How to apply Kodi gel polish correctly?

Women deny themselves the pleasure of covering their nails with varnish only because regular varnish is damaged by contact with water and mechanical stress immediately after application.

And not everyone knows that this problem was solved long ago thanks to the invention of a new decorative coating.

Several years ago, the American company CND offered a special coating - shellac (gel polish). It is the standard of a new line of polymer coatings for nails. 40-50 minutes to keep your nails beautiful and well-groomed for three weeks

But the secret is not only in special compositions; a special application technology using a UV lamp has also been developed. The result is a durable coating that is gentle on the nail plate.

The benefits don't end there:

  1. Nails coated with shellac do not break and grow faster because the gel polish creates a frame for the nail plate.
  2. Shellac lasts on the hands from 1 to three weeks, without losing its brightness or fading, and on the feet it lasts even longer, since here the nails grow much more slowly.
  3. The varnish coating is of high quality, and therefore the surface of the nail is smooth and uniform.
  4. Gel polish does not weigh down your nails.
  5. Shellac has no odor, and allergic reactions are excluded, because the coating is made from a resin of natural origin and does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The resin is produced by tropical insects, so shellac is theoretically harmless; this resin is even used in cooking.
  6. Shellac can be easily removed using a special product, cotton pads and an orange stick, without damaging the nail plate.

The American company Kodi appeared on the market in 2005. Over several years of work, it has established itself well thanks to its high-quality nail extension products. Cody suggested an alternative to shellac - Codi Professional gel polish. The basis of gel polish is a polymer of natural origin; it does not dissolve in water, acetone, or alcohol.

Durable and elastic gel polish does not contain harmful chemicals and is therefore non-toxic. The rubber coating is difficult to damage, while Kodi gel polish is almost half the price of shellac, and the non-viscous texture is easily applied to nails without the help of professionals. Kodi offers a wide palette of colors, shades can be mixed to create incredible combinations. This is a paradise for creative people.

Gel polish is durable and therefore not afraid of mechanical impact. Replacement of the coating is required on average after three weeks, but only because the nail plate has grown and a strip of the nail plate has formed that is not covered with varnish.

The coating looks like regular nail polish on the nails and is applied with a brush, but dries only under the rays of a UV lamp, and after drying it becomes stronger and more resistant to wear than traditional polish.

The surface of the coating does not scratch, crack, or chip, and the color does not fade during wear. It is still not easy to find Codi gel polishes in non-specialized stores, but there are official representatives in Russia. You can order gel polish, auxiliary liquids and other products for nail design on the website in online stores.

The company offers a starter kit, which includes everything needed for coating:

  1. Files and buffs for preparing the nail plate.
  2. Ultraviolet lamp.
  3. Working fluids (degreaser, acid-free primer, sticky remover).
  4. Base coat.
  5. Colored coating.
  6. Top (finish) coating.
  7. Cuticle care oil.
  8. Lint-free wipes and discs.

To maintain the coating for a long time, it is necessary to use the entire system. Purchasing a starter kit is expensive, but all components have a long shelf life, so later you will only need to periodically purchase individual elements.

Shellac Kodi and its advantages over other manufacturers

Shellac CND
The advantages of Cody shellac (gel polish) over shellac from other manufacturers is that the gel does not dry out the nail plate and therefore prevents nail delamination. The reason is the layer of primer applied before the Cody shellac. It creates a protective film and moisturizes the nail plate.

Having studied the technology of applying Kodi products, you can get a professional manicure at home.

Small bottles (7, 12 ml) allow everyone and professional craftsmen to have many shades in their collection for reasonable money. By the way, the company offers 30 ml bottles for professionals.

The disadvantage of Kodi shellacs is that few people know about these products, since this is a young company. Like shellac, Kodi gel polish is not suitable for constant wear; your nails need to be given a “rest” and properly cared for. Use with caution for those with sensitive nails. The peeling process is more complicated than other brands, but it's a small price to pay for super durability and an affordable price.

Gel polish: how to apply at home

To carry out the procedure of applying gel polish at home, you need the same tools, special products and additional materials as in a beauty salon:

  1. Ultraviolet lamp.
  2. Gel polishes in assortment (the number and range of shades depends on the design).
  3. Nail design brushes.
  4. Manicure tools that are more convenient for you to carry out preparatory hygienic treatment of nails.
  5. Additional materials (lint-free napkins, foil, orange sticks, etc.)
  6. Special products provided by the gel polish application technology (primer, degreaser, clinser, etc.)

Many people try to replace or skip this or that stage of work, believing that it is not important.

Girl with gel polish of different colors on her nails

This leads to a disastrous result, since every action of a professional master during the step-by-step procedure is aimed at creating a protective layer that seals or increases the visual appeal of the coating. To fully carry out the procedure for covering your nails at home, you can first attend special lessons on applying gel polish, which are regularly held in the Educational Center, or find professional master classes from other companies. The advantage of demonstration classes is that you will not only learn how to apply gel polish step by step, but you will also be able to consolidate the material received in practice in the presence of a master. Also, a huge amount of information on this topic can be found on You Tube, but it is necessary to carefully sift out truly useful knowledge from impractical advice.


Shellac Codi is among the top ten and has an advantage in terms of price level.
Professionals identify several criteria for determining the quality of gel polish:

  • Duration of preservation of the varnish coating on the nail plate without chips, cracks or loss of gloss. The manufacturer must guarantee a minimum period of 3 weeks.
  • Consistency that meets the requirements. The better the quality of the gel, the easier it is to work with and the longer it lasts. The gel should not spread and give a streaky effect; for this, the quality of the brush is important.
  • Removing nail polish should take no more than 15 minutes. This is also an indicator of the quality of the material.
  • Wide range of color palettes.
  • Hypoallergenic gel composition that does not damage the nail plate.
  • No strong chemical smell.

Based on these criteria, reviews from professionals and product users, a TOP-8 list was compiled, which included Kodi shellac.

Each company's products have advantages and disadvantages:

1. Shellac CND

It is considered the standard of professional products, the most expensive. There is one “but” to using CND gel polish: it does not adhere well to thin, weakened nails and chips at the tips of the nails with frequent exposure to hot water. Therefore, it is not suitable for women who run their own households.

The main disadvantages of CND shellac:

  • High price.
  • Application requires experience, as shellac has a dense texture.
  • Chips may appear from impacts on a hard surface.
  • During the day after applying shellac, you must avoid contact with water, especially hot water.

2.OPI Gelcolor

Premium brand, but less known than CND. The coating has a glass effect. Easily removed without cutting and comes in over 140 shades. For polymerization, you can use an LED lamp, which reduces drying time. Ideal for French manicure.


  • Rarely found on sale.
  • High price.

3. Gelish Harmony (Gelishe)

A popular European brand, it is safe for the health of the nail plate and even strengthens it. It can be removed by simple dissolution and has a lower price compared to Shellac.


  • It's liquid, so you have to apply several layers.
  • The finish brush dries quickly.

4. Laque RuNail (Runail)

Produced in Russia. An excellent choice for thin, flaky nails. Strengthens the nail plate. Long lasting, with good consistency.


  • Difficult to remove.
  • The assortment is still small.

5. Pnb (Professional Nail Boutique)

Super glossy gel polish from America. It holds up well, so it is popular among housewives. According to reviews, it lasts more than 3 weeks.


  • A rarity in Russia.
  • Some shades take longer to cure.

6. Bluesky

Popular among nail design artists due to its low price. In terms of service life it is not inferior to Shellac CND.


  • Few shades.
  • Unstable quality.

7. Canni

Inexpensive and the best among “Asians” varnish made in China. Retains its original appearance for about 2 weeks. Easy to apply, easy to remove. Suitable for those who like to change their looks often and inexpensively. Rich palette of shades (more than 200).


  • Strong smell.
  • Available for order on well-known Chinese websites.

Stained glass

Crystal – translucent elements in trendy colors that imitate Venetian glass. Coating an already formed pattern with this varnish gives it depth and volume, and the play of varnished glass on black substrates will surprise you with spontaneous shimmers. He reveals to highly qualified specialists the latest methods of creating attractive designs.

Reviews of Kodi gel polish from the Cristal collection make it clear that they were liked by numerous customers because of their properties and superiorities:

  • high quality;
  • Intriguing design without the effort and hours of careful work;
  • the effect can be used in aquarium design, “broken glass” and when forming liquid pebbles;
  • the standard application operation does not involve additional substances, equipment or additional process steps;
  • Compatible with a wide variety of base colors and a wide range of deep stained glass colors can be purchased;
  • The operating technology takes into account the application of a base tone to the substrate.

rubber base for gel polish kodi reviews
Reviews of Kodi Professional Cristal gel polish have several recommendations on application techniques:

  • It is worth following a standard color combination scheme in your work in order to be able to predict the effect very specifically;
  • it is important not to remove the sticky layer from the finishing spray that has not cooled down after the lamp;
  • When the liquid for removing the dispersion layer comes into contact with the uncooled formation, a reaction occurs that leads to turbidity.

Kodi gel polish palette and review of color solutions from this manufacturer

Varnish palette
The Kodi varnish palette consists of more than 250 shades, number 1 - 250.

In addition to many shades, the company offers a new product - thermovarnishes. After application, the coating changes color when exposed to sunlight or body temperature. If the temperature is low, darker shades appear.

Such coatings look especially impressive in the cold season, when temperature changes are significant. Thanks to these features of the varnish, you can create incredible nail designs: numbers T600 - T640.

The “Cat's Eye” series created a sensation, but the inventors were inspired not by the shine of the eyes of the cat family, but by the effect produced by a stone with a similar name. Varnishes in this series have an unusual shine and, as a result, volume, which is obtained thanks to the magnet used during application. Hence the second name of the series: magnetic.

The unusualness of the palette of Cody varnishes from the “Cat's Eye” series did not end there; these varnishes are distinguished by a more stable coating. This palette so far consists of 52 shades: numbers 701 - 784. A magnet is attached to the Cody varnish palette of the “Moon Light” series. Thanks to the use of a magnet, metal particles rise from the general pigmented mass of the gel polish, and a voluminous iridescent light highlight appears on the surface, creating a 3D effect.

The technology requires holding the magnet at a distance of 3 mm above the surface of the nail plate for 5 seconds. After applying the second coat of varnish, the magnet must be applied again. In this case, the moonlight is more expressive. The company's specialists follow fashion trends and constantly add new shades to the Kodi collection.

Kodi offers such a variety of palettes that there is no need to mix colors, color saturation is easily achieved by adjusting the number of coats of varnish applied. Kodi gel polishes are compatible with products from other companies, so designs can be applied using products from any manufacturer.

According to reviews from professionals and ordinary consumers, Kodi gel polishes:

  • Easy to apply.
  • They have no smell.
  • They don't chip.
  • Does not require removal of the top layer of the nail.
  • Offered at an affordable price.
  • Do not thicken throughout the entire shelf life.
  • Equipped with a fairly wide brush. This allows you to literally cover the entire nail plate with just a couple of strokes. The pile is shorter than some other analogues.
  • They dry even under the rays of LED lamps.


Some time after performing a manicure, the need arises to update it. To do this, of course, you need to get rid of the old coating. This usually takes from 15 to 25 minutes. The correct ways to remove gel polish look like this:

  1. Using foil.
  2. Using nozzles into which nail polish remover is poured.

The first method begins by treating the surface of the nail plate with a hard file or sanding buff. This procedure facilitates the penetration of the product that will be used to remove the nail polish and speeds up the time required for the entire procedure.

After this, a little special liquid is applied to cotton pads and applied to the nail. Each finger is wrapped in foil, which will prevent the product from evaporating quickly and is tightly fixed. After 15 minutes, the varnish can be easily removed using a pusher.

The second method is simpler. Nail polish remover is poured into caps specially designed for this purpose and placed on each finger of the client. 10-15 minutes pass, after which the manicure can be easily removed with an orange stick. The price of the nozzles is not too high.

After complete removal of the decor, the surface of the nails is treated with a buff, and the regrown edge is filed with a soft file. Now your nails are ready for the next application of polish and manicure.


LED lamps can only be used with compatible products.
Under the rays of this lamp, the polymerization process of Kodi gel polish occurs 2-3 times faster. LED lamps last up to 7 years and cannot be replaced; UV lamps need to be changed every 6-12 months. You can save on purchasing a UV lamp, but you need to remember that the power of the UV lamp must be at least 36 W, since dark shades (black, burgundy) do not harden under low-power rays. In addition, there may subsequently be no spare parts for lamps from unknown manufacturers.

Cons of Kodi gel polish:

  • It has a liquid consistency and therefore requires thin application and drying of each layer. If you apply a thick layer at once, then before polymerization is complete it will flow under the cuticle and an unsightly roll will form. It will no longer be possible to correct such a defect after hardening.
  • The removal process is more complicated than that of analogues; for many, it is the process of removing gel polish that becomes an obstacle to choosing this brand.
  • According to reviews, after 3 weeks of wear, the coating on the tips begins to wear off, but does not chip. True, the merit here is not only the gel polish itself, but all the manufacturer’s products as a whole.

Application technology

Although opinions about Kodi gel polishes are mostly positive, there are cases when it lasts no more than two to three days. This can be caused by various reasons, but many masters agree that the problem was caused by an incorrectly done manicure.

To make your nails look perfect, the manufacturer advises doing a manicure as follows:

  • Prepare your nails: clean under the nails, shape the shape, push back the cuticles, remove the skin, lightly sand the surface of the nail.
  • Degrease with a degreaser from Kodi using special Kodi wipes (you can’t use cotton wool: it can leave lint invisible to the eye and ruin your manicure).
  • Apply Kodi's primer for better adhesion of the gel polish to the nail plate.
  • Apply a thin, neat base coat and cure under an ultraviolet lamp for two minutes.
  • Having chosen the desired color from the palette, apply a thin layer of gel polish and also dry under the lamp, repeating if necessary.
  • Apply topcoat and then dry.
  • At the final stage, use a special product to remove the sticky layer.

After completing the main manicure, you can use Kodi gel paint to apply a design, the palette of which is represented by a wide variety of colors and shades, from muted and restrained to bright and saturated. According to reviews, it applies well, does not spread, there is no sticky layer left after it, the rich palette allows you to create both three-dimensional designs and the finest lace patterns in a wide variety of shades on gel polish and shellac.

Another point that women mention is that after two to three weeks, the manicure may become covered with cracks over the entire area, and therefore requires immediate adjustment. Also, many people say that gel polish is difficult to remove. To solve the problem, it is advisable to purchase a gel polish remover in the store, which was specifically designed for this product, and follow the basic rules for removing gel polish and shellac.

Codi gel polish base, remover and other manufacturer's materials

In addition to the base for Kodi gel polish, Kodi gel polish remover, the company offers its customers freshers, ultrabonds, primers, brushes, buffs and other related and auxiliary products for nail design. Cody produces perfumes, as well as materials for eyebrows and eyelash extensions. Codi varnishes and coatings contain an acrylic oligomer with a low level of toxicity, which is why many professionals use the Codi gel polish base and top coat from this company.

For manicure you will need:

  • File.
  • Degreaser.
  • Bond.
  • Primer.
  • Transparent base for gel polish Kodi.
  • Colored gel polish.
  • Top coating.
  • Ultraviolet lamp.
  • Cody gel polish remover.

The composition of this gel polish

Many advanced users of such products become familiar with their compositions. Let's find out what is included in Codi's gel polish.

The composition of this manufacturer’s gel polish is based on a polymer. Its properties allow it not to be dissolved in either acetone or other alcohol-containing compounds. It is also important to note that this product does not contain harmful or prohibited chemicals. This means that the composition is harmless to a healthy person. The rubber coating allows the varnish to be very resistant to external damage. The texture of such a product has a consistency that allows it to lie neatly and evenly on the nails.

The Codi gel polish base also receives positive reviews.

Also included are:

  1. A film former is a substance that aims to create a dense layer on the nail plate. It is this element that gives gel polish such durability.
  2. A photoinitiator is a chemical compound that is activated by interaction with ultraviolet rays and, in turn, allows the film former to harden.
  3. Pigment is a coloring element.
  4. Thinners are present in the composition in order to create the correct consistency, which allows the varnish to lie on the nails evenly and easily.

This coating is very durable.


Professional nail designers recommend removing cuticles without using water, because nails absorb moisture and do not have time to dry under the lamp.
Excess moisture can prevent the long-term preservation of the varnish coating. Step-by-step instructions on how to do a manicure with gel polish at home:

Step 1 It is necessary to lightly treat the surface of the nail plate with a nail file to make it slightly rough, this is necessary for better “adhesion” of the varnish to the surface of the nail. Remove shine using a buff and degreaser.
Step 2 Applying bond and primer. They are needed for reliable adhesion of the gel polish to the nail plate. . The bond increases the durability of the coating by two to three times.
Step 3 Apply a thin layer of Codi gel polish base. The consistency of the base is thick, but it is applied well and distributed evenly; the ends also need to be processed.
Step 4 Each layer is dried for 2 minutes in a UV lamp; after applying the gel, the nails must not be touched, otherwise fingerprints will remain on the surface.
Step 5 Applying colored varnish in two layers, each layer should be thin, the ends are also painted over: “sealed”. Each layer is dried.

❤️ Gel polish application technology: sequence and duration of stages

Depending on the chosen design and the corresponding materials (gel polish, decorative elements), how to apply gel polish on nails also depends.

Gel polish application technology: master working with client

  1. A degreaser is applied to standardly prepared, polished nails.
  2. Then, as a primer, an acid-free primer is applied in a very thin layer, increasing the adhesive bond of the gel polish to the natural nail.
  3. Using a rubbing motion, apply a transparent base for gel polish, which protects the natural nail plate from staining with highly pigmented polymer materials. Dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes and remove the dispersion.
  4. Several thin layers of gel polish are applied (depending on how rich the shade should be). Each layer is baked in a UV lamp (2 minutes) followed by removal of the dispersion.
  5. The design is secured with a finishing layer of top coat for durability and additional shine of the finish. Polymerization in the lamp lasts 2 minutes, after which the dispersion layer is removed. Designs using rhinestones and voluminous decorative elements are secured with several layers of finishing topcoat.

The instructions on how to apply gel polish may partially change when working with such non-standard polymer materials as gel polishes from the “Cat Eye” series or metallized gel polishes from the collection, but in general the preparatory part of the procedure remains standard for any type of coating.


The bottle of gel polish should not be shaken.
If you need to mix the contents, you need to carefully roll the bottle between your palms; when shaking, bubbles will form in the contents of the bottle and it will be impossible to work with such varnish. It is better to apply the first layer as thinly as possible. Light shades may apply unevenly; this defect will disappear after applying the second coat. When applying light shades, in some cases it is necessary to apply a third layer. After polymerization, the nails still cannot be touched, as their surface is sticky and easily damaged.

Step 6 Preserve the manicure using a top coat. This layer must be dried thoroughly under a lamp, because if it is not dried enough it will not shine. It is important at this stage to “seal” the end of the nail plate to prevent chipping.
Step 7 Remove the sticky layer using liquid and lint-free wipes.
Step 8 An optional, but pleasant stage of the manicure procedure is applying a special oil to the cuticle and the surface of the skin around the nail.

To completely remove the varnish coating, you will need to file down the top layer, and the rest of the work is completed using Kodi gel polish remover. This manicure can be removed using cotton pads soaked in a solution.

They are applied to the nails, after which they are wrapped in foil or placed in special caps with liquid. Foil is necessary so that the liquid does not evaporate quickly and softens the coating; softening will take a maximum of 15 minutes.

After removing the old coating, the nail plate is treated with a buff, the edges are corrected with a file, and you can apply a new coating or leave it without it, because the nails look natural and undamaged, this is a clear indicator of the quality of the product.

How to do a manicure with Cody

Manicure with Kodi is performed as follows:

  1. Hands are treated with antiseptic.
  2. The nails are given the desired shape with a file.
  3. The cuticle is processed so that there are no skin particles on the plates.
  4. The surface of the nails is deprived of the glossy layer using a buff with an abrasiveness of 180 grit.
  5. Then it and the skin nearby need to be wiped with a degreaser.
  6. The nails are coated with ultrabond, not forgetting the end parts.
  7. After it evaporates in air, a base layer is applied using rubbing movements.
  8. The coating is polymerized in a lamp until completely hardened.
  9. The next step is to use a flower bed, which is painted in a thin layer.
  10. The coating needs to be dried.
  11. Then another layer of gel polish is applied.
  12. And it needs to be polymerized.
  13. The final coating is applied in a slightly denser layer than the color one.
  14. It is also dried, after which the nails are wiped with a cleanser to remove stickiness.

If your hands are wet, after the 5th stage you can first apply a dehydrator to your nails, and only then apply ultrabond. Each product is used not only on the surfaces of the plates, but also on the ends. They should be dried for 2 minutes in an ultraviolet lamp and 30 seconds in an LED lamp.

Remove the coating with a milling cutter. But if you don’t have a machine, you should cut off the top with a nail file and then soak it with a special product. Kodi also has such a liquid.


Do not try to remove the unsoftened layer of gel polish from the nail.
It may come off easily after treatment with Kodi gel polish remover, but unpleasant snags and bumps may remain on the nails, which will ruin the appearance. The advantage of modern varnishes is that you can forget about controlling the movement of your hands and not worry about the safety of the coating. You don’t need to dry your nails for a long time, it’s unusual, but very convenient. Which coating is better, what to choose, everyone decides for themselves based on their experience of use and focusing on their feelings and needs. And in order not to make a mistake with the choice of gel polish, you should listen to the opinions and advice of professionals.


Design by Kodi
If you really want to create a drawing, then gel polishes from the company Kodi will help, they can easily fulfill this desire. They are very easy to use, but there is one caveat. When removing gel polish with such a pattern, you will have to file it off with a nail file; otherwise, such decor cannot be removed. After completing the drawing, it also needs to be dried in a lamp. The use of various decorative elements such as sand or rhinestones is not prohibited.

To give the pattern volume and make the surface of the nail plate smooth, you need to cover the nail with a top coat and dry it again in the lamp. Completing the manicure, as in the case without a pattern, in accordance with the rules - remove the sticky layer, lubricate the cuticle with oil.

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