Using gel paint in manicure


Gel nail paint (a design master will tell you how to use it correctly) comes in two varieties:

  • with a sticky layer;
  • no sticky layer.

The first type is used to create a casting effect. The second one is used for various types of artistic painting and as the main coating.

Getting to know the material

This is a viscous, thick mixture of a variety of colors, with the help of which a manicurist can draw the most intricate images on the client’s nail plate. This material is homogeneous, does not bubble, does not flow. It hardens only under an ultraviolet lamp, thanks to this property the master has the opportunity to slowly implement his plan.

How to use gel nail paint? After the nail bed is treated, it is covered with gel polish, and then gel paint comes on the scene. You can use it both on your natural nail and on the extended one, this does not affect the result. Using a special brush, the master applies this mixture to the covered nail, creating all kinds of scenes.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • can be used as a substrate;
  • ready-made colors can be mixed to obtain a specific shade;
  • the paint does not need to be constantly stirred for an even coating;
  • the design is easy to adjust, since the paint hardens only in a UV lamp;
  • has economical consumption and bright colors;
  • before application there is no need to cut off most of the surface of the plate;
  • manicure lasts about 3 weeks
One of the main disadvantages is damage to the nail plate when removing the coating, so after this procedure the nails should be given some time to recover

Useful tips for using gel paint

Some practical tips for using gel polish: first, you need to push back the cuticle, as always, with an orange stick and remove it in your usual way; secondly, you need to remove the glossy layer of the nail with a buff; next, use a degreaser for the nail plate; then, apply a thin layer of primer; two layers of gel paint base, dry each layer for three minutes under an ultraviolet lamp; go through the buff again; finally, we cover the nail with color, drying each layer under the lamp for at least three minutes; then the sticky layer is removed and the finish is applied; drying in a UV lamp - three minutes. Manicure is ready!

Colored gel and gel paint: which is better?

Gel nail paint (you can learn how to use it from special video tutorials for those involved in nail art) appeared in the nail design industry relatively recently, but quickly gained popularity. Comparing the product with gel polish, it can be noted that they have a similar composition, only the paint is more liquid in consistency.

The first product is ideal for creating a small pattern, and the second is suitable for backing and laid-out jackets.

For a bright shade, it is enough to apply the paint in one layer, unlike gel , which requires multiple applications. Another big disadvantage of the gel is that it needs to be constantly stirred to obtain a uniform color. Creating a painting using shellac requires quick application, because it tends to harden in the air, which is a big disadvantage for beginners.

The use of gel paint is more suitable for manicure beginners, since it dries completely only under the influence of ultraviolet light.

Gel paint - what is it and what is it for?

Everyone knows that artificial nails are created using a special material - gel, which polymerizes (hardens) in an ultraviolet lamp. This composition is available in different variations; there are both transparent and colored items. Based on this, many are perplexed - why do we need gel paints? The first and most significant difference between a regular gel and gel paint is its purpose. The first product is intended for modeling the nail plate, the second is exclusively for design. This kind of paint can be used both on artificial turf and on a natural plate, and it is thanks to it that it is possible to create clear and richly colored designs.

In terms of its composition, the product is closest to a gel, only it has a denser consistency and a very rich, dense color. The product is available in small jars or tubes. To fix it, you also need to use a lamp.

How to choose?

Professional craftsmen recommend following some rules when choosing high-quality gel paint.

Gel nail paint: how to use and choose a color coating can be suggested by your own observation of the work of a master in a salon or on YouTube

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the composition of the coating; it must be hypoallergenic and have an acceptable odor.
  • It’s worth choosing trusted manufacturers with good reviews.
  • Don't forget about the high-quality base coat, because it is the one that comes into direct contact with the nail plate.
  • An important factor is the durability of the coating; it should not peel off, become cloudy or form chips and cracks. The manicure should be worn unchanged for 2-3 weeks.


NamePeculiaritiesaverage cost
1. Kodi Professional (Kodi)The brand has existed since 2005 and is in great demand among craftsmen throughout Europe.
Products of the Ukrainian brand comply with all International quality certificates. The product is produced in 4 ml jars. It does not create stickiness and covers the nail evenly, used for voluminous and flat designs.
250 rub.
2. E.Mi (Amy)The paint from a German manufacturer is available in 5 ml tubes. The composition does not cause allergic reactions and fits tightly onto the nail. The color range is quite varied. Gel nail paint is available in both gold and silver tones. It is very convenient to use the products, because they can be purchased in the form of ready-made sets or individually. Price for 1 piece.
— 500 – 700 rub. The price of the finished set is 1500 – 2000 rubles.
3. RuNail (Runail)The product has a liquid composition that is easy to apply without leaving any unevenness behind. Suitable for various types of design: Chinese painting, French, flat pattern. The palette contains 15 shades, 8 ml each. Made in China. 250 rub.

Preparing for work

Before applying gel paint, you should do a classic manicure.

If the procedure is carried out at home, then you need to purchase the following tools:

  • a special sponge that will remove excess gloss from the nail;
  • degreaser;
  • acid-free primer (to improve the durability of manicure);
  • basic and top product;
  • a set of thin brushes for painting.

A classic manicure will include several stages:

  • steaming nails in water;
  • treatment of overgrown cuticle;
  • filing the nail plate;
  • cleaning the natural plate;
  • use of a degreaser and a leveling layer;
  • application of modeling gel;
  • drying in a special lamp (each layer separately).

How to apply gel paint: step-by-step instructions

Even in its infancy, when shellac first appeared, many masters used varnishes for painting nails. During the work process, the design was always covered with a finish that prevented the design from cracking or wearing off.

Today there is no need to take such actions. The improved formula for design contains a composition that can be applied to any surface, both during the modeling process and for painting on the finished coating.

In most cases, colored material for painting is applied to a degreased surface, after which it is dried in a lamp and does not require removing the sticky layer.

Gel paint is very easy to use for nail design. A leading nail art specialist shares how to use it step by step at a master class.

*Perform a manicure that removes dead skin cells from the side ridges and cuticles.

*Adjust the length. If this is not necessary, be sure to file the end of the plate anyway.

*Take a fine file and remove the natural gloss from the nail.

*Brush off any remaining cut with a brush, degrease the plate and coat with primer.

*Perform the usual three-phase coating - apply base, colored gel polish and top coat.

*Use a lint-free cloth and a special product to remove the dispersion layer.

*Now you can start designing. Choose any color and prepare your brushes.

*Put some painting gel on your brush and apply the first stroke. You can choose any style to decorate the plate, even ethnic motifs. The pattern does not need to be dried during operation; the material holds its shape well and does not spread.

*Do not place the design too close to the end so that the design does not begin to chip.

*Dry the pattern in a lamp. Choose the time based on the type of ice or uv machine.

After the design dries, you can see that there is a small dispersion layer on the surface. It is very easy to remove using a lint-free cloth and dispersion remover. If you used a material that does not have a sticky residue, then you can safely go about your business.

How to apply?

After preparing the nail plate, you can proceed to the design:

  1. A design is applied to the treated surface with a fine-bristled brush. If there are any imperfections, they are corrected with an orange stick before drying.
  2. Then the paint is polymerized in an LED lamp for 30 seconds, in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  3. If there is stickiness on the surface, it must be removed with a cleaner.
  4. Depending on the desired design, you can add other decor to it: stones, rhinestones or glitter.

At the end of the work, the surface of the manicure is secured with a finishing agent.

How to use it correctly?

To apply a painting or design, you will need special manicure brushes, but you can use artistic ones.
In addition to brushes, other tools are needed:

  • palette (can be replaced with a plate, a piece of foil or a plastic board);
  • dots (used for drawing circles and flowers);
  • UV lamp;

Before decorating, you should prepare your nails. To do this, follow the usual procedures:

  • steam baths;
  • moisturizing cream;
  • treatment of the cuticle area;
  • giving the plate a certain shape depending on the type of manicure;
  • degreasing the surface;
  • applying the base;
  • coating the plate with gel polish;
  • drying under a UV lamp;

Step-by-step instructions for using gel paint:

  1. Apply a design to the previously prepared nail plate with a thin brush.
  2. Correct the contours with an orange stick.
  3. Dry the nail under a UV lamp for 1-2 minutes (the time should correspond to the recommendations on the package).
  4. Apply the finishing polish and put your nails under the lamp again.

If the coating leaves a sticky layer, you need to remove it with a cotton pad and an alcohol-containing solution.

Design Variations:

  • multi-colored banners with gradient transitions;
  • design of the French zone;
  • complex toning transitions;
  • in casting technology;
  • in combination with decor: rhinestones, lace, mesh, colored powder, etc.;

Removing gel paint

You can remove the product in several ways:

  • remover with foil;
  • using a nail file with an abrasiveness of 100-180;
  • machine cutters.

If you remove paint using a remover, it is important to know that the coating is poorly exposed to solvents, and you need to choose a product specifically designed for the gel composition. At the end of the procedure, the plate is treated with a buffer and degreased.

Manicure options with gel paint

Gel paint is used to create original manicure options.

With glitter

Step-by-step instruction:

  • a base is applied to the prepared plate and dried under ultraviolet light;
  • then apply colored gel polish in 2 layers and dry according to the instructions indicated on the coating packaging;
  • the remaining nails are covered with paint with glitter in 2 layers and dried separately in a lamp;
  • then a thin brush is used to apply a shiny coating and apply a pattern;
  • After applying the design, it is polymerized.

At the end of the procedure, the manicure is secured with a special product.

Easy manicure with white tulips

Execution steps:

  • the treated nail is coated with primer and dried in an LED lamp;
  • then any dark-colored shellac is applied in 2-3 layers and also exposed to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Flowers are drawn with a thin brush and white gel paint and dried for a few minutes.

The finished design is covered with a top coat and the end is sealed.

With monograms

Gel nail paint (how to use it in design and how to draw monograms correctly is shown in detail in the photo) will help you create beautiful patterns.

Stages of work:

  • after standard preparation of the nail and covering it with a base layer, colored shellac is applied and dried;
  • monograms or any other pattern are drawn using stretching movements with black paint;
  • the pattern is polymerized and a fixative is applied;
  • If desired, you can add decorative elements (stones, rhinestones).

With white roses in the wet

  • after applying the primer, the plate is covered with gel polish in 3 layers;
  • in this embodiment, the “hole” at the base of the nail remains open, but it can also be filled with colored gel paint, for example, white;
  • The 3rd layer of color coating does not need to be dried;
  • After that, the rose petals are drawn with a thin brush; you need to start from the middle, giving the shape of a crescent or comma to each petal. The result should be a twisted spiral, which will gradually turn into a rose.

At the end of the procedure, the resulting manicure is secured with a finish.

Geometry on nails

  • shellac is applied to the cleaned plate in 2 layers and dried in a lamp;
  • to create a geometric pattern you will need a brush with long bristles or a regular toothpick;
  • before creating such a drawing, you need to practice, it is quite complex and requires a “steady” hand;
  • the drawing is created according to the scheme shown in the photo.

At the end, the nail is covered with a fixative and cuticle oil is rubbed in.

With casting

Before you start using this technique for the first time, it is important to remember that:

  • the drawing will directly depend on the quality of the material;
  • to perform the effect, it is necessary that the paint used for the drawing matches the color of the foil;
  • You don’t need to press too hard on the foil;
  • the foil should not be imprinted on the end of the nail.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. It is necessary to prepare the surface for applying gel polish. If you do a manicure yourself, then before starting work you should degrease your fingertips and the skin around the cuticle.
  2. Then the base and shellac of the desired shade are applied and polymerized until completely dry.
  3. The pattern is applied to the matte coating using gel paints with a sticky layer and dried.
  4. The foil is applied to the wrong side for a few seconds and torn off with a quick movement.
  5. The pattern is dried in the lamp for about 20 seconds.
  6. Excess paint is removed with a buff, and then the nail is sealed with a finish.

Gel nail paint is a high-quality and highly durable coating for creating various nail design effects. This tool is convenient to use for both professionals and beginners. All that is required is a great desire and an unlimited flight of imagination.

Article design: E. Chaikina

Gel nail paint, what is it?

Paint is a nail material that is used to paint nails. The appearance of the coloring matter is vaguely similar to gouache, but the composition is fundamentally different. The product has a well-pigmented composition; the formulation contains gel, so the paint is most often used when covering nails with shellac.

The gel has a very thick and viscous consistency that does not flow during the painting process.

Performing gel and acrylic manicures with paints is very easy because you can create multiple designs with one color. Let's take a simple knitted manicure as an example; with the help of a dense texture, beautiful patterns are obtained, which subsequently wake up like velvet sand. One paint can be used in the monogram technique, used in casting, as well as in simple plate decoration. Often, using the same paint, a smile is made in a jacket.

Color gel has a huge palette of shades. In addition to the rich colors that we are used to seeing in the regular palette, there are also shimmer tones, the color of gold, bronze, and silver. The composition may have a slight shimmer, a pleasant shimmer, which is somewhat different from the usual classic colors. In the traditional version, the product is matte. In an improved format, it has a shimmering effect with a beautiful pearl shimmer.

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