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The main and important attribute of wedding events are wedding rings. They symbolize the desire of two lovers to unite each other in marriage. Traditionally, gold or platinum rings are used, but there are many alternative options, such as silver wedding rings.

the groom puts a silver ring on the bride
Newlyweds exchange rings

History of Slavic wedding rings

The ancient Slavs revered a symbol that was important to them - this is a ring . Among the rings, Slavic wedding rings made of silver, which protected their wearers were especially valued .

The wedding ring was a kind of way of communicating with the gods; it could protect its owner and endow him with certain powers, as well as fulfill his wishes

Slavic rings were one of those jewelry that newlyweds put on once and for all . The pieces were made exclusively by the couple themselves. Marriage was considered a unification of two families , for this reason the rings were a symbol of one whole.

A silver wedding ring had to be worn constantly. If for some reason the spouses decided to dissolve the marriage, the rings were removed and given for melting down in order to break the couple's connection. However, such situations occurred extremely rarely, since the couples were united by divine power and had no right to leave each other. In those days, the wedding ceremony and the exchange of rings bound people for life.

Men's and women's silver rings with Slavic symbols were made in the presence of blood relatives. It was believed that the presence of relatives would give the amulet strength and protect the family and home. The most valuable were the rings that were passed down from generation to generation, as they accumulated the energy of the entire family. The jewelry was first presented as a gift to the future bride or groom even before marriageable age, since it was believed that the ring was supposed to accept a new representative of the family.

It was important to wear the ring on the middle finger , since it was a conductor of communication with the god Yarila. Thanks to this, it was possible to ask for protection for the family , good luck in business and endeavors.

men's and women's silver rings
Photos of silver wedding rings

Rings with gold

Silver goes well with other metals. The product can have an insert made of yellow, pink or red gold. This ring will be in perfect harmony with all the jewelry in the box, both gold and silver. Jewelers began to offer a large selection of gold-plated rings.

They are made of silver and coated with gold on top. The second option is to solder a thin gold plate onto a silver ring. The cost of such products is lower than that of gold ones, and they look decent.

Silver rings are decorated with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, agates, turquoise, topaz and other stones.

A ring with cubic zirconia, which looks very noble, will cost more democratically. For lovers of original ring designs, jewelers offer a diamond cut - applying notches to the surface of the product.

This is interesting: Wedding rings are smooth and flat, their features

Using this technique you can create a variety of ornaments and unusual patterns . Recently, original models with a rotating center have appeared.

Can wedding rings be silver?

In the modern world, many people believe that wedding jewelry should be made exclusively of gold. And such a noble metal as silver is rarely considered. The reason for this is the low cost of the product .

It is worth noting that the church does not welcome gold rings; during a wedding there should be jewelry made of silver

Today, jewelry pavilions offer paired silver wedding rings of various models and designs, so you can easily find something you like.

In the West, silver wedding rings have long been a fashionable brand . In addition, compared to gold, silver does not cause allergic reactions and improves health . This metal brings its owners peace of mind, warmth and protection from harm.

silver ring
Silver ring, Cameo (price on the link)

There are signs that say that if the decoration has darkened, it warns of the onset of an illness.

Basically, a silver wedding ring is made from high-grade 925 metal. The surface of the jewelry is covered with rhodium protection, thanks to which the jewelry does not darken, wear off, or be scratched. Silver is a soft metal that allows jewelers to make a wide variety of products: massive, miniature, with various bends and plexuses.

silver ring for newlyweds
Photos of paired silver wedding rings

Why choose silver rings for a wedding?

A silver wedding ring is a beautiful and stylish accessory that newlyweds choose for each other for a number of reasons. Most often we see gold jewelry on the hands of newlyweds, but initially the very first rings that the newlyweds began to exchange were made of silver. Gold came to us a little later and took over the jewelry market. Why do some newlyweds choose silver rings?

Why silver?

  • Price. Every young couple can afford to buy a silver ring, since the prices for wedding rings made of silver are much lower than for rings made of gold or platinum. However, silver jewelry can look just as beautiful as gold jewelry. In many ways, silver is similar to white gold, so those who have long dreamed of rings made of this precious metal can temporarily replace it with high-quality 925 sterling silver.
  • Health. Some newlyweds cannot wear gold due to allergic reactions and skin irritations. In such a situation, silver will be very appropriate - beautiful and safe for health. If only one of the spouses has such problems, then it is best for the second to agree with the choice of silver as the metal for the ring so that they are the same. As a last resort, you can mix silver with gold.
  • Beauty. Silver is chosen not only because of its relatively low cost and availability, but also simply out of love for the metal. Modern craftsmen make stunning models of rings from this metal, make engravings, insert precious stones and apply incredibly beautiful designs. Therefore, if you are in love with silver and still doubt whether you can wear a silver wedding ring or should it only be gold, do not hesitate and choose the metal that you like best. You can study the signs associated with wedding rings, but remember that love lives in our hearts and souls, and the ring is just a reminder that your love should be supported by fidelity and mutual respect.

Stylish silver rings

Wedding rings made of silver with gold or gilding

Newlyweds who are on a budget are thinking about what kind of rings to choose and whether silver wedding rings are available with gold plated. Yes, they do, and due to the high price of gold, such jewelry is very popular .

The term gilding means that the product is not entirely made of yellow metal, but is simply covered with a small layer of gold on top

Gold-plated wedding rings are generally graded the same as gold, 585, but their price is much lower .

The quality of plated jewelry depends on the following:

  1. A layer of gold applied to the ring. Accordingly, the smaller the layer, the less it will last.
  2. Frequent wearing. In the case of an engagement ring, which is practically not removed, the coating will last for about 7 years .

Today, the jewelry market offers a large number of gold-plated jewelry for wedding celebrations: smooth, narrow, wide, with inserts, without inserts, with engraving, with diamonds and other stones.

silver and gold rings
Wedding rings made of silver with gold plated

In addition to gold-plated finger jewelry, there are silver rings with gold plates. Such a luxurious product can be purchased at a relatively low cost . The silver base with gold soldering on top gives the engagement ring an unusual and interesting look. This product can be combined with any enamel inserts, mother of pearl and various stones.

How to choose silver wedding rings

Choosing the right wedding jewelry is never easy. In addition to aesthetic values, it is important to consider:

  • durability;
  • material type;
  • design - presence/absence of inserts with precious or artificial stones;
  • price.

The most budget option is considered a classic with a low purity of metal - from 500 to 2000 rubles, with a high purity - from 15 thousand to 1 million rubles. Smooth models are usually always cheaper than matte ones.

Combined models made of silver and gold can be purchased in the range of 6,000 rubles. up to 25,000 rubles, with platinum inserts - from 15 thousand to 1.5 million. Products with cubic zirconia cost from 1,700 to 20 thousand rubles.

Wedding silver ring size

Choosing the right ring size ensures ease of wearing and prevents its loss. Since most women are used to wearing a ring every day, they rarely have problems choosing. Men should choose their size more carefully so that the jewelry passes through the knuckle with slight resistance and rests freely at the base of the finger. Under no circumstances should it cause discomfort or pain.

Caution must be taken when measuring jewelry on a hot day or when blood pressure is low. By evening, your hands may be more swollen and puffy. When it’s cool outside or a person has high blood pressure, there is a risk of buying a wedding band one size larger.

Why can't you buy silver wedding rings for your wedding?

At all times and among all peoples of the world, a wedding ring has been and is the most beautiful symbol of love. Like this feeling, it is endless. It is difficult to destroy. That is why wedding rings represent the indissolubility of marriage.

Often silver rings are worn by couples who are not always married, but engaged. This is a premarital symbol confirming a romantic declaration of noble love and devotion. Wedding rings made of silver are worn on the ring finger of the right hand to emphasize the presence of a soul mate, and those made of gold are worn as a symbol of eternal passion.

Stones in wedding rings

The most popular stone when it comes to silver wedding rings—although also in the case of gold—is diamond. It even symbolizes a successful and long-lasting marriage. This is the hardest mineral, so it is believed that the relationship between two people will be stable and strong.

However, not all women like transparent stones. Some people like colorful pebbles. Then you can choose, for example, sapphire. Jewelry experts emphasize that it is ideal for women with blond or red hair. When it comes to its properties, sapphire is said to support memory and concentration. A less popular gemstone for engagement rings is ruby. It is quite expensive, but it looks very interesting in decorations. In addition, it should add energy and optimism.

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Less popular minerals that can appear on engagement rings (although this is quite rare) are: topaz (here you can choose from many different colors - pink, blue, purple, orange), tanzanite and amethyst with purple color, intense green emerald or aquamarine (green-blue). Pearls are rarely placed in rings because they are better suited for necklaces and chokers.

A large assortment

Many people remember that just a few years ago, choosing silver wedding rings was not an easy task: there was very little jewelry. But the greater the popularity, the greater the range! Today you can find a great variety of design and decoration options for wedding rings made of silver.

In the catalog of the Rossyuvelirtorg online store you will find thousands of wedding rings made of gold and silver. Classic smooth rings and rings with precious stones: diamond, cubic zirconia, emerald, sapphire are very popular now. Add a touch of personality to your rings with a memorable engraving.

Here are some useful tips from our jewelers:

  • how to find out the ring size of your girlfriend;
  • how to determine ring size by finger diameter;
  • how to choose an engagement ring;
  • how to wear an engagement ring correctly.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

At the very beginning, you should clearly determine how much you can spend on an engagement ring. Thinking “it will be seen” will certainly be futile because the price range is huge. It all depends on the stone - be it zircon or gemstone, the thickness and sample of the metal:

  • silver;
  • gilded silver;
  • combined Ukrainian ring with gold inserts.

Wedding experts often advise against buying rings that are beyond the capabilities of the future groom, because it is not worth taking a gold ring and starting a marriage according to Kazakh customs with debts.

This may cause subsequent disputes between spouses.

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The estimated cost of a SOKOLOV wedding ring is 4000-6000 tenge, rings with gold inserts start from 9000 tenge.

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