Bedroom for newlyweds: a cozy nest for a young family

Feb 08/14

Decorating a newlyweds' bedroom is an extremely individual and quite scrupulous process. When choosing furniture, colors, decor and accessories, you need to exercise subtle care. Only then will the bedroom for the newlyweds - two loving people - look like a cozy nest, but not devoid of modernity and at the same time without a shadow of vulgarity and tackiness.

In this article, “Dream House” will try to fully answer the question of how to decorate a room for newlyweds, in which their wedding night and the entire honeymoon would be held in an atmosphere of love and affection, so that further relationships in the newly created young family would be harmonious, filled with passion and awe to each other.

Bedroom for newlyweds

The bed is an island of unity of souls in the newlyweds’ bedroom

There are certain items that are a must in any bedroom for two lovers. It is the double bed and only the bed that is an important attribute for married young people. No sofas, corners, folding structures.

The bed should be as spacious and comfortable as possible, and also in its stylistic parameters correspond to the overall decor of the bedroom for newlyweds. For example, a pink glamorous bed will look stupid if the entire room is made in azure or chocolate tones. The best compromise would be a neutral color rendering in an environment that corresponds to such style trends as classic, modern, and fusion.

Bed for newlyweds

Bed for newlyweds

Bed in the bedroom for newlyweds photo

Bed in the bedroom for newlyweds photo

Photo - ideas for decorating a bedroom for a wedding night

The first wedding night in the modern sense is more of a ritual. Some newlyweds, tired, go to bed as soon as they reach the bed, while others spend half the night sorting gifts. However, the decoration of the room where the first wedding night will be spent should be at the highest level, regardless of the circumstances. You should come up with options yourself or seek help from professionals - an agency that deals with wedding planning and holding.

The most intimate, personal place in the house is always the bedroom. We need this place for privacy, relaxation and sleep, so we need to think through its layout especially carefully. Even more attention should be paid to creating a bedroom for loving spouses in order to maintain a reliable romantic relationship at the proper level. The marital bedroom is a special place for its owners, where a sensual atmosphere should be maintained. A lot depends on how the marital bedroom is organized: the state of people in the mornings and evenings, their mood, as well as the relationship between spouses.

Naturally, the atmosphere in the home and family depends not only on the design of this room, but it also plays an important role in this matter. We’ll talk below about how best to think through the design of a married bedroom, what tips for organizing space you can use, and what a married bedroom looks like according to Feng Shui.

The best option is considered to be one in which the matrimonial bedroom is only a place to sleep, and the work area, soft area and children's room are located separately. If there is no separate space, you can use partitions, fabrics or screens, although in this case the spouses will still feel some discomfort.

For any room, it is desirable to have a window, and the bedroom is no exception. To feel as comfortable as possible in the morning, the marital bedroom should be naturally lit. But not everyone has this opportunity. If there is little or no natural sunlight, it is important to consider artificial lighting.

The matrimonial bedroom can be made in any style: classic or vintage with decorative carvings or forged elements, minimalist with functional furniture and a minimum of decor, ethnic or rustic using natural materials, oriental or African with canopies and large beams, in loft or high style. tech with chrome elements, glass and raw surfaces. In accordance with the chosen style, finishing materials, pieces of furniture, color palette and accessories are selected.

An ideal bedroom for a couple should not have a clutter of furniture. The only piece of furniture here must be a bed. A wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside tables or console tables, and a dressing table are placed in the room only if space allows. Moreover, a built-in wardrobe is more suitable for a bedroom than a mobile wardrobe (built-in furniture will not seem very massive). It is better to place the bed in the center of the room, leaning its head against one of the walls. It is important that each spouse has access to the bed from their side, i.e. You shouldn’t lean it sideways against one of the walls.

If possible, you can create a relaxation area in the bedroom, where you can read a book or flip through a magazine on a soft sofa, couch or in a chair next to a floor lamp before going to bed. But it is better to leave the TV, computer or laptop in the living room or office. It is believed that their presence leads to the emergence of different interests in the couple and a break in the relationship. Business papers, documents and other work items generally have no place in the bedroom.

When thinking through the design of a married bedroom, great importance in the arrangement of furniture and accessories should be given to ensuring that a person is not reflected in mirror surfaces while sleeping. This negatively affects the condition and health of a person. Therefore, wardrobe doors should not be mirrored, and the dressing table should be turned away from the bed or fenced off with a screen. Mirrors can only be installed at the head of the bed, but it is better to move them to the bathroom and dressing room.

Cozy attributes of a warm honeymoon nest

Furniture made of natural wood or, at a minimum, “wood-like” will add romance and naturalness to the atmosphere. The flooring in the bedroom is best made of soft, high-density carpet in medium or dark tones. This will allow residents to move around the room softly and comfortably without warm slippers.

newlyweds bedroom interior

Newlyweds' bedroom interior

If desired, you can replace it with linoleum or parquet boards, but place the fluffy skin of some strange animal on the floor as an island. You don’t have to look for a natural specimen: an artificial version will also work!

bedroom for newlyweds photo

Bedroom for newlyweds photo

Mistakes when creating an interior

Common mistakes when arranging a room that create a lot of discomfort for young residents:

  1. The abundance of objects creates a feeling of constraint and absurdity. Try to do without a lot of items. A clutter of objects, accessories and decor visually makes the room smaller, creating a feeling of enclosed space.

  2. “Bare” windows are a popular solution for many designers. But it is important to use this principle wisely. Windows without curtains look great in the dining or living area. It is recommended to use curtains in the bedroom . Properly selected curtains will create a feeling of comfort, warmth and a warm atmosphere.
  3. An abundance of mirrors will give a feeling of discomfort. In the bedroom, one mirror behind the girl’s dressing table is enough. It is better to leave the remaining mirrors for other rooms. For example, a floor-length mirror will look great in the hallway.
  4. Leave dark shades for rooms of other purposes. In the newlyweds' bedroom, it is recommended to use shades of delicate colors, also consider gray and beige. Avoid bright, flashy colors (red, orange, blue). Bright colors stimulate a storm of unwanted emotions. Causes stress and quarrels.

  5. Bright lighting, large chandeliers. In the newlyweds' bedroom, the lights should be dimmed . Avoid an abundance of chandeliers. For the bedroom, small nightlights placed on each side of the bed are suitable. Use wall-mounted built-in lamps for general lighting. If you want to use a chandelier, opt for small, non-bulky, almost invisible chandeliers.
  6. The desire to create something unusual and pretentious leads to the creation of an uncomfortable bedroom. The newlyweds' room is a cozy place with a minimum of items. Young people should concentrate on each other, and not on the features of their bedroom. There is no need to use unusual wallpaper or columns when creating. The trend of the season is walls covered with paint.

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Creating a bedroom for newlyweds is a complex process that requires care and accuracy in your desires. The future relationships of young people indirectly depend on the choice of bedroom.

Wedding photos deserve a place

Another important moment for a young couple is wedding photographs. They must be present in the newlyweds’ bedroom in some quantity to remind them of the happiest day of their lives.

You can print one photo in large format with perfect quality and place it in a beautiful frame. Hang a few others on a spare neutral wall in the form of a triptych or puzzle picture. Over time, they will become real heirlooms for the new family, but for now let them hang and please the eye!

newlyweds bedroom design

Bedroom design for newlyweds

Selecting colors

Choosing the right color for a room like a bedroom is not an easy task. It happens that you liked a color, painted the walls in it, and after a while you feel uncomfortable in this room.

Advice. Therefore, before you paint the walls, study the properties of different colors. You can also look at photos of bedrooms in different colors or consult with experts. Perhaps the color you like is not at all suitable for the bedroom.

ColorScientific dataNot recommendedRecommended
RedAggressive, exciting color. In some it causes activity, passion and vigor, in others – anger, fear and rage. Paint the walls, ceiling or floor with this color.Use as an additional color. For example, the color of a bedspread or bed linen or the color of various accessories - paintings, vases, curtains.
PinkCalm color, normalizes well-being and sleep. Promotes feelings of comfort, tenderness, romanticism, love and relaxation. There are almost no contraindications.Use as a color for walls, ceilings, floors, and various interior elements.
YellowThe lightest color. The color of energy and creativity. Harmonizes and balances the processes of the nervous system. Tones and invigorates. Use very bright shades of yellow as the main color. Bedrooms with bright yellow walls will make it difficult to sleep and relax. Use delicate shades of yellow (sand, cream) as the main color of the walls, ceiling, and floor. As an additional color in various accessories.
VioletTones, promotes the production of the “joy” hormone. Soothes insomnia, depression, migraines. Use too dark shades of purple on the walls and ceiling.Light shades of purple can be chosen as the main color of walls, ceilings, floors, various additional elements, furniture, and bed linen.
GreenThe color of harmony, nature, energy. The color of life and self-affirmation. Use dark shades of green to decorate the room.Use all light shades of green in the decoration of the room and various additional accessories.
BlueCalms the nerves. In large quantities it can cause depression, depression, sadness, sadness. The color of dreams Use as the main color of walls, ceilings, floors. Large amounts of dark blue can cause nightmares. Use in small quantities and small interior elements.
BlueCalming color. Creates an atmosphere of trust, safety, calm, romance. Use as a floor color.Paint the ceiling or walls blue. Buy a blue bed, blue paintings.
BrownThe color of earth, stability, comfort, safety and reliability.Paint the walls and ceiling dark brown.Use pastel brown tones in the color of the ceiling, walls, and floors. Buy brown doors, furniture, accessories.
OrangeAn excellent antidepressant that helps people recover from stress and depression. The color of energy, activity, cheerfulness. There are almost no contraindications.Use for painting walls, ceilings, floors, as an additional color
WhiteThe color of purity, freshness, calmness, emptiness. White color relaxes and calms. Suitable for people with weak willpower, vulnerable, faint of heart. There are no contraindications.You can paint the entire room white. You can buy a white bed, white doors, white curtains and other accessories.
BlackThe color of mystery, aggression, grief, sadness. But at the same time, in the modern world it is the color of strength, independence, style and wealth. Under no circumstances is it recommended to paint walls and ceilings black.Can be used as the color of the floor, some details in room decoration, and small accessories.

Entourage for only two: the ceiling in the newlyweds’ room

Special attention should be paid to the bedroom ceiling. A very unusual solution is a mirror or a completely mirror surface. This will give an unusual ambiance to the room and allow two young people to admire each other while looking at the ceiling.

Another original solution would be to place a large flat-screen TV on the ceiling or on the wall opposite the bed. Then you can watch family TV series or wedding video replays without getting out of bed!

Mirrored ceiling in the newlyweds' bedroom

Mirrored ceiling in the newlyweds' bedroom

Interior of the newlyweds' bedroom photo

Interior of the newlyweds' bedroom photo

Interior of the newlyweds' bedroom photo

Interior of the newlyweds' bedroom photo

Color scheme and accessories

The design of a married bedroom involves creating an atmosphere of relaxation and peace, so you should choose non-aggressive colors. In small rooms it is better to give preference to light colors - they will make the room seem more spacious. You can think about light blue, light green, light beige shades. Yellow or sandy tones will add coziness and warmth to a cool room, and lavender, beige and blue shades will add coolness on a hot day. Brown and black colors are often used in bedroom interiors, but do not overload the room with them. This requires skillful selection of textiles and decorative elements.

Marital bedroom in pastel colors
Marital bedroom in pastel colors

If the matrimonial bedroom is located in a large room, and you don’t want to clutter the space with furniture, one of the walls can be decorated with wallpaper or panels with small patterns. This way the room will not seem empty.

Some decorate their bedrooms in bright, flashy shades, but here it is worth thinking about the future. If a bedroom for newlyweds can be made using bright red, bright blue or orange shades, then it will be quite difficult for a mature couple to relax in such a space.

Textile materials should be given special attention. It is advisable to use natural fabrics, since the health of family members depends on them. And the color must be chosen depending on the overall color scheme of the room. Combinations of black, white and red or burgundy look interesting, where decorative elements will be bright: candlesticks, vases, bed linen.

Marital bedroom in light colors
Marital bedroom in light colors

It is important to consider the lighting in the bedroom. If there is not enough natural light in the space even during the day, you should think about bright overhead lighting and several local light sources: floor lamps by the bed, table lamps on bedside tables or sconces. Moreover, for local light sources it is better to choose matte shades or lampshades. To create a romantic atmosphere, you can purchase candles, but do not forget about fire safety.

The bedroom should have local light sources
The bedroom should have local light sources

A lot of accessories in the bedroom will be superfluous. A couple of paintings, a large decorative vase, decorative pillows, several figurines, depending on the style of the room, will complement the overall design of the bedroom. If you want to further decorate your bedroom and give it originality, you can use decorative stickers on the walls, wallpaper with a graphic pattern or photo wallpaper on one of the walls, wicker baskets or an interesting chest for storing things. When decorating a room, it is important that the interior and decor items are in harmony with each other, otherwise the space will feel cluttered.

Decor in the matrimonial bedroom
Decor in the matrimonial bedroom

The range of colors and the right light in the bedroom for newlyweds

One of the most important points in decorating a bedroom for newlyweds is the overall color scheme. You need to choose it so that it is comfortable for both husband and wife to be in the room. It is unlikely that a guy will feel comfortable in a bright pink or raspberry room. A young wife is unlikely to like the metallic shine of ascetic high-tech.

The best option for decorating the newlyweds' bedroom may be muted chocolate and burgundy tones. Despite the seeming gloominess, in combination with sconces and spotlights they will create a secluded atmosphere, which should be in the bedroom of a husband and wife. And the red base of the proposed colors works flawlessly, because red is the color of passion.

The muted dark tones of the bedroom must be diluted with light pastel shades in the same color scheme, which would be appropriate to decorate a niche at the head of the bed. This will create a kind of contrast in the room.

Decoration of the newlyweds' bedroom photo

Decoration of the newlyweds' bedroom photo

Bedroom for a young family photo

Bedroom for a young family photo

Choosing a bedroom color for a married couple

Recommendations for the color of the interior of the room for spouses with experience:

  • It is best for experienced spouses to decorate the bedroom in two or three colors;
  • for easily excitable people prone to cheating, at least two elements of a light green shade are recommended in the bedroom;
  • Couples who are afraid of experiments need to get emerald-colored bed linen, it is this color that encourages different fantasies;
  • if spouses are engaged in mental work, they are advised to have a bedroom in a blue shade, and, conversely, if a couple is engaged in physical work, then only green colors must dominate the shades;
  • if an experienced couple begins to notice that they are losing their emotional connection, then in order to protect the relationship, you can use only dark golden tones in the room;
  • spouses who constantly argue are advised to avoid any shades of red, orange and yellow; it is better to decorate the bedroom in dark blue tones;
  • people who are still having a hard time getting used to each other need to organize a room in white shades with many green elements and the obligatory presence of indoor plants;
  • couples suffering from excessive weight must avoid orange colors, otherwise they will begin to overeat every day before a night's rest, and instead of love there will only be a brutal appetite;
  • It is advisable to avoid brown shades in the bedroom, as they lead to premature aging;
  • spouses who are already bored with each other are recommended to use purple tones, so their connection will be closer and more spiritual.

How to choose wallpaper for the room of a young guy and his wife

Typically, bedrooms are decorated with soft, muted colors designed to create a calm atmosphere. But young people often like original solutions, bright colors and noticeable decor. Let your imagination run wild, because it is quite acceptable to play with colors, combining them and decorating the walls in different shades or tones.

Often, a panel, a bright bedspread, or an unusual carpet color are used to create bright spots. In such a case, the furniture should not contrast too much with the general background of the walls, so it is preferable to combine different tones of the same color.

It is absolutely necessary to consider:

  • the direction of the world where the windows face and the degree of illumination;
  • room dimensions;
  • furniture color.

When the bedroom windows rarely receive sunlight, it is best to choose wallpaper with warm colors: soft orange, peach, yellow or olive. Otherwise, cold tones will be appropriate.

Feng Shui decoration

Now there are a huge number of people who, when decorating their homes, use the advice of Feng Shui teachings to attract prosperity, health, vigor and fertility into their lives. In the interior of a bedroom, these rules are of particular importance, since we spend most of our time at home in the bedroom. We will look at some of the tips on how a marital bedroom should look like according to Feng Shui below.

One of the important rules is the following: the bedroom for newlyweds and for mature spouses should not be of irregular shape (triangle or polygon shape). It is advisable in any room that it tends to be in the shape of a square or rectangle. If the space has several projections or niches, it is advisable to correct them by arranging furniture or screens.

It is better not to hang shelves in the bedroom, especially above the bed. The ceiling above the bed should also be without additional beams. It is better to hide them with a low ceiling. In general, it is not recommended to place massive furniture next to the bed - it has a depressing effect on a person. The bed must have legs, even for those who like to sleep low, almost on the floor. Energy should circulate throughout the entire space of the room, and under the bed too, so there should be at least a minimal rise from the floor.

Feng Shui prohibits placing paintings or images related to water in the bedroom. The water element should also not be present in the form of aquariums, fountains, or vases of flowers. It is also better not to use images of flowers and decorative flowers when decorating a bedroom. By the way, decorative elements (figurines, candlesticks, floor lamps or vases) in the spouses’ bedroom should be paired.

Particular attention in this teaching is given to the bed and its position. It should not be round, and when lying on it, a person should see the entrance to the room, i.e. the bed should be diagonal from the door. It is not recommended to place the matrimonial bed so that the person’s feet are directed towards the door. This weakens the energy and, accordingly, has a bad effect on a person’s well-being. It is also better not to point the foot of the bed towards a corner of the room or towards a window.

Decorating the newlyweds' bedroom: nuances and details

When you decorate your bedroom for your wedding night, try to consider two more points. First, think about the lighting in advance. In no case should it be limited by overhead light. Provide a beautiful night light or scented candles. If you opt for candles, buy thick candles that burn for a long time. Secondly, lay silk linen on the bed in white or soft pastel colors, or, in extreme cases, combine scarlet with cream. Avoid bright (orange, light green, yellow) and gloomy (black, brown, dark purple) tones, flashy and colorful colors.

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