of both hands in an original way. For example, manicure the fingers of your right hand with pastel pink, and the fingers of your left with pale blue polish. You can also decorate a similar idea using bright, neon, matte and other shades.

Decorate your nails with various designs, experiment with a combination of techniques and enjoy the result!

Neon multicolored manicure

Brave girls can even choose neon shades for such a manicure: pink, orange, green and yellow. The thing is that acid manicure is in trend today. Therefore, bright shades are fashionable and desirable among the younger generation. By the way, see new examples of neon manicure here.

Fruits on nails

An unusual solution is to paint the nail plate with juicy fruits. This design is suitable for an everyday look if you highlight a few nails. But for brave girls who prefer a bright accent even for every day, a design for all nails at once is acceptable. Fruits can be drawn either whole or in cross-section (complete with transparent droplets). For those who find it difficult to cope with artistic painting, sliders are suitable. These stickers are easy to use for a beginner and are very durable.

A selection of multi-colored manicure ideas, new designs, photos

Nails covered in different colors go better with designs in the style of minimalism, negative space, geometry, matte finish and laconic decor. This approach does not overload the nail design.

First of all, because a bright manicure itself attracts attention. Well, the hot season is a good time to get an accent manicure. If it’s autumn-winter outside, then you can choose calm colors and combinations.

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French ombre 2021 photo fashion news ideas

French and moon manicures have always been popular. But now classic colors can be replaced with brighter ones, small rhinestones can be added, but not much, or gradient painting can be done. These two types of manicure suit any look and do not require much time to create. The most fashionable painting is lace. They emphasize your femininity and elegance.

Compared to previous seasons, in the new one, there should not be any flowers, leaves or butterflies on your nails, but there should be lace. Another fashion trend of the coming season is manicure in the Caviar style. Instead of sculpting, small pebbles will appear on the nails, which are applied tightly to each other throughout the entire nail or on part of the nail. But it is better to do such a manicure not on all fingers, but only on some, otherwise it will look bad.

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