Red nail designs - the best ideas with photos

Fashionable combinations of red manicure

Fans of bright manicures can combine spectacular red with other colors.

Red and black manicure

Women who want to stand out from others often combine red and black shades. The combination visually enlarges the nail, making its shape more elongated and graceful. There are 2 ways to combine colors:

  1. Using a stencil. After applying red varnish, stripes and shapes are glued onto the nail plate and re-coated with black. The stencil is removed after complete drying, the design is completed using a transparent varnish with a mirror sheen.
  2. Drawing with black pigment. A dark pattern is drawn on the red surface.

It is worth doing a manicure using red and black colors only if the regrown tip exceeds 2 mm.

Red manicure with white

The combination of red and white is suitable for both holidays and everyday life. To improve the design, it is worth using the technique of three-dimensional drawing. Decorate 1 or 2 fingers with rhinestones and stones.

Combine white and red colors to create a reverse French manicure.

Red manicure with gold and silver

To implement this combination, shellac, matte finish, golden, and silver varnish are used. The composition will look laconic if you take into account a number of simple recommendations:

  • It is better to choose a darker shade of red, then the shiny varnish will stand out;
  • sharp or ellipsoidal shape of the nail plate - an excellent combination with the color palette;
  • For naturalness, the red background is recommended to be matted.

Silver does not go well with golden varnish on a scarlet background.

Red and blue manicure

The most successful combination is a red and blue manicure, which suits all women. Execution methods:

  • the ring nail is covered with blue varnish, and the rest with red;
  • they draw geometric shapes, decorate them with stripes, checkered patterns, and polka dots;
  • use a gradient technique, where the blue color smoothly turns into red; this technique will look better on long nails;
  • make water patterns in the form of stains;
  • depict an ornament (cobweb, hieroglyphs, lace, honeycomb).

Using red and blue shades, you can perform French or lunar neuro-art, using the color-block technique.

In any manicure design, red goes well with blue.

Red-pink manicure

This option is complex and not suitable for every lady, since the colors do not harmonize well with each other. To create a beautiful design, connecting elements are used in the form of additional shades: soft green, black, white, gray. As a decoration for the red-pink coating, the ring finger is accentuated with a three-dimensional pattern.

Red and yellow manicure

A chic red-yellow manicure can be achieved using a smooth transition of tones, French technology, lunar technology with stones as decorations. The classic design is transformed by a graphic pattern of autumn leaves, fruits, and flowers. These shades are used to create images of fire, a crown, the Spanish flag, and New Year's gifts.

Choose a red and yellow manicure for a bright look

Fashionable classics

Of course, one of the most popular options for red and blue manicure is French and “moon” nail designs. Nowadays, French is not associated only with delicate nude shades. Stylists advise experimenting with bright colors, combining them in one manicure.

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The red and blue design is not suitable for a formal business style, but it will look appropriate with other outfits. You can make your manicure less bright, for example, if you choose a nude shade as the background or simply cover the nail plate with clear varnish. Highlight the “smile” line in red and draw a thin blue outline below. You will get a more restrained and laconic design.

A lunar manicure done in red and blue tones also looks beautiful. You can make a more sophisticated version, similar to a French jacket: a combination of bright colors and Negative Space. Or choose red varnish as a background, and highlight the hole area in blue. The result is a brighter and more fashionable version of the moon manicure.

Interesting red manicure ideas with designs

Red gel polish is relevant in every season and is appropriate in any look. Having studied simple decorative techniques, you can choose the appropriate way to decorate your nails.

Discreet red matte manicure

To obtain matte nails, a topcoat is used. It can be partially applied to the plate, drawing the desired patterns, beautiful ornaments with glossy varnish. Creating a successful matte red manicure requires following these rules:

  • choose dark shades of red: bloody, crimson, red;
  • make light, simple patterns;
  • do not make inlay, it will distract attention from the texture.

Red manicure with flowers

To diversify your manicure with unusual details, nail art masters offer designs in the form of flowers. On a red background they are most harmonious and attractive. A new floral design is a rose on the ring finger, made using the technique of three-dimensional drawing.

Chic red manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones and stones are an option for improving the design. Volumetric fragments will attract attention and serve as an excellent decoration. This design requires minimalism, since it is easy to get tired of the flashiness and brightness when worn for a long time. They look great with a French jacket, a moon jacket, or highlighting one finger with a unique decor.

Classic French jacket in scarlet tones

The combination of a scarlet coating with a beige stripe is an interesting and fashionable design. It is recommended to supplement it with sparkles, foil, and glitter.

Beige dots at the base of the root plate will help highlight the brightness of the red color.

Using red color you can diversify the classic jacket

Stylish red manicure with inscriptions

Stylish manicures with motivating or funny inscriptions are very popular among young people and teenagers. For this purpose, special stickers and sliders are used. A minimum of effort is required, and the result is always interesting.

It is recommended to combine the inscriptions with French, shiny sprinkles, and cobwebs.

Unusual jacket with a pattern

You can do a French manicure in blue and red colors, but adding a small pattern. Then the design will turn out even more interesting and fashionable. Do not apply a French manicure on all nails. On the remaining ones you will draw a pattern. Take three colors - red, blue and white. And draw stripes diagonally. The result is a beautiful and stylish geometric nail design.

A red and blue manicure looks bright if you add white notes. You can make an interesting design using the “water” technique - you will get beautiful abstract patterns. Such a bright manicure is ideal for vacation and evening wear, especially if your clothes or accessories contain these colors. Rich shades will make even a classic manicure spectacular. There are many design ideas with red and blue colors, for example, manicure with a pattern. The main thing is to find yours.

Choose a design depending on the length of your nails

The decor and execution technology should be chosen depending on the size of the regrown tip. What looks elegant and gentle on short nails will look plain and poor on long ones.

Red manicure for long nails

Red color will suit any shape, the main thing is to choose the right design.

Options for original decor on long red nails:

  • geometric shapes, drawings, polka dots;
  • rhinestones, stones, beads, sparkles;
  • play of color that goes from dark to light;

To visually narrow wide nails, it is better to use thin vertical stripes. And large elements look good on narrow plates.

Red manicure suits any nail shape and length

Red manicure for short nails

Basic rules for using bright red color on short nails:

  • drawings in the minimalist style on 1 or 2 nails;
  • fewer flashy elements in the form of sparkles and stones;
  • Drawing of geometric shapes and metallic colors is welcome.

With the correct design, your nails will be neat, well-groomed, and attract attention.

Red manicure will never go out of style. The design looks elegant, sophisticated, fits different styles, will complement any image, adding extravagance and luxury.

Festive blue manicure 2019

For a party or corporate event, definitely say yes to the color blue. Feel free to choose intense shades or a delicate palette if this is what your outfit or just your mood suggests.

The choice of ceremonial design options is incredibly large. Allow yourself to go beyond the usual dress code or ordinary manicure. Complete the look with decorations made of rhinestones, feathers, dried flowers, foil or glass fragments, use broths or multi-colored sand. The design techniques “cat's eye”, “raindrops”, kamifubuki, and “wet-on-wet” painting stand out effectively. A blue French manicure for short nails will make your party photo brighter.

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