Responsibilities of witnesses at a wedding: what should the groomsmen and groomsmen do?

Responsibilities of witnesses at a wedding: what should the groomsmen and groomsmen do?

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Not a single wedding ceremony maintained in the best traditions is complete without the participation of witnesses or, as people say, groomsmen and groomsmen. Most often, these roles are very symbolic , but in some cases the responsibilities assigned to these wedding positions are serious and require a certain responsibility and preliminary preparation. It is better to know in advance what responsibilities the witness and witness are expected to have at a wedding - only then will the wedding take place without a hitch and will bring joy to the newlyweds and invited guests.

bride and groom at a wedding party
Photo from the wedding

The witness or witness is usually chosen from among the closest friends and relatives: in addition to girlfriends and friends, the role of groomsman can be performed by a brother or sister, as well as cousins. A desirable, but optional requirement is that a young and unmarried girl is invited to play the role of a witness, and an unmarried man is invited to act as a witness . The tasks of the friends who are in the center of attention, almost on an equal basis with the newlyweds, are not only general joy and fun; the responsibilities of the witnesses also include solving serious organizational issues.

The Witnesses are primarily called upon to help young people make this holiday bright, easy and thoughtful to the smallest detail.

What should a witness do at the groom's wedding?

The primary tasks of the witness (best man, groomsman), designed to free the groom from a number of hassles regarding the organization of the holiday, are somewhat of an economic nature. Ordering transport, organizing parking for those invited to a banquet, when holding an outdoor wedding ceremony - installing tents, arranging tables and chairs, drawing up a list and seating plan for guests. In addition, the friend can take care of how the guests will get home in the evening. Tasks for a witness at a friend’s wedding can be very different: it is better if an efficient and responsible young man , sociable, able to negotiate and quickly make decisions in case of force majeure, is chosen for this role. He can also be chosen as the main presenter.

wedding groom's list of responsibilities
Responsibilities of a witness at a wedding - the role of the toastmaster

What does your boyfriend do on the eve of the wedding? The witness's tasks include organizing the bachelor party (scenario, competitions and entertainment, stripper) and responsibility for the health of the groom, in particular monitoring the drinking of the future head of the family. This holiday should be not only fun, but also memorable, and the groom (especially if the bachelor party was organized on the eve of the wedding) should look the next day not pitiful and rumpled, but happy and rested. And the witness is also directly responsible for this.

On the wedding day, the groom helps the groom get ready and not forget anything. Help here lies in additional control: whether they took wedding rings, passports, champagne or a picnic basket, if after registration they plan to walk around traditional places for newlyweds. The witness is also responsible for the little things needed in the rituals: candies and fruits for ransoming the bride, souvenirs, small money and fake funny bills, champagne and vodka. During the traditional ransom ceremony, the groom becomes the groom's faithful assistant - he will help overcome all the tests arranged by the bridesmaids and see his beloved. A sense of humor and ingenuity are among the desirable qualities for a witness.

What are the responsibilities of witnesses at a wedding?
Bride ransom

List of responsibilities of a friend in the registry office:

  • inviting invited guests and spouses to the ceremony hall: depending on the script of the ceremony, witnesses may open the doors at the first sounds of the Mendelssohn March;
  • control over the comfortable accommodation of guests, assistance to elderly relatives of the bride and groom - if necessary, the witness must take care in advance of the chairs or armchairs they need;
  • after putting down the signatures registering the marriage, the groom opens champagne and helps the bride accept flowers from the guests;
  • organization of photography.

At the banquet, the witness is the groom's right hand . His responsibilities include the first toast to the health of the newlyweds with the obligatory “bitter!”, participation in competitions, the role of toastmaster (if there is no specially invited host of the celebration) and keeping an eye on the bride: if the sweetheart is stolen, she and the groom will have to take the rap with the ransom and perform various tasks. In addition, the groom delicately monitors whether the groom is too fond of alcohol and at the same time tries to ensure that the guests do not need it. Any conflicts between guests (rarely a wedding gets by without them) are resolved diplomatically and quickly by the witness.

what does a groomsman do at a wedding
A sociable and diplomatic witness is a godsend for the groom

Mobile competitions

You can prepare a moving competition program for witnesses. Of course, the tests should not follow each other , because by constructing a wedding scenario in this way, you risk tiring the poor girl and guy and forever discourage them from performing at such events in such a capacity. Here are some interesting and unusual competitions in which the bridesmaid and groom's friend would be happy to participate:

Dance with clothespins

In order to conduct such a test, you will need twelve clothespins, two scarves, and a rhythmic dance tune . The presenter must blindfold the witnesses and place six clothespins on their clothes.

After this, he introduces the witnesses to each other and turns on the music. Within a few minutes, during a fiery dance, young people must remove all clothespins from each other by touch. The one who does it first will win.

Hungry children

For this competition, eight participants in addition to witnesses should be invited from the audience. The props will be eight children's caps, ten tablespoons, and eight chocolate eggs . The presenter explains the rules to the participants. At one end of the room there are two chairs on which there are bowls of chocolate eggs. On the opposite side, “hungry children” in caps are squatting on chairs, holding spoons in their mouths. The task of the competition participants is to feed their “children”. To do this, on command, without using their hands, holding a spoon in their mouth, they must pick up an egg from the bowl and take it to their “children.” The “child” who has received “food” can get up from an extremely uncomfortable position and move to the side. The competition takes into account speed, as well as how many “chicks” each participant was able to feed.

Halves of fate

This comic competition is aimed at identifying the extrasensory abilities of the fifth point of each of the witnesses. To carry it out, you will need two chairs, thick landscape paper, and several non-fragile items . This could be a bunch of keys, a large marker, a hammer, a TV remote control, and so on. Contestants are blindfolded and one of them is asked to listen to music on headphones while the other takes the test. Then they are led one by one to a chair and carefully seated on one or another object. The goal of the witnesses is to guess what they are sitting on. The leader needs to make sure that they do not help themselves with their hands. The winner is the one who guesses all or more things than his opponent.


a roll of wallpaper on the floor in the center of the hall . He invites the girl, lifting the hem of her dress, to cross this “stream”. After she completes the task assigned to her, she is asked to repeat the procedure, but only blindfolded. After the girl, guided by the leader’s prompts, finds herself at the end of the spread roll, the witness quickly lies down in the center of the impromptu stream. This must be done before the witness removes the bandage. The bridesmaid will probably be embarrassed and surprised to see what a “threshold” she had to overcome with her dress up. Representatives of the fair sex who are very worried about this can, after a few minutes of general laughter, tell the essence of the competition.

the Forbidden fruit

This competition, unlike the previous one, is aimed at confusing the groom's friend. on three chairs put together . The presenter covers her up to the chin with a thick sheet , citing the reluctance to stain her elegant dress. six large grapes are placed on different parts of the girl’s body The last berry is placed on the lips. While the young man is blindfolded and the condition of the competition is explained - to pick berries without using his hands, a small castling takes place in the hall: the groom takes the place of the witness.

Rules for boyfriends

The role of the bride's witness is a little simpler: her main task is to choose a dress and accessories for the celebration, help the bride with a visit to the stylist and hairdresser, and organize the ransom in accordance with the ceremony (the scenario should be written out in detail so that there are no unpleasant hiccups). If dresses of the same cut and style are provided for the bridesmaids, then the bridesmaid negotiates with tailors to take measurements, sew dresses and try on them on time. Everything must be done in advance and flawlessly .

bridesmaids and bridesmaid of honor at the wedding
Photos of bridesmaids

The bridesmaid's task is both to organize the bachelorette party and to help the best man with the banquet. Decorating the interior of the banquet hall, choosing invitation cards, decorating the wedding car and ordering a wedding cake, receiving congratulations (gifts and bouquets) after the official wedding ceremony, making arrangements with the temple for the wedding - and the witness can help with this. For the groomsmen and groomsmen, you need to know the plan of events in advance and prepare the distribution of responsibilities for preparing for the wedding between the friends and relatives of the bride.

Whether witnesses are required to sign at the registry office - it is better to find out in advance, since a passport may be needed for identification

Signs about witnesses at a wedding

Since the witness is directly responsible for the appearance of the bride, she becomes her mirror : the goodwill and pleasant appearance of the witness on this day will protect the bride from the evil eye.

A basket for a joint walk after the official painting is made together - the friend and the friend put everything they need into it, provide for the appropriate clothing and, for example, umbrellas in case of bad weather.

There is a lot of talk and belief that witnesses at a wedding should kiss, or even spend the night together - it seems like this will only make a young family stronger. As a rule, witnesses kiss if they really know each other well and are not at all against such a pleasant action. And there are no categorical prohibitions or, conversely, recommendations about spending a night together. In order to avoid any unpleasant or awkward moments, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the holiday script of the invited toastmaster and, if necessary, cross out too frank competitions or replace them with others.

wedding traditions of the witness and maid of honor
Buddy and boyfriend

Wedding traditions of the witness and witness are not limited to bachelorette parties and the official protocol of the painting in the registry office. For awkward pauses and hesitations, songs, ditties, short and long wedding toasts should be stored in the witnesses' stash; a flash drive with popular songs in the company may not be out of place - pleasant musical accompaniment is appropriate both in the wedding procession and at the banquet.

Explicit competitions

It is advisable to arrange such tests if you are firmly convinced that the witnesses are liberated young people, and the offer of participation in open competitions will not offend or offend them.

Chicken passions

For this competition you will need boiled chicken egg . Witnesses should be told that it is raw and asked to roll it under clothing, for example from pant leg to pant leg. Thinking that an egg might break under clothes, young people will act gently and carefully.

The power of the Russian spirit

The witness is asked to demonstrate his power. He must do push-ups as many times as possible . True, this should be done for a reason, but over the witness , who will lie on the mat and admire the power of her wedding partner.

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